ASB : Amanah Saham Bumiputera

In Malaysia, ASB (short of Amanah Saham Bumiputera) is one of the hottest unit trust products in Malaysia. People like ASB because of the product’s ease of understanding and ease of getting your money in and getting your money out. The returns on average are fairly alright. Way over any fixed deposit rates in Malaysia. ASB is one of the products offered by PNB (short for Permodalan Nasional Berhad), a Malaysian Asset Management company.

Here are some features of ASB:

1. Capital guaranteed.
2. ASB is only for the Bumiputeras.
3. Low-Risk.
4. Your money is invested by the fund manager in equities, debentures, bank acceptances, negotiable certificates of deposits and other negotiable instruments approved by Bank Negara Malaysia.
5. Type of returns = Income Distribution.
6. Income distribution will be reinvested into you account as new units.
7. The amount of money you can invest is capped at RM200,000 but the balance of your investment can be of any amount.
8. Price of a single unit is RM1.00. This is the price that you will buy the unit at and the price you will sell the unit.
9. ASB transactions can be conducted not only at PNB offices but also at a number of banks and post offices.
10. According to the master prospectus, the income that you get is exempted from tax.

The returns for ASB for the year 2007 which is distributed as an income was 7.3%.

For most people, this is a good place to start their investment journey.

Before investing in ASB, do check out this website that talks about ASB according to shariah. Also, check the latest news on Majlis Fatwa Kebangsaan Malaysia who deemed ASB as HARUS here.

P.S. I myself don’t invest in ASB.

~~~LATEST UPDATE ON THE HUKUM OF Amanah Saham Bumiputera (ASB) HERE~~~~

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  1. macam wikipedia la lu. Keep up the good job.

  2. nadlique says:

    ada pulak macam wikipedia. haha. thanks man.

  3. Good info about ASB. Hope you can make a review for other fund as well. Keep it up. Nice blog πŸ˜‰

  4. thanks. will do so in the near future πŸ™‚

  5. I couldn’t understand some parts of this article manah Saham Bumiputera | Nadlique’s Blog, but I guess I just need to check some more resources regarding this, because it sounds interesting.

  6. hi, thanks for reading. Umm.. are you happen to be a Malaysian? ASB is only available for Malaysian bumiputeras I’m afraid. Bumiputeras are “natives” of Malaysia if you were wondering.

  7. Thanks πŸ™‚

  8. My wife is a Malaysian Bumiput(e)ra. I am seeking to understand ASB and similar opportunities. I see that the maximum investment in ASB is 200,000RM. Is it true that the balance can grow beyond this? Or would any excess be paid out? Is it possible to do ASB transactions remotely? Where can I find this kind of information?

  9. Hi there. Yup, maximum amount of money you can deposit is RM200,000 but the account balance can grow beyond that amount. Your account balance can be RM500,000, RM1 million and etc., but once the account balance reaches RM200,000, no further amount can be deposited. In terms of withdrawal, you can withdraw anytime you want. Though if you withdraw (assuming the account balance is above RM200,000), you can’t deposit the money back.

    With regards to your second question, when you say remotely, do you mean by doing transactions online and etc.?

    If I’m not mistaken, as of now, you can carry out ASB transactions through PNB offices, through Pos Malaysia, and a number of banks (e.g. Maybank, CIMB, and etc.). I don’t think online access is available yet.

    You can find further information by trying to google for ASB’s master prospectus or by visiting PNB offices.

  10. i recently open ASB account… and i already check out that website that talks about(ASB according to shariah.)
    i want to know your view about ASB.. please email my at sutera_biru27[at]

  11. Tolong sya..
    Sya nak tau berapa diveden ASB tahun 2007 ..
    Dan kebiasaan nya bila PNB bagi kat pelabur dan bila kita boleh gunakan duit tu.
    Terima Kasih.
    Email sya di i_man30[at] atau YM – adi3600[at]

  12. Saifol Shamlan says:

    I’ve been to PNB and spoke to an officer there. It was confirmed by the officer that ASB accounts cannot be under a joint name. This presents a little problem when it comes to the matter of the death of the account holder. In my case, I would like my spouse to have the power of attorney over my estate upon my death. And, unlike EPF, PNB does not want to recognise any named assignee (“penama”) for ASB accounts.

    So, no joint-accounts, no recognition of a named assignee (upon death of account holder). How does a man or woman go about ensuring that the funds in his/her ASB account falls into the authority of a trusted person of his/her choosing (in this case, my spouse)? Anybody out there has an answer to this question? It would be much appreciated.


  13. Hi there Saifol.

    Have you done a will (wasiat) yet? The money in your ASB account is considered as your asset.

    In your will, you can list out all the beneficiaries (I’m sure you are already aware of this). If one of the beneficiaries is your wife, then a portion of your assets will be transferred to her. However, the Hukum Faraid still stands, whereby not all your assets can be transferred to your wife. I think she is only entitled to one eighth of the assets.

    A couple of organisations that provide will-related services are Amanah Raya Berhad and As-Salihin Berhad(subsidiary of Rockwills).

    Another option, does your wife has an ASB account under her name? If no, then perhaps, opening up a new account for her, and transferring the money to her account right away (before you die) wouldn’t be such a bad idea? This way, she’ll get the WHOLE amount right away rather than just a portion in accordance with Hukum Faraid.

    By the way, if a person does not have a will, his/her assets will be frozen and you need a court oder to release the asset and be distributed to the beneficiaries. This can take quite a long time for some. Around 6 months to 3 years.

    I believe PNB’s policy of not allowing joint-account holders is probably because of the ASB’s RM200,000 limit. My theories:

    1. If you are allowed to have a joint-account and single accounts as well, that means you and your wife will have 3 accounts. Now, the amount that you can put in now is RM600,000, not RM400,00.

    2. Another theory, if joint-accounts are allowed, and no single accounts will be allowed to be opened after that, that means, you can deposit only RM200,000, which will disadvantage the Bumiputeras.

    I stand to be corrected in this matter.

  14. Adi: Untuk tahun 2007, dividen ASB adalah 7.3 sen per unit, dan bonus 1.25 sen per unit. Biasanya, anda akan menerima dividen ini pada tahun baru. Ianya akan dipaparkan di dalam buku akaun anda. Duit tu boleh dikeluarkan lepas tu.

  15. Maaf, boleh tlg jelaskan sekali lagi. Email ini adalah pertanyaan sya selepas email sya yg pertama. Pada email sya yg pertama, 2hari selepas itu ada satu pengumuman tentang pemberian dividen ASB (jika sya tak silap ) Buliten Utama-TV3. Pengumuman tersebut menyatakan Dividen 8% dan Bonus 1%. Mana satu yg betul ? Tolong…
    Dann lagi satu… Simpanan sya berbentuk sijil, dan sya baru masukan pada bulan 10/2007. Agaknya berapa dividen sya ? Contoh :- ASB RM10K x 8% = RM800. Bagaimana kiraannya, adakah bahagi 12 bulan ? Terima kasih pada yang membatu menjawab soalan sya.

  16. Hi adi.

    Anda akan dapat dua dua sekali iaitu dividen dan bonus.

    Dividen dikira berdasarkan baki purata ASB setahun manakala bonus pula dikira berdasarkan baki purata sepuluh tahun. Untuk bonus tu, kalau anda baru mula, maka akan dikira sejak anda mula lah.

    Saya akan post satu article tentang macam mana nak kira dividen dgn bonus ni.

    Kalau ada apa apa soalan lagi, jangan segan tanya πŸ™‚

  17. Adi, saya dah post artikel tentang pengiraan dividen dan bonus ASB.

    Sila pergi ke

    Calculating ASB Dividends & Bonus

  18. hi… aper kater kalau awak berceriter plak tentang ASW.
    sebab x ramai bumiputera yang tau ttg ASW. kalau kiter pergi ke kaunter2 bank. yang ramai membelinya ialah kaum cina. seolah2 orang melayu kurang tau ttg kelebihan ASW
    sekian, terima kasih

  19. Hi wani.

    Nanti saya akan dedicate-kan satu post utk ASW.

    Thanks for the suggestion πŸ™‚

  20. Silakan inggeris. BM tidak boleh.

  21. Hi I was wondering if you can help me. I am a Malaysian working in the UK and I recently misplaced my ASNB book .

    My relative are still in Malaysia but none of them can check whether my account has been accessed. Is there a way I can get check my balance and have my book replaced in London or do I have to go back to Malaysia to sort this out?

  22. Hi there Adik.

    To be honest with you, I do not have a clue at all. But I think, most probably, the matter needs to be resolved in Malaysia at one of PNB’s offices.

    Sorry I couldn’t offer much help.

  23. hey there,

    would you suggest me any good reading before I get into Unit trust? I got a few friends joining already but it would be wise to read more, isnt it?

    any latest released book in mind good for beginner reading?

  24. To be honest with you, I have not read any books that were made specifically for unit trust. Mainly because there’s not much to know about unit trusts.

    When it comes to unit trust investing, I only read the prospectus. Once I’m comfortable with the objectives of the fund, then I get on board. This is because of the fact that when it comes to unit trusts, the fund managers do all the investment decisions for you.

    However, when it comes to books about investment in general, well, I’ve got a lot to recommend. I can’t think of any titles at the moment, but I’ll post up an entry of good books pretty soon.

  25. Anisah Sakura says:

    err, ehem! Baik.

    Salam! nama saya Anisah Sakura dan saya ingin bertanya sebenarnya tentang minimum pelaburan yang perlu untuk sertai ASB.
    Minat saya sudah mengemuncak sejak guru saya beritahu tentang cara mudah membuat pelaburan dan dia amat galakkan kami sekelas bermula dengan ASB. Saya kini adalah pelajar di UiTM dan pastinya duit tidaklah begitu banyak untuk bermula, maka saya harapkan abang dan kakak sekalian dapat membantu saya.
    Terima Kasih.

    p.s: nama saya sememangnya seperti diatas. Jika anda merasakan ianya pelik, saya akui saya adalah kacukan.

  26. Hi Anisah Sakura! πŸ™‚

    Minimum pelaburan ASB ialah RM10 melalui buku pelaburan. Jadi, boleh lah mula melabur dgn ASB! Bagus mula muda-muda ni.

  27. hello,sy nak tanya macam mana nak mulekan asb??kalau melalui post ofis boleh ke??tolonglah blas ye kat email sy..terima kasih.

  28. Kalau nak buka akaun ASB, paling mudah, pergi ke pejabat pos.

    Cara-cara lain termasuk pergi ke pejabat PNB sendiri atau ke bank-bank yang menyediakan perkhidmatan ASB.

  29. Saya cuba nak e-mail Ieda tapi yahoo kata e-mail doesn’t exist.

  30. Can anyone help to solve this problem and explain how does a malaysian who is residing in uk and who has an account with ASB, go about in depositing his money in his ASB book. If he only can deposit it in malaysia and if he is studying here for let’s say 4 years, then he would have no chance of investing more on his ASB or updating his book.

  31. conrad palmer abdullah says:

    I have an ASB account and had recently come to London after being transferred to work for 5 years. I told the office in KL that I will be in England for the next 5 years and wish my address be in London. But they told me that I cannot have an overseas address. I have no forwarding address in malaysia, so my last address in KL still has to stay on. I wonder what happened to the correspondences? People who lived there now must be reading my statements etc. Question, Can ASB look into this problem and give me a solution?

  32. jack bonnie says:

    I am civil servant, telah buat simpanan ASB melalui potongan gaji through BIRO Angkasa. Soalan saya, bolehkah saya buat simpanan seperti ini untuk isteri dan anak-anak.TQ

  33. @eddie

    I guess you do need to be in Malaysia to invest further into ASB. Or perhaps, appoint a proxy? Transfer money to somebody close to you in Malaysia and ask him/her to top up your ASB account.

    @conrad palmer abdullah

    You might want to bring that matter up directly to PNB.

    As an alternative, can’t you use the address of somebody close to you in Malaysia?

    @jack bonnie

    Setahu saya, akaun ASB boleh dibuka untuk mana-mana bumiputera, tidak kira umur.

    Saya tak tahu sama ada boleh potong gaji terus ke akaun mereka.

  34. maslina says:

    buku ASB saya hilang.. ttp tiap2 tahun ASB akan hantar penyata. Saya cuma nak tahu adakah saya perlu membuka buku semula? Apakah prosedurnya…?

  35. Waalaikumussalam.

    Saya rasa paling elok, tanya PNB sendiri untuk prosedurnya.

    Sebaik-baiknya, laporkan secepat mungkin kepada PNB. Takut-takut, org salahguna buku akaun tu.

  36. hello, im just wanna know where can i register this ASD,
    im so interested in investment, actually im just turn 20yo this year.. so im still young, can u give me some opinion what should i do if i wanna do investment…

    im intersted with ASD because the price per unit so cheap juat rm1 per unit, and the minimum is rm100..thats why im interested with…i think its suitable for me as starting and a young one…

    hpe you can give your opinion…its good if you can mail me
    tq bro

  37. conrad palmer abdullah says:

    I refer to Maslina 26/3. Nadlique’s commented that someone may have stolen her money out of her account. This is frightening. Can someone do that? Is that the situation now? I mean is there no security check when one is withdrawing his/her account? May be someone can enlighten me on this?

    As per Nadlique’s response to my earlier question as regards no facilities of depositing money outside malaysia, I intend to get someone bring some cash to deposit it in my account in malaysia? But I am not sure how much foreign cash is allowed to be brought in to the country? Well, it is all because I think you get more value if you bring cash rather than a bank draft.

  38. @Wan

    Perhaps ASB is good for somebody who’s just starting out. Fairly easy to understand and fairly good returns.

    ASB’s price per unit is also RM1.00.

    I was told by a PNB officer that, after your ASB account is full, then only you proceed to ASD. Historically, ASB yields higher than ASD.

    How to start investing? PNB office, banks that participate, post office.

    @conrad palmer abdullah

    No, I didn’t say someone may have stolen her money. In fact, to withdraw money from one’s account, if I’m not mistaken, they need to take down your thumbprint and they need to see your ID. There is a level of security check for this.

    What I was referring to earlier was, someone might have misused the book. After all, a lot of our personal information are recorded in the book. Things like full name, address, and IC Number. Can’t exactly remember what’s actually in there.

    Regarding what’s the maximum amount of cash allowed to bring into Malaysia, really, I wouldn’t have a clue. Perhaps, you could check the Immigration and Customs website, and share your findings with us?

  39. conrad palmer abdullah says:

    I must thank Nadlique for the reassuarance regarding the security thing. As regards foreign cash allowable to enter Malaysia airport, I haven’t got the clue either. I have tried to find out but invain. Incidentally, I have another question as regards ASB; Are the interests from monies invested therein free from tax? I know there is a one hundred grand concession for those investment in Bank Simpanan Nasional, but there is nothing mentioned about ASB. In case it is taxed, then it defeats the whole purpose of helping the Bumis,I suppose.

  40. Talking about bringing in foreign cash, in Australia, if you bring in more than AUD10,000 worth of cash, you need to fill in a form, and that is it. As far as I know, nothing else need to be done. But of course, this is Australia. I have no clue as to whether a similar process is being carried out in Malaysia.

    With regards to tax, according to the prospectus, the dividends and bonuses are exempted from tax. So, I’m assuming, that means they are tax free?

  41. Plus, ASB is being participated by Bumis all across Malaysia, in kampungs and etc. I’m sure folks over there don’t do their taxes?

  42. I just had a look at the latest master prospectus, page 93, it says:

    The Unit Trust Funds managed by us are granted an exemption from income tax under Section 127 (3)(b) of the Income Tax Act, 1967.

    ASB: The Fund is exempted from income tax for the year of assessment 1991 and subsequent years.

  43. saya ada kawan yang dia ada buku pelaburan ASB.katanya sudah 6 tahun tidak d kemaskini.adakah buku akaun pelaburan ASBnya itu masih aktif atau sudah di tutup akaun?

  44. IASSOS says:

    It appears that ASB is a good deal in terms of investment; but has poor customer friendliness. Perhaps this is intentional; perhaps the fund governors want to support the little people in the kampongs and not the more advantaged people who reside overseas, since there is a no-loss guarantee.

    Otherwise it seems archaic when commercial brokerage houses offer full online services which allow you to access your accounts any time day or night, move money around, place sell and buy orders, see summaries of previous transactions, and so on.

  45. @Jerry

    Saya rasa, takde masalah langsung dan akaun tu masih aktif. ASB kan sepatutnya jadi pelaburan jangka masa panjang. Apa-apa pun, saya sarankan, cuba check dgn PNB.


    Haven’t heard from you in a while my friend! πŸ™‚

    I have to agree with you, PNB is a customer friendliness nightmare. Just go to their website and you’ll understand what I mean. I dare say that information-wise, their website is absolutely useless. Can’t find anything except for craps from a few years ago.

    But I guess it’s because of the characteristics of ASB and its brothers and sisters as well. They’re meant to be the most basic investment product out there that offers a reasonable rate of return. Not so much to be categorised as sophisticated or anything.

  46. conrad palmer abdullah says:

    As you know I am now in UK, I am just wondering if I can send a cheque the details of my bank account to a malaysian asb outlet eg malayan bank. Can they bank it in my account and give me a receipt for that? This may sort out the problem of one who is overseas and wishes to increase their deposit in his/her asb account. Please comment.

  47. conrad palmer abdullah says:

    I must clarify my earlier question. The cheque of course would be one belongs to any of the bank in malaysia eg hsbc malaysia.

  48. Question — How to transfer money from another country to someone in Malaysia? I’m seeking something economical and easy to accomplish. Here are some untested ideas.

    (1) Give the Malaysian person a foreign credit or debit card. The Malaysian could then withdraw money from an ATM when instructed to do so. There is an obvious risk if they misbehave.

    (2) Send cash in the post. There is a risk of loss to theft, of course, and postal delay.

    (3) Find a bank that operates in both countries, and use their facilities to transfer funds. In this variation, the Malaysian part of the international bank has a checking account that the foreigner can transmit funds into. Malaysian domestic checks can then be written as needed. (Any ideas on what bank this could be?)

    (4) Any other ideas?

  49. chad abdullah says:

    IASSOS, I think it’s better if u use Western Union.

    The person u r transferring money to can go to any CIMB or RHB bank to get the money u send. It’s fast & easily available everywhere.

    I have a friend in Canada who sent me RM1000 as a birthday gift then called me up at 4 in the morning to give me the control number. The next day, I just walked over to the nearest CIMB bank, showed them my ID & tell them the control number. They gave me the money straight away.

    If you’re constantly sending money overseas, Western Union would be the best choice.

  50. assalamualaikum,
    saya baru buka akaun ASB atas dorongan abang saya. saya sebenarnya tak tahu apa-apa pasal ASB ni.
    soalan saya, bagaimanakah saya nak withdraw wang dalam akaun saya?adakah boleh buat di mana-mana bank?

  51. Thanks Chad! The issue with Western Union is cost. It’s rather expensive. Like $15.00 to send $150.00. MoneyGram is about $10.00 to do that — still expensive.

  52. nicely done nadlique.. very informative! Keep up the good work!

    btw, would like to offer an answer to one of the questions: in the event of death to the account holder, if the account holder & spouse is a Muslim, Syariah law applies – all assets of the deceased will be transferred under the spouse’s name (if it’s only one spouse. If more than one, I have no idea :P).

    hope this helps!

  53. @wan

    W’salam Wan. Setahu saya, nak withdraw duit dari ASB boleh dari pejabat PNB, sesetengah pejabat pos, dan bank-bank yg ada perkhidmatan PNB.


    Yup, you are right. But, as far as I know, without a will, it’ll take a tad longer for the assets to be transferred over.

  54. Regarding using cheques to deposit money into ASB accounts, is that even possible? I thought one can only deposit using only cash. Apologies, my knowledge in this area is a bit limited.

  55. Western Union or Money Gram is actually a good idea. Just that, as IASSOS had said, the cost can be rather high eh?

    How about sending cash using trackable means like FEDEX or UPS? Haha.

  56. We are currently having difficulties in the other direction: “Mrs IASSOS” has had a check issued to her name in Malaysia, and is attempting to have the money transferred out. A lawyer is working on this and the bank is resisting. They have been asking for multiple proofs of residence. This after many months of negotiations to get the deal done in the first place.

    One wonders how Malaysia can expect to compete in international commerce when financial transactions are so difficult.

  57. conrad palmer abdullah says:

    IAssos story intrigues me. How on earth a cheque under one’s name could not be cashed by that person? It is hers for heaven sake. The bank should be seen punished for this. However, I reckon there is a possibility IASSOS must have owed the bank in the past and the bank is trying to get their money back. Even though strictly speaking under the banking law, they can’t do it like that, the bank is trying their best to grab hold of it. Please let me know if this is the case.

  58. Thank you for your interest Conrad! The situation has been resolved now.

    The bank balked at doing an international transfer. They could not accept that the intended recipient was the same as the name on the check. At first they asked for the account number and routing number at the target bank. Then they came back and asked for “proof” that the named person was indeed a foreign resident. The first evidence we provided was a letter from the Malaysian embassy *sending money* to the person in question, *at the address we had previously given* (and some other documentation as well. But this was deemed insufficient, and more documentation was requested (permanent resident card) which we sent. Finally the money was transmitted — so they say, we will find out next week.

    I guess I appreciate their caution; and I also recognize that they were able to exploit the float for a few days.

  59. I guess that’s the “beauty” of the banking system in Malaysia.

    Allow me to share an experience I had. Nothing to do with ASB though.

    It involves me wanting to close my bank accounts. Here in Australia, it took me about 2 minutes (literally 2 minutes!) to close my bank account. In Malaysia on the other hand, it’s much much longer. They need to find your files, they need your ID card, they need to see the branch manager, they need to do this, do that, blah blah blah. On top of that, customer friendliness? Pffft! Zero.

    I had a conflict with a bank in Malaysia once which made me swore to never ever patronise the bank again.

  60. conrad palmer abdullah says:

    Speaking of closing of accounts. It takes 2 minutes in uk as well. I find that it is not the rule or system of malaysian banking is at fault. They are the same. After all the banking law and rules emanated from the English law. The problem lies with the bank employees who are not using their common sense in interpreting the law. Thus, they are so meticulous until they can even not let me close my account as I happened to have shaven my moustache the day day – he took exception as the photo in my id card has a moustache. The bank manager when called was even worse. He quoted the law of id card, advising me to get a new one with a moustacheless photo. Doh! I have to grow my moustache again and came back to him in a week. This time I managed to get it done after all the scrutiny again. I think if the uk banks are going to apply this techniques, those banks will lose customers and on top of that will incur more costs in man hours to do this job alone.

  61. faridah abik says:

    ASALMUALAIKUM…….saya baru mnyertai pelaburan asb ni setelah mendengar banyak faedah di perolehi daripada kawan2 saya. masalahnya, saya ada terdengar bahawa duit yg kita masukkan dlm akaun tak boleh di ambil melainkan dividennya sahaja. saya sangat musykil dgn perkara ni. boleh kah sekalian bantu terangkn kepada saya tentang asb ni denganlebih lanjut? sekian……

  62. W’salam Faridah,

    Setahu saya, untuk ASB, tiada halangan untuk mengeluarkan duit kita seberapa banyak yg diperlukan.

    Dari mana Faridah dgr duit selain daripada dividen tak boleh ambil?

  63. shimada says:


    saya sudah setahun mengambil pinjaman melalui sebuah bank komersial untuk pelaburan asb. saya baru diberitahu bahawa pelaburan sebegini adalah haram.adakah ini benar dan jika sedemikian apakah langkah2 yang harus saya ambil?

    sekian terimakasih

  64. You are right Conrad. It’s not the system, it’s the people.

    I am seriously considering writing an article to share my experience with the mentioned bank.

  65. W’salam Shimada,

    Mengikut Majlis Fatwa Kebangsaan, pelaburan ASB adalah harus.

    Lihat link ni:

  66. Nassar says:


    saya ingin bertanya bagaimanakah caranya untuk kita mengeluarkan duit dari akaun ASB kita?

    Terima Kasih

  67. W’salam Nassar,

    Soalan ni dah dijawab. Sila scroll ke atas.

    Apa-apa pun, saya akan jawab sekali lagi. Duit dari akaun boleh dikeluarkan melalui pejabat PNB, bank-bank yg menyediakan perkhidmatan ASB, dan pejabat-pejabat pos yg menyediakan perkhidmatan ASB.

    Cara-caranya, kalau tak silap saya, kena isi borang, bawa buku, dan terus ke kaunter. Senang je πŸ™‚

  68. SITI NURBAYA says:

    wawa…. mcm ni leh la jadi kaye sket….
    sket sket leleme jd bkit…
    spend 10 percent to 20 percent from my salary

  69. Betul tu. Sikit-sikit lama-lama jadi bukit.

    Masukkan lagi banyak lagi basuh. Kalau boleh more than 20% of salary, lagi best.

  70. aleenn says:

    saya ade sket masalah..saya pernah ker pejabat pos untuk buat buku clerk tu bgtau saya yang saya telah mempunyai akaun ASB dan dia meminta saya ke HQ ASB.Soalan saya, boleh tak sekiranya pihak ASB menghantar buku saya melalui pos?atau saya harus juga ke sana untuk mengambilnya sendiri?

  71. faiqah says:

    can u explain more about the asb?
    i dont really get it what does this asb works.
    whats the amount i should invest n izit possible to withdraw the money anytime?
    izit really helping?
    izit similar to the normal bank account?
    whats the difference?

  72. IASSOS says:

    Faiqah — There are two ways to view ASB.

    First way is to see it as a bank savings account. You put money in, and they pay “interest” on it. You can withdraw from it whenever you like. (It’s not actually interest, but the effect is similar in that they pay something for the privilege of using your money.) Other banking conveniences such as checking and electronic transfers are not available. All transactions must be done in person. The benefits are safety (backed by the government) and good return for a passive investment.

    Second way is to view it as a “unit trust” or “mutual fund” which it actually is. (i.e. it really is *not* a simple bank savings account). They take your money, along with that of all other investors, and purchase shares on the stock exchange. These shares do two things (a) go up and down in value according to business conditions and (b) pay out dividends periodically. The dividends are allocated out to the investment accounts proportionally, so you get your share of benefit from it. The ups-and-downs are also allocated out, but not completely. You benefit if they go up, but the government protects you if they go down.

    There, very briefly (and maybe without complete accuracy!) is what ASB is about. It is structured to be compatible with the Islamic prohibition on interest (you get dividends and capital gains instead); it is open only to bumiputras; and it is protected from market loss. This is a very sweet deal!

  73. Angel says:


    You seem to know a lot on ASB. Anyway, I am an ASB holder. Would like to know if the scheme where you can make a loan from Maybank, CIMB & RHB for ASB is really worth it? Also, which of the above offers the best benefits? I was told it’s like using the bank’s money to get profit from it. Any pros & cons?
    Sorry have to ask you as getting these answers from banks or PNB is a nightmare and they are not really helpful. By any chance you have any relevant info?

    You mentioned that you do not subscribe to ABB. Why? What do you see that we don’t? What steps are you taking towards your financial freedom goals?


  74. IASSOS says:

    Angel — you should read Nadlique’s “Borrow to Invest”

    It has you making 3.4% more money over ten years by borrowing to invest. Note that there is a difference in the risk profile. Borrowing to invest places the risk up front, and it further increases over time. Simple monthly deposits places minimal risk up front, and then it increases over time.

  75. babart says:

    Hi Angel
    I just spoke to my agent,actually my amanah raya unit trust agent, about this,and anyone please correct me if i misinterpreted what my agent just said.he said if we take loan to invest in asb,surely the loan will come with an interest(around 5% i think),and surely it is quite high.meaning ur dividend and bonus calculations will have to deduct from this loan interest,which means lower dividend and bonus for that year,compare if you make saving from your own money.but of course,when you make loan,you invest in big amount,which will result in greater dividend and bonus.but maybe it would take time for you to fully enjoy the dividend and bonus,as you need to settle the loan also..
    anyone,please give me extra info and correct me if i wrong,and nadlique,can u tell me the benefit of amanah raya unit trust from ur point of view,because besides my agent,i really don’t have any reliable sources.thanx eveybody..

  76. babart says:

    you can refer here more regarding your question..

  77. @Angel

    Well, it seems like IASSOS and babart has addressed the question well.

    With regards to the second question of me not investing in ASB, actually, I do have an ASB account. It’s just
    that, topping up my ASB is really not at the top of my priority list at the present moment. My mum is utilising my account instead. Why do I do this? The reason is simply because I have a pretty limited amount of money and I feel that they will be put to better use investing in riskier ventures. Plus, I am comfortable saddling a bit more risk.

    Anyway, do have a look at my Borrow to Invest post. The link has been provided above.


    Honestly, I’m not really familiar with Amanah Raya Unit Trust products. Sorry I can’t be of much help!

  78. O-piE says:

    Mnta maaf klau soalan ni dah dah dikmukakan sblm ni…
    Blh tak kita kluarkan duit dlm akaun ASB pd bla2 masa?

  79. W’salam.

    Setahu saya, boleh saja o-pie.

  80. O-piE says:

    thanx for answering my question!

    Anyway, bleh x tunjukkan cara kira hasil pelaburan yang akan masuk kedalam akaun kita?

    – sorry, if i asking too much πŸ™‚ –

  81. Tak kisah O-pie, tanya sebanyak soalan yg boleh. Sama-sama kita belajar πŸ™‚

    Untuk kira berapa hasil pelaburan. Lawat entri saya:

    Harap-harap, dapat la membantu sedikit sebanyak.

  82. O-piE says:

    i don’t understand about “monthly balance” part…

    can you explain it?

  83. babart says:

    jgn risau, inikan kaunter pertanyaan, haha~~gurau je ek..

    if you did receive my email b4 this,pliz ignore it agent and me had been in complete topsy-turvy for the past few weeks,leading into a complete misunderstanding.however it is,thanx..

  84. conrad palmer abdullah says:

    Is it true that savings and dividends from ASB are not taxable? Would also be obliged if Nadlique can help to inform us if the same is true for savings and interests in BBMB (I think now it is Bank Commerce Bumiputra Bhd!)? Or is there a limit before it is taxable for any of them?

  85. @O-pie

    Look at it this way. Let’s assume that your ASB balance at the end of the year is RM120,000. So, your average monthly balance will be RM120,000 divided by 12 months, which comes to RM10,000 per month.


    Haha. Kaunter pertanyaan. Best betul πŸ˜€

    PNB should pay me for the free advertising I’m giving them. Haha.

    By the way, in your e-mail, you asked me of my gender. The million-dollar question of whether Nadlique is a male or a female. Haha. I’ll let you figure that one out πŸ˜‰ . You might be disappointed though πŸ˜€

    @conrad palmer abdullah

    According to PNB’s prospectus, proceeds from ASB is exempted from income tax. That makes sense. ASB’s participants include folks from the small town villages. I highly doubt that they do their taxes every year.

    However, with regards to CIMB (They are called CIMB now. No more BBMB or Bumiputera Commerce. They change every time eh?), I’m not too sure. I believe that they are subject to tax.

  86. ummm…..

    sori la yerk. saya ni lembab sket….
    Cmna plak nak kira klau saya mula buka akuan dgn rm400?

  87. Eh, sorry O-pie.

    Explanation saya yg sebelum ni salah. Ignore yg tu.

    Sepatutnya saya explain mcm ni:

    Katalah satu tahun tu, setiap bulan, RM1,000 dimasukkan ke dalam akaun ASB. Jadi baki bulanan seperti berikut:

    Jan = RM1,000
    Feb = RM2,000
    Mac = RM3,000
    Apr = RM4,000
    Mei = RM5,000
    Jun = RM6,000
    Jul = RM7,000
    Ogo = RM8,000
    Sep = RM9,000
    Okt = RM10,000
    Nov = RM11,000
    Dis = RM12,000

    Tambah semua dan bahagi 12. Dapatlah purata baki bulanan sebanyak RM6,500.

    Kalau guna example O-pie pulak. Katakan pada awal tahun tu O-pie bermula dgn RM400 dan tahun tu, duit lain dah tak masuk dah. Jadi, sebab takde duit tambahan yg masuk, baki bulanan ialah RM400.

    Baki bulanan ni maksudnya, pada akhir setiap bulan tu, berapa baki dalam akaun.

    Kalau ada soalan, tanyalah lagi πŸ™‚

  88. klau kta x tmbh duit kat dlm akaun tu…xde perubahan la?

  89. Yup. Kalau tak tambah duit, takde perubahan. Average monthly balance ni untuk kalau setiap bulan tambah duit. Supaya nak estimate berapa untung tahunan.

  90. babart says:

    y shud i dissapointed?i’m not a sexist..juz asking though..btw,welcome back to malaysia,i’m sure you’ll need to use your umbrella a lot in malaysia now,hehe..

  91. Estetik says:

    Hi Nadlique,

    I’ve been following this blog for quite some time. Am really grateful for all the info shared by all.

    This morning, I went to top-up my ASB investment at a Maybank branch. And suddenly, due to my curiosity, terasa ‘gatal mulut’… I asked one of the staff, is it true that the maximum limit for investment (account holder deposit) is 200K? Out of my expectation, she said that there’s no limit for investment made thru ASB’s buku pelaburan. The 200K limit is for loan(s) made to invest thru ASB certificate. Confused, I rephrase her explanation using simpler sentence structure. She approved it. I asked somemore, saying that if I reached 200K (let say lah) in my account, so I cannot add more money lah. And she said, boleeeh, mana ada limit untuk pelaburan ASB. Lagipun, takkan you nak simpan 200K dalam ASB kot? (Why? cannot invest until 200K ka??? Suka ati aaaaa)

    And now, I am really, really, really confused. Limit for buku pelaburan or sijil, which one??? Anyone can clarify?

  92. @babart

    Haha. Not worrying at all about umbrellas. I love it when it rains.


    Hello Estetik πŸ™‚

    According to the prospectus, the maximum investment amount for both sijil and buku pelaburan is 200k, so I’m assuming, the person you talked to, haven’t got a clue of what he/she is talking about πŸ˜›

  93. hye . juz have a question here
    juz want to know if i invest in ASB will my money be gone
    if any thing for example ASB loss in the investment center..
    don’t really understand ..
    have i got assurance for my investment ?

  94. Hi Anor,

    With ASB, according to the prospectus, the unit prices are fixed at RM1.00 per unit. It won’t go up or down. The investment returns derived are in the form of distributions. As such, you call these types of investments as Capital-Preserved Investment.

  95. so by any means
    i wont have to worry about my money in the ASB account?

  96. Well, I wouldn’t say that you don’t have to worry at all. I mean, all investments pose some sort of risk. Just that, with ASB, it is generally safer. It’s a low-risk investment. Having said that, I haven’t heard of anybody losing their capital investing in ASB.

  97. thank πŸ™‚
    juz starting to invest in ASB
    hoping to buy a car in 2 years time..
    do u think ASB is the right choice then
    ? or any suggestion for any good banks u might know?

  98. No problems at all πŸ™‚

    With regards on whether or not ASB is the right choice, I guess it’s really up to the individual investor. I can’t really give any suggestions unfortunately.

    I’ll just give two examples:

    1. My investment in Public Mutual (which is heavily weighted on high risk equities investment), is currently registering a loss of nearly 20% (I started in July last year and topped up early this year).

    2. With ASB, despite all the turmoils, history has suggested that it will consistently provide investors with positive returns year after year. Returns that beat Fixed Deposit products hands down, and also consistent.

    So, there you go πŸ™‚

  99. wow..
    a promising account πŸ™‚
    if i may know..
    how come you know everything about ASB?
    ur ASB agents?
    πŸ˜› joking

  100. Haha, no la, I’m not an agent of Permodalan Nasional Berhad, and also I still don’t know a lot of things! πŸ™‚

    I guess some of the knowledge are derived from my mum (she loves ASB! During dividend distribution season, she’s always hyped up! Haha), from reading the prospectus, and also from other people’s blogs.

  101. hehe πŸ™‚
    do you have ymesenger?
    add me πŸ™‚

  102. Boleh saje πŸ™‚

  103. oredi add?
    waiting πŸ˜›

  104. conrad palmer abdullah says:

    I think I did see something Nadlique wrote about a bank that made it imperative that an account holder must withdraw his money and not only keep on saving them, otherwise he would be penalised. This is quite frightening especially me who is still overseas leaving my account there on just on ‘saving’ basis to keep the account alive (not knowing the irony of doing this). May I ask if this applies to all banks? Thank you dude, you are a great help.

  105. cempaka says:

    Hi,saya nak tanye bile boleh cancelled loan asb yang dah approve coz saye nak kurangkan amaun dari RM211.00 sebulan untuk 20 tahun ke RM146.00 sebulan for 10 years only but staff maybank kate tak boleh tukar coz loan dah approvelah.

  106. @conrad palmer abdullah

    Yeah, that article is located here

    Really am disappointed with them. I do hope it’s not the same with other banks. As far as I know, for other banks, it’s “I’ll deactivate your account if no deposits were made”.

    Cheers mate!


    Kenapa pulak tak boleh cempaka? Kalau nak kurangkan, pulangkanlah sejumlah wang ke tahap boleh kurangkan pembayaran ke RM146 utk 10thn. Setahu saya, boleh je.

    Tapi, kalau dalam kontrak loan tu kata, memang tak boleh buat “early repayment”, dan sebagainya, mungkin lain cerita lah.

  107. syahrinah says:

    Saya baru je nak buka akaun ASB…
    Before I get started, kena tahu dulu faedah dan keburukan..
    Sekarang baru rasa puas hati…
    thanks for the explanation regarding ASB…

  108. i mula terbaca tentang blog ni few months ago. Tahniah to nadlique . Saya dah melabur dlm ASB for the past 20 years and pulangan nya amt baik. Rugi to all bumiputra yg tak menggunakan skim ini. Esp this year, saya nasihatkan anda diluar sana untuk maksimumkan dulu pelaburan di ASB then barulah find other kinds of mutual fund or investment vehicle.You will not find this kind of protected investment elsewhere so use it to the max.All my kids pun dah mula menabung ASD sejak lahir lagi dan pulangannya amat baik. Satu lagi, buat masa ni membuat pinjaman ASB bukanlah satu langkah bijak.Thanks

  109. @syahrinah

    Utk low-risk investor, saya ASB memang bagus. Senang hati sikit. Takde nak risau sgt kalau market downturn ke ape.


    Selamat datang fadz!

    Memang, ASB beri pulangan yg amat baik dan patut di-utilise sepenuhnya oleh bumiputra.

  110. Salam, how old are u nadlique? Your mission sama as mine to be financially free as soon as possible.

  111. I’ll be turning 22 pretty soon actually πŸ™‚

    Great to hear that you intend to be financially free as well. Do share your ideas and thoughts yeah?

  112. Assalamualaikum.
    Sdr Nadlique, mana lebih untung kepada saya, samaada saya membuat pinjaman ASB 10 tahun bayaran bulanan RM 117.00 berbanding simpan sendiri selama 10 tahun setiap bulan labur RM 117.00.

    Bolehkah sdr anggarkan berapa keuntungan nya dengan pinjaman bank selama 10th tu, dengan labur sendiri selama 10 tahun termasuk dividen dan bonus tanpa dikeluarkan dalam masa 10 tahun tersebut. Kalau boleh tolong saudara buat keuntungan perbandingan kedua-duanya. Saya buntu membuat perbandingan ini. Minta tolong ye.

  113. zaili yusof says:


    Am just wondering abt the maximum limit of the investment.. Is the maximum rm200k is for both cash deposits in the asb book and the certificate? Or is it Rm200k each?


  114. Hi Nad,you should get a medal for your contribution on ASb men! syabas!
    Wonder if one could be called financially free if he/she keeps $200k in asb and live on the interests alone? How much is that interest, anyway? About $20k a year? Is that about right? Thanks again.

  115. Just sharing my experience. I dont think a person will be financially free by keeping 200k ang live on interest bec with a div of rougly 8% it will only give u around 1,300 per month.With the current situation that is definately not enough.

  116. @shahar


    Saya ada tulis dua entri tentang ini. Sila rujuk kepada:


    InsyaAllah dapat membantu.

    @Zaili Yusof

    As per my knowledge (to which I stand to be corrected), you are only allowed to put in a maximum of 200k under your name. i.e. you can deposit to a maximum of 200k. It doesn’t matter whether it’s invested through the certificate or the book. However, your balance can be of any amount.


    Thanks πŸ™‚

    Adding to what Fadz had said, I guess it’s up to the individual. To me, living off the profits derived from 200k worth of ASB investment is hardly enough. Average dividend rate so far is around 7% to 8%. So, unless you’ve got a really high balance, then I don’t think it’s sufficient.

    However, let’s assume that you’ve got a wife and 3 kids over the age of 18 and let’s assume that you have control of all their ASB accounts (i.e. accounts in their name, but you all have agreed that the money is yours). Let’s also assume that all of the accounts have at least 200k in them, giving a total balance of 1 million. With a dividend rate of 7% per annum, you’ll get about 70k per year, or RM5,800 per month. Now, that’s more like it!

    Of course, you need to take into account inflation and other what not.

  117. well i was reading one of the comment regarding how much you can deposit into ASB. You were saying that one you withdraw from the max amount you can’t put it back. Well i don’t think it is that way. The max you can deposit in is RM 200K. But when u reach this limit the total saving amount can only grew from the divident and bonus you accumulated each year. Then your new max saving will be your RM 200K + the dividents and bonus. You can with draw from it and you can still deposit it back but the max will be your RM 200K + div and bonus. Eg you have deposit RM 200K and your div+ bonus over the year is 20K. Therefore your new total amount is 220K. Let say you withdraw 15K in January. You can then deposit back another 15K because your new max is RM220K and not RM205K.

  118. Oh, so, your limit increases as your balance increases? I initially thought that once you withdraw, you can’t put it back. i.e. if you balance is 250k and you withdraw 20k, then you can’t deposit it back.

    Hmm, I thought that that was the case.

    Cheers for sharing πŸ™‚

  119. Wak Karto says:

    interesting discussion..
    Need your input on something non-ASB.
    For someone who’ve been in Aus or NZ, you should know that deposits in AUD and NZD will give you interest rates slightly better than ASB. Currently, several banks in Malaysia are also offering deposits in AUD and NZD and the returns are also quite good.
    Maybe you can start a new discussion on this.

  120. Humairah Zakaria says:

    sy kehilangan buku akaun ASB.
    sy ingin bertanya bagaimana tuk dapatkan buku yg baru dan apa byg sy perlu bawa tuk urusan tersebut?
    selama ini sy cuma masukkan simpanan ASB sy melalui pej pos.adakah sy boleh dapatkan buku akaun baru di pej pos?dan pada masa yg sama sy juga tidak ingat nombor akaun tersebut.

  121. Hi,

    First off, I’d like to thank nadlique for the extensive information shared on this blog.

    With regard to wills made by Muslims, my understanding is that up to 1/3 of one’s assets can be willed away; the balance would be subject to faraid.

    As for deactivated bank accounts, i thought that a bank account would only be considered dormant and be deactivated if there no transactions have been made for at least 7 yrs, in which case the balance remaining in the account would be treated as unclaimed money and transferred to the Pejabat Akauntan Negara?

  122. Just to share my experience.Saya hilang buku ASB in1999 kerana tempat kerja dimasukki pencuri. I report to the nearest wakil ASB masa tu RHB bank. They told me to go to the PNB head office in KL.So the next day i went to PNB HQ kat Tabung Haji KL tu and kat sana kena angkat sumpah dgn pesuruhjaya sumpah and then baru they replaced the book almost immediately.Kalau cik humaira tinggal kat KL may be u can do the same.Thanks

  123. Tentang pengagihan pendapatan ASB pulak actually ada 2 iaitu dividen dan bonus.
    Dividen dikira melalui purata baki minimum setiap bulan sepanjang tempoh tahun pelaburan tersebut. Ada yg mengatakan baki tersebut hanya dikiranya yg selepas 8 hb saja. Meaning apa-apa jumlah antara 1-7 hb tak diambil kira.Cthnya jika saya ada RM10000 pada 1hb dan pada 3hb saya keluarkan RM3000 sekejap. Pada 6hb saya masukkan balik RM 3000 tersebut.Keseluruhannya saya masih dikira mempunyai baki min 10000 juga pada bulan itu.

    Bonus pulak dikira sebagai baki minimum bulanan untuk tempoh 10 tahun kebelakang.

  124. Comments by nadlique and fadz on 4th Aug were rather intriguing. First I always thought the maximum you can have in your account is 200K. Then came the fact that if that sum grows then you can retain that which of course interest will carry on the new total sum (right?). But then comes another fact that, if your 200K now bear dividends say 20K, and today you withdraw 15K, you still can deposit back 5K tomorrow. Now, the rule of maximum 200K seems to be twisted. I should think that once you withdraw that 15K, that’s it, you can’t put any sum back in because your original capital has already reach the maximum of 200K. Please explain, get me out of this misery man!

  125. Well It is simple. Now, let me start from the beginning. The maximun you can deposit is 200K (call this saturation point). This is not including the divident or bonus that you get. Usually you will take few years to reach the amount of RM 200K. Therefore each fiscal year you will get some extra from the divident and bonus to extend your limit (limit is deposit+ divident+bonus). Let say the divident is consistently 10%/year all the way.
    For first year if you deposited 100K on 7th Jan (and you don’t disturbed it) you will see your account at the beginning of the next year (year-2) will be RM110K right(RM 100K + 10K divident?. let say year-2 you put in another RM50K (in Jan. and don’t disturbed it). Therefore your total at end of year 2 will be RM 160K but on 2nd Jan year-3 it will be RM 176K (160+ 16K divident). Now you can still put in another RM 50K and not only RM24K to reach your saturation point. Therefore by end of year-3 you have reach your max deposit (saturation point) which is RM 200K but your actual limit now is RM 226K (RM200 [dep] + 10K [div yr 1] + 16 K [div yr-2]).
    Now from here you can’t add any more deposit coz you have reach your saturation point which is RM 200K. But your limit can still extand further each year depending on your divident and bonus. let say another 10% bonus year-4, making your limit extended to RM 248.6K. You can withdraw and/or top up your balance for that year as long you do not exceed the RM 248.6K limit. Becoz when you withdraw they will deduct it from your RM 200K deposit and not from the accumulative divident and bonus. Look at it this way. There are 2 accounts join into one. that is your deposit and your divident/bonus. the in-out will be from ur deposit account, with your divident account remain stable. Is it clear now?

  126. Hi fadz and Nadlique.
    Thanks for your reply fadz. It is clear as a whistle.
    Kalau macam tu, banyak cantik lah. Syabas ASB.

  127. @byru

    Yup, according to my understanding as well, only 1/3 can be distributed according to your will but the rest needs to go through Faraid.

    With regards to the dormant bank accounts, I myself am baffled.


    Thanks for sharing fadz. Now we can look at ASB with a new perspective and opportunity.

  128. Assalamualaikum Shahar,
    Mengenai soalan anda “mana lebih untung, samaada membuat pinjaman ASB 10 tahun bayaran bulanan RM 117.00 berbanding simpan sendiri selama 10 tahun setiap bulan labur RM 117.00”
    Mungkin saya boleh tolong beri pandangan sedikit. Secara umumnya tak banyak beza. Dari pengiraan saya untuk tempoh 10 tahun (dgn anggaran div 8% setahun) anda akan dapat RM 21,589(untuk pinjaman bank) dan RM 21220 (simpan sendiri). Ternampak sedikit kelebihan pinjam bank. Tapi risikonya pinjam bank anda mesti berdisplin untuk bayar setiap bulan tanpa miss. Dan pastikan pinjaman itu mempunyai kadar faedah yang tetap dan tidak berubah untuk 10 tahun.
    Tetapi sekiranya amaun anda besar dan dividen berubah-ubah pada kadar yang kompetetif maka simpan sendiri lebih menguntungkan dari pinjaman bank.
    Itu pandangan saya saja.

  129. nizam_q says:

    assalammualaikum saya nizam_q,

    saya kurang paham tentang wang yang saya simpan di ANB, blh tak terangkan bagai mana pulanga modal yang telah disimpan?

  130. Nadlique & Fadz terima kasih banyak kerana sudi membantu. Kesimpulannya simpan sendiri dalam ASB adalah lebih baik.

  131. jimiing says:

    nok tanya jugok…kalu budok2 baru lahir cth umur sehari & dh ade surat beranok…boleh x nk bukak ASB nih???TQQ

  132. ala, td baru nk bukak akaun ASB gune duit rebate petrol kete, tapi tak jadi buka akaun sebab tade salinan IC. haha, dah umur suku abad baru terhegeh2 nk ade ASB, kesian kan? cam bes je ASB ni.. betol ke bes?

  133. Harun bin Ahmad says:


    apa pendapat anda? Saya hendak buat pinjaman ASB daripada maybank RM100,000.00. Saya sudah ada RM100,000.00. Untung ke tak? dan ada resiko ka kalau bank negara menaikkan kadar faedah akhir tahun ini?

  134. can i ask 1 question?izzit bumiputera can but ASB onli?
    chinese race can?indian race?or hv another amanah saham just for another racE?

  135. cam bes ja.mlabor kat ASNB blum start2 g..sebab tak tau cmne nk mula.thankz gak kat blog ne.ble fhm ckit2 sal ASNB.anybdy can help me..cmne nk kira interest.e.g start buka akaun rm500.bpe pulangan dlm mse 10 thun.please sent to my email.thanks..

  136. @Harun

    Maaf, saya tak boleh jawab soalan tu. Sebabnya, saya dengan Encik Harun berbeza. Berbeza dari segi risk tolerance, personal circumstances, dan sebagainya. Tambahan, saya bukan perunding kewangan.

    Mengenai risiko kadar faedah, sudah semestinya risiko tu ada.


    Yes, ASB is only for bumiputera. For other ethnicities, you can invest in other PNB products like ASD, ASN, ASM, and etc.


    Memang best melabur kat ASB. Untuk kira pulangan, silalah rujuk:

    Harap-harap, dapat membantu.

  137. @edot

    Best tak best tu kena tepuk dada tanya seleralah edot. Haha.

    Tapi, ikut historical performance ASB, memang ok lah. Risiko rendah, pulangan pun boleh tahan.


    Saya tak berapa pasti. Saya rasa, boleh kot. Tapi pelaburan maksimum kurang dari RM200,000. Cuba lah check dengan PNB.


    Sila rujuk kepada:

  138. hey could u xplain me bout structured investment?

  139. Langitputra says:

    Mind you Sir ASN3 is opened to others, NOT only bumis. By the way is the max savings for ASN3 still 200k.Thank you Sir

  140. Yes, ASN3 is opened for others. This entry is about ASB. ASB is only opened for bumis.

    perd, frankly, I’m not really familiar with structured investment products.

  141. Mano Waikato says:

    I recommend that ASB is used for Emergency Fund (if you have not have one yet). This is because it is easy to withdraw and can be withdrawn at almost 2,000 branches of ASNB’s agents (i.e Maybank, CIMB, RHB and Post Office) and also at the full branch of ASNB.

    However, if you have already achieved the emergency fund’s target amount of 3-6 months of your monthly income or expenses, then I recommended that you can use ASB, ASD and ASW2020 accounts as an alternative investment vehicle to achieve your retirement fund. Other investment vehicles are unit trust using EPF’s account 1, Investment-linked takaful product,property,equity,business venture, etc.

  142. salam,
    saya dah buat ASB loan 100k. macam mana nak kurangkan loan tu dr 100k kepada 50k. saya buat pinjaman dari RHB.

  143. hye,
    saya telah buat asb loan 40k daripada maybank, and setiap tahun asb akan hantar penyata, so sye telah berpindah ke united states, so alamat yg lama tidak dgunakan lg, boleh ke asb antar peyata melalui email.?? ataupun cek penyata online je.. sorry sye x pro sgt ttg nie….

  144. Mano Waikato says:

    Untuk mengurangkan loan ASB dari RM100K ke RM50K ada banyak cara. Kita boleh pergi jumpa bank dan discuss untuk mengurangkan loan tersebut. Kaji apa pandangan bank, tetapi rasanya bank tak hendak entertain sangat sebab bank akan rugi dan hilang business. Walaubagaimanapun, cubalah berunding dulu dengan pihak bank RHB tu.

    Kena juga tengok keadaan semasa kewangan saudara Rie samada okay tak untuk meneruskan loan tu. kalau rasa tak menguntungkan boleh juga consider to set off loan ASB tu dan start semula dengan kadar rate yang baru.

    Saya gunakan ASB sebagai platform saya untuk emergency fund dan OD against ASB untuk mengurangkan cost of borrowing.

    Mano Waikato

  145. @imaa

    Berani saya kata, kemungkinan besar ASB tiada fasiliti untuk menghantar penyata melalui e-mel. Apa-apapun, cuba lah telefon PNB dan confirm.

    Maaf tak dapat bantu.


    saya cadang nak tutup je dulu.. pastu rasa nak buat loan semula. sbb skrg ni untuk 100k saya kena bayar rm732. mengikut keadaan semasa sekarang. 100k montly cuma rm688 je.saya dah rugi dalam rm44 sebln. kalo setahun rm528 saya rugi. kalo dalam masa pinjaman 20 thn saya dah rugi rm10560. elok saya tutup dulu dan tengok keadaan semasa. saya bleh compare kan maybank dgn RHB. mesti ada perbezaan mana yang lebih baik saya buat loan.

  147. I have been sitting on the idea of topping up my amanah saham account wherein I should be depositing 100k. But all of a sudden I saw this money market figure a few days ago which stated that msian $5.89 to the Β£. I thought it was still over $6 to the pound last week. Wonder if Nadlique has the idea (off the cuff of course) of what to do? should I wait longer or should I act now. Ho…’s tough decision man! Pls get me out of this misery.

  148. ASW2020 bleh buat juga ke mcm ASB. buat loan. ASW2020 sama juga kat deviden and bonus dia macam ASB

  149. your blog..never imagine this brilliant thought comes from a young girl..keep it up!would like 2 be your friend..=)

  150. Mano Waikato says:

    To all ASB investors,

    There are a few way to change our address, namely:
    1. Visit the nearest authorised agents (post office, RHB Bank, CIMB or Maybank) and fill up a form.
    2. Visit the nearest ASNB branches throughout Malaysia.
    3. Can write to ASNB, Operation Dept, Tingkat 8, Menara PNB, 201 A Jalan Tun Razak, 20500 Kuala Lumpur.
    4. e-mail to
    5. Contact vie phone 03-20505500.
    6. Visit website PNB at

    Mano Waikato

  151. @conrad

    Hahaha πŸ˜€

    You pose a tough question my friend. I haven’t been able to get a glimpse at the charts of GBP and MYR, so, I’m afraid I can’t help you! πŸ˜€

    By the way, the Malaysian Ringgit is also strengthening against the Aussies. A few months ago, it was like RM3.10 to AUD1. Now, it’s like RM2.80 to AUD1. Amazing. Should have sent some money back when the Aussies were stronger! πŸ˜›


    I’m not too sure rie. Saya rasa, saya tak pernah dengar lagi pasal loan untuk ASW2020. Rasanya, untuk ASB saje ade.


    Correction bazilah. I’m actually a guy. Haha. That’s fine, honest mistake.

    Sure, be my friend πŸ™‚

  152. This thread is very long now. Is there a way to see it inverted?

  153. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to do that πŸ™

  154. Salam nadlique,saya baru start bayar loan asb bulan 9 yang lepas,tapi saye nak cancel coz tak mampu lah nak bayar sebanyak RM211 sebulan selame 20thn.Boleh ke saye nak cancel bulan 1 tahun depan lepas dapt dividen,n bape banyak amaun yang bank akan ambil ye..Coz sebenarnye saye nak cancel sebelm start bayar tapi staff maybank kate nanti kene bayar balik kat bank lagi banyak lah…Camne carenye yer.Hope Nadlique dapat membantu saye yee..

  155. Mano Waikato says:

    Salam Cempaka and others,

    The concept of taking loan ASB is okay if you cannot disciplin yourself to save regularly. I mean that if you cannot consistently savings and do not withdraw after 5-6 months on the road after saving personally instead of taking loan ASB. I use ASB oan as a force savings regularly but within my affordability.

    I also savings on my own through Salary deduction scheme on monthly basis plus a force savings through loan ASB for 7 years.

    Hope you can implemented both.

    Mano Waikato

  156. assalamualaikum..
    saya ada nak tanya beberapa soalan..
    saya ni student tp saya nak buat pinjaman dari cimb untuk melabur dlm asb coz saya memang xboleh disiplin kan diri saya utk menyimpan tiap2 bulan..soalan saya..
    1)berapa kadar minimum yg saya bole pinjam dr bank?
    2)saya takde slip gaji coz saya belajar saya boleh bayar sbb tiap2 bulan saya dapat pinjaman mara..boleh ke bank bagi pinjaman utk asb ni coz saya xde slip gaji?
    3)bank mana yang kadar faedah paling sikit (paling untung bagi saya)samaada cimb,maybank or bank2 lain?

  157. Mano Waikato says:

    Salam Katak and others,

    In my opinion, I personally recommended that you start with your own savings personally by banking into ASB instead of taking ASB loan.

    The reason is your are still young and you have the time to accumulate wealth via personal savings. My advice is 10% of your income on monthly basis (this is your MARA money).

    The second reason is that you can withdraw if you need the money for emergency use such as buying book for extra reading so that you can get better result in the exam.

    It is good if you can do a comparison study by using excel format in the following format:
    1. Option 1: save personally eg RM100 permonth for 5 years only and let the money grow for 10 years.Calculate the total money at the end of 10 years.

    2. Option 2: You save the same amount per month for 5 years also but after the option 1 have completed his savings for 5 years. You calculate the total savings that you have accumulate and compare with the Option1.

    Conclusion: The sooner you start savings is better because you have longer time to accumulate wealth.

    Mano Waikato

  158. bazilah says:

    a guy?i thought i read it somewhere from your other post stating that you are a girl..nvm,my bad..=P sorry..
    btw nadlique,im going 22 as well and i fond of the idea of being financially independent hopefully in 8 years ahead.
    i have just opened my asb account and planned to save around 300-400 from my MARA loan as the first step towards this dream..(after reading your blog regarding borrow to invest)
    so i need to know other low risk investment i can involve in apart from the asb or other relevant things i can do towards my journey to financial freedom.
    fyi,im taking medicine and i dont think i can fully devote myself to other high risk investment.besides,i used to take management one year back as a minor subject and thus i can pretty much understand if you happen to use a business jargon in your explanation. thanks..sharing is caring =}

  159. assalamualaikum nadlique

    adakah kadar bayaran faedah bagi loan ASB berubah dari semasa ke semasa?

    1) saya membayar bulanan sebanyak RM 200 pada pada bank dlm 2 ke 3 bulan pertama, adakah kemungkinan RM 200 meningkat ke RM 250 sebulan pd bulan atau tahun yg akan datang?

    2) Adakah loan yg sy buat utk ASB memberi kesan pd loan untuk membeli kereta atau rumah?

  160. @bazilah

    Yup, most definitely a guy πŸ˜›

    Other low risk investments? Hmm, let’s see… ASB, Bank Rakyat (that yields around 15% p.a. if I’m not mistaken), Money market securities, Bonds, Fixed Deposits, Tabung Haji, and Capital Protected Funds.



    Setahu saya, kadar faedah memang berubah mengikut interest rate yg ditentukan Bank Negara Malaysia. Sebab tu kalau tengok website bank, dia kata “BLR +/- berapa percent”. BLR ialah base lending rate, yg ditentukan di pasaran.

    Utk soalan samada loan ASB memberi kesan, saya tak berapa pasti tapi saya rasa, jawapannya ya. Kalau gaji RM2,000 sebulan dan RM500 dibelanjakan ke arah loan ASB, saya rasa akan diambil kira oleh bank kalau nak minta loan lagi. Dia org pun takut jugak. Takut customer tak cukup disposable income utk bayar.

    Mungkin Mano Waikato boleh tambah pendapat?

  161. Saya juga telah membuat loan maybank dan ASB tu..saya membuat rm10,000 dalam 20 tahun..saya berpendapat hendak jadikan duit itu sebagai tabung pelancongan saya utk 20 tahun akan dtg..kalau perkiraan saya tepat dan umur saya panjang, mungkin saya akan dpt merasai hasil yg saya telah tuai nih..saya ada membuat sedikit perkiraan dlm bentuk excel format..bagaimana hendak upload kat sini..saya nk kongsikan pada semua perkiraan saya ini n mengalukan-alukan pendapat anda sekiranya perkiraan saya ini salah..kalo perkiraan saya salah, saya nk batalkan saja loan saya ni kat maybank..buat pa byr ngan bank kalo kita xdak untung..investment adalah berkenaan dengan menggandakan duit kalo merugikan, baik xpayah..hihihi..tu pendapat je la..kalo xsuka, harap maafkan ye…
    By the way, nice blog..

  162. Hi..
    i just nk ty berbaloi tak if uat loan utk
    Skang ni ada lg ke maybank nye loan tu?

  163. Beleive it or not.

    I started my investment since 1980 when i was 18 year old. I started from RM 10. After i got my diploma, i work in the government sector with early pay was only RM 625. At that time the pay is very low. even that, i kept on saving RM 20 ringgit. I never took any loan from any bank.I disciplined by myself by saving additional amount based on my yearly pay increment.The total of my ASB is also compounded from BONUS and DIVIDEND. However, after 28 years, I managed to built a house of RM 200K and now my ASB is RM 189K. By the end of the year it will reach RM 200k if not more. At the same time I also spend a lot to my 4 children who study in college and secondary schools plus tuisyen fee. All you need to do is berjimat…and dont ever take loan…kecuali loan kereta la…

    so now If i retire, i,ll get my pension of RM 3000 + graduaty RM 159,000 + ASB RM 200,000. So at that age apa lagi yang kita hendak….DEBT FREE….and can go for holiday…

  164. Hi Mr Fahee, gua caya you lah!
    Congratulation. You are a role model for the youngsters.
    What else can I say except you deserve a bloody good holiday – go round the world man! But don’t wait until you are too old because at that time you may have lost all the taste for adventure. He…he….See the world and you will be fascinated by the various cultures and religions. You will become a better man with the money! Ha…ha….good luck and all the best.

  165. Thank you Mr Conrad.

    For youngsters, bukan senang untuk senang. You have to sacrifice.How to increase your saving and to avoid bank loan? The way you spend. let say your pay is RM 1000. You save monthly RM 100. and let say you increment next year is RM 200. You must save RM 300 for next year by assuming that you have only a constant pay of RM 1000.
    Then you can see your saving increase. This theory was given by Dato’ Maznah Hamid, The chairman of Securicor.
    Dont take loan. and of course this theory is only for those who have no other business.

  166. salam!!!
    selamat hari raya !!! (sempat lagi kan :))

    enquiry sikit, between ASB and unit trust investment for EPF, which one is worth and safe?

  167. one uitm says:

    saya nak minx tlg,saya x berape faham tentang asb,sebagai seorang pelajar duit kene sentiasa ade, jika saya ingin melabur dlm asb,adakah saya kene simpan setiap bulan dlm asb?bolehkah saya ada dua akaun asb?jika saya mahu menyimpan dlm asb untuk adik saya,boleh kah? saya betul2 keliru skg,boleh x bantu saya?

  168. thanks nadlique,
    sy dh mulakn investment p’malaan sebanyak RM 300 pada 26/10/2008, tp sy ada juga decide utk membuat loan.

    adakah interest di setiap bank berbeza-beza?

    jika ada sesiapa yg membuat statistik berkenaan perbezaan bagi interest disetiap bank harap forward pd saya…

    Thanks mr. fahee n all,

    Hope we shall communicate via my e-mail,
    “looking fr senior investor”


  169. To Ila
    Yuo,re asking the diffrence between ASB and unit trust. Actually it depends on what unit trust you buy. What i can tell you is from my expereience. i bought BHL unit trust for RM 10000 in year 2000 thru EPF. After 8 year (now knowing as CIMB Unit trust) i receive my statement of TM 28,6000. The market value for this DANA Al_iHSAN is 1.06. meaning that within 8 years, my profit margin is RM 18,600. If I compare to ASB, within 8 yrs, let say 10% dividen each year, I will only get the dividen of about RM 8,000. So the diffrence is by RM 10,000. see how much i have made the profit thru Unit Trust?

    anyway please consult the expert. I,m telling you only my experience. TQ

  170. ahhhhhhhhhhh

  171. mazlah bt mohamad din says:

    boleh ke saya semak akaun ahli melalui online ASB in. bagaimana cara sama ada gunakan no ahli atau no kad pengenalan saya.

  172. edwin tham says:

    permohonan untuk membuka akaun asb saya telah dilulus kan dan telah mendapat buku pelaburan pada bulan jun lalu akan tetapi menurut pihak bank, buku pelaburan masih ditutup… bagaimana untuk atasinya?

  173. edwin tham says:


  174. edwin tham says:

    apa yang perlu saya buat?

  175. utk mazlah,

    buat masa kini, ASB belum boleh semak akaun secara online. U blh pergi ke mana-mana ejen ASNB (RHB, MBB, CIMB & Pej. Pos) ataupun telefon pihak ASNB sendiri.

    utk Edwin tham,

    ada beberapa perkara yg awak perlu lihat :-

    1) sebelum membuka akaun ASB, adakah awak telah membuat permohonan terlebih dahulu dengan menghantar dokumen-dokumen peribadi awak?

    2) setelah awak membuka akaun, adakah awak menerima sebarang surat drpd pihak PNB utk mengemukakan dokumen-dokumen sebagai bukti awak adalah seorg Bumiputera sekaligus melayakkan awak melabur di dalam ASB?

    3) ada tak pihak bank bagitau awak mesej yg keluar di skrin semasa mereka memeriksa akaun awak? cthnya : ‘Kelayakan diragui’ or ‘Penutupan akaun’

    apa-apa pun, adalah lebih baik awak terus pergi ke kaunter utama ASNB yg terletak di Jln Tun Razak, KL ataupun pergi ke mana-mana pejabat ASNB yg berhampiran bg menyelesaikan masalah ini. Selalunya pihak ASNB akan memberikan pelabur masa lebih kurang 1 1/2 bulan sebelum akaun tersebut ditutup.

  176. Hello. Saya di fahamkan jumlah MAKSIMUM deposit yang BARU untuk ASB adalah RM400,000. Adakah maklumat baru yang di sampaikan kepada saya ini BENAR? Sila beri maklum balas kepada email saya di Terima kasih.

    18 Nov’08

  177. Mohd Rafique bin Abdullah says:

    Hi Nadique,
    Need to enquire regarding the following,not sure whether you have answered this type of query before.

    1) I was born a Malaysian citizen after Independence,Indian by race & and converted to Islam by virtue of marriage since 1980. My wife is a Bumiputra. Am I eligible to invest in ASB?
    2) Is my daughter eligible?I suppose that she is of Bumi status due to her mum being a bumiputra.She had tried to invest but was rejected as according to her the counter clerk returned her deposits. The reason given was that the clerk was unsure of her status and even suggested the her father,myself, was a foreign national. The said personnel has requested that my daughter produce my birth certificate to prove my nationality eventhough a copy of my national identity card with the words’Warga Negara Malaysia” on it was produced.
    On top of that,they had deducted RM40 being administrative charges.
    My daughter felt insulted by the attitude of the personnel and also disillutionised by the attitude of this particular personnel.

    Thanks Nadique

  178. If I may give a passing mention to Md Rafique’s dilemma, I should say your daughter should go to another ASB (just to avoid unnecessary scene with the former clerk) and bring with her her warga negar documents such as birth certificate etc. She is rightfully a bumiputra by virtue of her mother being a bumiputra. The public are invariably at the mercy of the clerks at the counter. Insist to see the manager if the clerk refuses to entertain because more often than not, the former knows better of the law than the latter.
    Good luck.

  179. to Mr. Mohd Rafique Abdullah.

    this answer for ur dilemma:-

    1) U are converted and if u are Malaysian, automatically u are eligible to invest in ASB. Are u in KL? If yes, i think u better go to PNB HQ at Jalan Tun Razak and bring along ur documents such as ur IC, birth cert., converted cert. (Sijil Masuk Islam), marriage cert. & ur parents IC, either one of them.

    2) I felt sympathy with your daughter case. However, i think your daughter is eligible to invest ASB too. Produce all the documents during open the account (her IC, birth cert., both parents IC n birth cert.) directly to PNB HQ or any BRANCHES (NOT AGENTS) all over Malaysia.

    Actually, PNB has given the manual procedure book and brief to all agents about the procedure. Also, PNB, from time to time always update their agents with the latest procedure to give the quality service. If you facing any problems or inconvenience situation, you can make a complaint direct to PNB. Once PNB received the complaint from customer, PNB itself will make an investigation and will take necessary action without any compromised.

    Neway, even u are ‘Warganegara’ but it doesn’t mean that u are ‘Bumiputera’. There are some terms for someone to recognize or valid as a ‘Bumiputera’.

    For further explanation and clarification, u are recommended go to PNB HQ or any branches near u. That the best thing to do.. All the best to u!!

  180. ASB ditutup berapa hribulan untuk pengiraan dividen dan bonus? ingin tahu

  181. sasa,

    asb tutup tahun ini pada 19 disember 2008.

  182. da bln disember ni..boleh ke keluarkn duit dr akaun asb?? tolong bgtau saya k..


  183. drally,

    19hb. ni da start tutup urusniaga. 02hb. Jan 2009 br buka semula…

  184. I am a bit confused. I was told in 2007, the ASB dividen is 8 cents per unit and bonus is 1 cent per unit. But in most websites that I searched, they stated that the dividen in 2007 was 7.3 cents per unit, bonus 1.25 cents per unit. Which one is correct? Can anyone help? Any info is highly appreciated. Tq.

  185. conrad palmer says:

    referring to Rez, I am also confused over this interest thing. I thought it is always 10% interest. Can Nadlique please clarify.

  186. To conrad palmer, the dividen is not fixed every year. Based on the profit ASB gained every year, they will decide how much will be distributed and how much will be used to reinvest. That is why, they will announce how much dividen we will be getting during end of each year.

  187. muhammad sidiq akbar bin jayasalam says:

    erm nak tanye ckt sy de buat asb sebanyak 70.000.brp dvden yg akn sy dpt pde akhir thn 2008

  188. nak tanye…. de yuran pendahuluan x nak bkak akaun asb? kalo de brape yeeee???

  189. Berzhad says:

    To Mayang Sari,
    Tiada yuran pendahuluan bagi membuka akaun ASB.Minimum amount to open the account is only RM10.

    For those who have ASB account,enjoying for dividen. If you guys dont touch that dividen lagi bagus. Carry forward for next year pulak.So makin membuak2 duit anda. Jus like me. hehehe.

    Happy New Year!!

  190. Ehmm.. i want to ask dividen for ASB for 2008 how much??
    Nway thax

  191. Hi Mr Berzhad. Action nampak. But, that is a good advice and I like the way you said it – ‘membuak2’. Sama lah, duit aku pun membuak2 macam tu lah dalam ASB he..he..he..

  192. Berzhad says:

    Dividen bagi tahun lepas 2008 ialah 7.00%(dividen)+1.75%(bonus).

    Hi Conrad,
    Pastinya duit kita akan membuak2. Kepada mereka yg inginkan duit mereka membuak2 seperti Conrad and me,ikutlah langkah kami. Hehehe.. Sampai meletup akaun ASB anda lagi bagus sebab tak muat nak sumbat. Hehehe.

    Tanamkan sikap menyimpan for the long term. Chaiyuk!!

  193. Jadi taukeh kaya la kita Berzhad.Ha…ha..Tapi kalau dah sampai penuh tersumbat akaun kita, apa kita nak buat dgn duit kia tu beb kalau asyek nak simpan aja!

  194. Berzhad says:

    Apa nak buat? Beli harta lor.Sumthing likes rumah ker kereta mewah ker bini baru ker.Hehe.Plus,dont forget niatkan hati pergi tunaikan Haji.Insya-Allah.

  195. macamtau says:


    If anyone wanna know more about ASNB or its product, try to visit:

    and for more interactive ways do email to;

    or call


    dont worry they will respond to your email quite promptly..

    • George says:

      I’m not worried but i am still waiting for a reply for 4 x days now so your statement (quite promptly) doesn’t come into the equation in my book i’m afraid..

  196. macamtau says:

    sapa2 yang ASB dah penuh tuh masukla ke ASW or ASD pulak..the average dividend paid fro both funds in both fund is around 7%…and the best thing about this two funds is that you guys can transfer your EPF saving to one of the fund…7% surely higher than EPF return…

  197. Memang bagus nasihat awak tu Berzhad. Gua nak beli satu bungalow dgn swimming pool la. Mudah2an dikabulkan Tuhan. Beli satu kereta dan satu motor kapchai (senang sikit avoid traffic jam). Cammana beb, ok ke idea tu? Hari hari swimming dekat I punya pool, badan jadi sihat lor. Tentang bini mungkin conrad kena fikir betul2 sebab Bob Marley kata lebih baik membujang -‘no woman no cry’, remember? But I will definitely promise myself to do the last one you mentioned. Naik haji lah kita ya….Insya Allah. Itu aku betul2 niat nak buat. Pandai la lu. You are not only filthy rich but also a role model for others lah Berzhad. Bless you. Keep it up.

  198. Dear all, you are invited to join a free forum on the topic of debt management at The main topic is on how to settle the outstanding housing loan – the biggest loan and the longest in term of payment time that we all usually have in our life.

    Here we can learn and exchange ideas on how to reduce the housing loan faster with the use of new platform – Overdraft.

    Mano Waikato

  199. Berzhad says:

    Nanti tumpang berenang kat u punya swimming pool yer.Hehe.Pasal bini tunggu umur i 30thn. Itu pun kalau ada.Kalau tak tak payah kahwin. Haha!!

    Mano Waikato,
    It sounds like intresting topic to discuss.i want to join.

  200. saya nak tanya. pd oct 2006 saya buat loan ASB RM100 ribu. dgn bayaran rm732 sebulan. saya bercadang utk menutup ASB loan pada tahun ini. jadi kalau saya tutup, berapa duit saya dpt balik dalam tempoh tu.

  201. Hi Berzhad, no worries lah. Anytime you boleh swim kat aku punya pool. What is your favourite style? Aku suka ‘breast stroke’ la. Elok lah tu kalau ada niat nak kahwin. Jangan risau, taukeh kaya macam you dan i ni, anytime lah….bunga berkuntum2 datang nak kawin dgn you lah Berzhad ha..ha..
    Aku pun nak join Waikato lah..boleh tak?

  202. Berzhad says:

    Meaning that dah 2 tahun lebih u buat loan tu. Kalau u nak jual balik unit ASB(loan) tu,tak banyak yg u dapat. Sebab every month yg u bayar tu RM732(termasuk insurance) bukan semua jumlah yg u bayar tu u akan dapat balik. Setiap bulan jumlah yg tu bayar tu dah termasuk interest. Contoh:Let say RM732/month, RM250(principal)and RM482(interest).So if you want to cancel the loan, u hanya akan dapat total amount yg principal tu sahaja.Meaning that RM250*26months=RM6500. This amount + dividen u penah dapat – total amount u bayar everymonth. Rugi ker untung.
    Saya rasa rugi,takde beza. Why not you biarkan dalam 2 3 tahun until ur dividen can cover to settle the loan. That is why i tak berani ambil amount besar. I just take RM50K(20 years) but everymonth i top up my ASB A/C as a additional saving. If my own calculation is correct within 4 years i can settle the loan.

    How old are you? Got YM ID? mine is nazim_max. Add me then we can talk much. Haha.

  203. Berzhad says:

    Oh yer, kepada sesiapa yg mengambil loas ASB, untuk pengatahuan anda(yg tak tahu) BLR sekrang telah diturunkan dari 6.75 kepada 6.50.And i’ve been to Maybank to ensure whether my monthly payment or time period,which one is gonna be effected. Then the officer said that monthly payment is still same just the time period is gonna be reduce.Maybe from 20 years become 19 years.Sumthing like that lah.

  204. Hi Berzhad, aku 29 la… about you? Aku tak faham lah apa binatang YM ID ni? Cammana nak dapat id ni? Really embarassing man! I am not really good at this thing you see. Only good at kira duit aja lah macam you.

  205. Berzhad says:

    Conrad…YM tu binatang bulat2 berbulu lebat.Haha.
    YM tu Yahoo Messenger la dear. Ada tak? Or you got yahoo email?

    Sorry yer tumpang sekejap tuk berhubung dengan si Conrad nie kat ur blog.Hehe.

  206. Eh….you make me scared, at first lah. Sebab Conrad takut ulat bulu tau. Nasib baik dekat sini sekarang ni sedang menggigil- freezing lah – jadi ulat bulu semua beku. Thanks for letting me know the ral YM thing though. I thought it was Yang Mulia at first. I will install one if I can. By the way, does anyone know if the bank BBMB (not sure if it still exists because I have been away for sometime now), is doing ASB accounts?

    Secondly, I wonder apa binatang ASW dan ASD that Macamtau mentioned? It is said that one can transfer EPF money to one of those account. Which one? Either one?
    And that would prompt my next question. Doesn’t ASB account allow you to transfer my money from EPF as well? Or it doesn’t?

  207. salam, sy ade kmusyikaln ttg ASB n sy jga salah seorang pyimpan ASB… dgr2 ASB tiada potongan zakat..betul ker?

  208. hii…
    i’m new here..
    i would like 2 know where i can open new asb account…
    the nearest from putrajaya…

  209. I think the nearest is at Kajang town. There are a few banks there including Malayan Bank and the post office too. You can singgah makan satay after that. The old folks say kill two birds with one stone. Good luck

  210. Huh!!?..kill two birds with one stone? For what? Or izit peribahasa? Hehehe…
    Well…takkan kat Putrajaya takde bank or pos office. Sedehnyer…haiyoh very the memalukan. Izit??

  211. Ai…tak suka makan satay ke? relax la bang.Ha..ha Sorry la ..putrajaya yang conrad tau cuma ofis kerajaan aja. Mana kawan2 lain kat blog ni…tolong lah sikit kawan kita Hana ni..Cheers.

  212. Suka makan satay tapi keadaan yg mengizinkan. Kuah satay berkacang..pantang bagi kulit mukaku. Hahaha!!
    Of cos ada kat celah2 putrajaya tu bank2 and pos opis.
    Cik Hana boleh pusing2 putrajaya cari sampai jumpa. Kalau betul2 takde then u ask PM kita tu buat satu pos office kat situ. Satu cadangan yg baikkan Mr Conrad. Hehe!!

  213. Berzhad ni memang pandai la. Boleh jadi MP la lu beb. I will be the first person to second you on your proposal as the regards the post office in putrajaya. By the way muka berminyak kan baik dari muka yang kering. HA…HA.. Aku suka kuah satay lah. I wish I am in Kajang now!

  214. neo chin hong says:

    saya kaum chinese, berminat, lahir di malaysia, rakyat malaysia, bumiputera jugakan? boleh saya beli ASB

  215. Hello Mr Neo,
    So sorry dear, you cannot allowed for this unit trust. Yeah you are Warganegara but ur are not bumiputera.

    You try share trading at bursa lah…hehe..

  216. saya baru saja buat loan untuk biaya asb.rm100k..slama 20tahun..kpa 3tahun 1st 1.36% tahun berikutnya 1.30%.ada sesapa nak komen untung ruginya?sy sero bab asb loan ni…
    apa pulak kaitan bank negara dalam menentukan pinjaman ni?
    ada yg sudi membantu…atau email kat sy…

  217. sy da bkk akuan remaja 2taun lps..
    skg,bank mnx trnsfer ke akaun dwse..
    tp,mslhnye,bku akuan sy,da ilg..
    cmne nk renew akuan remaja ke akuan dwse tnpe bku tu??
    blh ke??

  218. conrad says:

    Not to worry Azie. Just go to any ASB outlet. Get your i/c handy. Tell them you have tried your utmost best to look for your lost book. They will issue you with a new book. Semuanya beres pak.

  219. Yup, pergi terus ke mana-mana ofis PNB, bagi tahu saja kat dia org. Rasa-rasanya kena penalti kot, saya pun tak sure.

  220. conrad says:

    There is no penalty (you only have to sign a certain declaration)but I think Nadlique, you are giving PNB a sublime idea for them to make a bit of money LOL.

  221. Berzhad says:

    Saya baru pergi ke PNB petang tadi kuarkan a few thousand tuk buka akaun Tabung Haji. Baru sekrang nak buka. Harapan jika izinkan tuhan, ingin menunaikan Haji. Amin.

    Tadi sempai lagi tanya, ASB tak tolak zakat. Tabung haji ada, so lepas nie sikit2 transfer ASB to tabung haji.

  222. Hana,

    PNB baru buka cawangan kat Putrajay. Ini alamat ofis:
    Amanah Saham Nasional Bhd
    Lot 27, Kompleks Perbadanan Putrajaya
    Presint 3, Putrajaya.
    No. Tel : 03-88904880

    Neo Chin Hong,

    ASB memang u tak boleh nak beli. Tapi ada unit trust yg dikendalikan oleh PNB/ASNB yg u boleh beli. As for me,I think this is the best/right time to buy unit trust because the price is low. For your info, for the past few years, the record shown of returns(incomes distributor or also known as dividend) is very competitive to the market. Also, PNB/ASNB never miss to pay the dividend every year (depends on the financial year-end for the product/scheme) to all the investors.


    ada kerja sikit yg u kena buat utk replace the lost passbook. first, u kena ambik borang BS 1B kat mana2 branch or ejen bank (itu pun kalau ejen ada borang tu). then, u lekat setem hasil RM 10.00 (u boleh beli kat pejabat pos or LHDN) dan bawa borang tu ke Pesuruhjaya Sumpah (Commisioner for Oaths) untuk ‘matikan’ setem hasil tu dan cop di ruangan yg telah disediakan (for pengesahan). Selepas tu, bawa balik ke mana2 branch office (NOT AGENT BANK-MBB,RHB,CIMB or POST OFFICE) dan u kena bayar penalti sebanyak RM 10.00. Don’t forget to bring ur IC and/or Birth Cert. (if applicable – mane ler tau masa bukak akaun dulu, guna no. birth cert.)

    p/s : Azie, kalau u kat KL, i suggest u direct go the ASNB, Main Counter at Jalan Tun Razak. Kat Main Counter tu, ada Pesuruhjaya Sumpah dan setem hasil, so jimat masa n tenaga u…

  223. conrad,

    penalty for damage or lost or missed place the passbook tu, actually dah lama ler dikenakan oleh PNB kecuali kalau passbook tu ruangan urusniaga dah penuh, baru ler F.O.C…

  224. conrad says:

    I am very happy for you Berzhad. I hope your good intention will come true. Tell me more about this money for the tabung haji thing because me too would like to ‘naik aji’ la, God willing. But why must you transfer all your hulus to tabung haji. Does it give you more interest? or is there another reason?


    Saya kehilangan buku akaun ASB. Bolehkah saya memperbaharui buku di mana-mana ejen ASB seperti MAYBANK atau PEJABAT POS kerana pejabat ASB terlalu jauh dari tempat tinggal saya

  226. tentu boleh aja pak.

  227. Zaki,

    Bagi kes kehilangan buku, u kena pegi mana2 pejabat ASNB yang berdekatan. Tak boleh pegi ke mana2 ejen ASNB. Btw, u kat mana?

  228. Lain kali, jaga baik-baik buku tu. Letak satu tempat πŸ˜‰

  229. Malang tak berbau…

  230. Saya gurau je tu πŸ˜›

  231. sama ler dgn sya pun gurau jer…

    p/s : teringat pulak kejadian yg berlaku pd sendiri.. letak semua buku akaun dlm satu tempat. suddenly hilang.. sehari suntuk mengurus semua buku akaun..kikikiiii

  232. salam..

    sy dan suami dah lama nak bukak asb tp x start2 lg. asd dah buka utk anak2.

    mmg terpanggil nak buka acc, tu yg surf internet.tup2 jumpa blog ni!

    just nak cari info:
    1. ASD skrg boleh tambah pelaburan x? maksud sy perlu ke tunggu ada unit availabe?
    2. What abt ASB? Kena tunggu ada unit atau boleh buka anytime?N, kalau buka d post office kena q panjang tak? πŸ™‚

    anybody have any answer pls reply yer..tq so much

  233. fid,

    1. rasa2nya ASD masih blh tambah pelaburan sbb dana/unit masih ada lg. kalu nak pasti lg, blh terus pegi ke ejen or HQ ASNB. ada lg 1 alternatif lain.. klu ASD tak der unit available, blh buka akaun ASW 2020. lebih kurang sama mcm ASD jugak.

    2. klu ASB, anytime blh buka. tak perlu nak tunggu ada unit ker tak. q panjang? itu x sure pulak sbb kena tgk hari tu ramai customer ker tak.

  234. Robert yeo Meng Kwang says:

    Salam Sejahtera,

    Saya Robert Yeo Meng Kwang. boleh saya buka amanah saham bumiputera(ASB) sekiranya saya berketurunan Kadazan And name saya cina?

  235. askum…
    leh terangkn lebih detail x pasal sijil asb neh…still confius lagi..then bl pulak penggunaan sijil neh berkuat kuasa??

    sekarang neh timbul kekeliruan for my mum….hope xda papa yg berlaku 4 her asb saving la…

    actually diz problem started bila 1st time zy bank in cash 4 my mum acc…the prev bal 4 her acc is 4xx,xxx,xx…according 2 d latez update from cimb….system owez down…n my dad suggest g kat rhb…so wat la bank in kat sana…pas update tekejut gak tgk amoun dia jd 1xx,xxx,xx so nasib baik la time 2 my kazen 1 of d cimb officer ada…so terpaksa la wat correction 4 d figure..

    2nd time pun cam 2 gak…cimb system down….so decide g rhb gak….still mcm 2 gak…n a day b4 bank in…penyata pendaptn asb 4 my mum sampai n d figure pun x sama mcm yg ada dlm passbook….so leh x terangkn sikit sal penggunaan sijil neh…..

    so dlm beberapa hr neh still risau la sal hal ni…hari ni my kazen explain…about d sijil….sijil tu leh d keluarkan tanpa persetujuan kite ke????confius….without asking permision…

  236. tuk yg sedia membantu juz email sy @

  237. tq anis!

  238. erm, ejen ASNB = maybank, post office , betul ke? what abt other banks?kat mana yg x ramai customer?

    tq to those yg sudi jawab soalan basic ni..:) ..TQ

  239. Assalamualaikum

    Untuk Fid
    ASB tak perlu available ke tidak. Anytime boleh.
    Kalau pergi pejabat post mungkin long Q tapi kalau kat Bank biasanya ada special counter for ASB, kurang sikitkan Q nya kot.

  240. rasanya ejen maybank, RHB, CIMb & pejabat pos je.
    Setahu saya lah.

  241. tq wati..!

  242. Berzhad says:

    No body answering about Ms Zy problems or maybe they give the solution via email. But perhaps we can share it here. I also wondering about it.

    To conrad,
    Hi, how are you?..Hehe..

  243. Hi Berzhad, bonjour monseur, actually I was thinking of you too. Wonder what you’ve been up to? Aku busy lah kira duit!

    Untuk Zy, (after a long struggle trying to decypher your message) I would say sijil ASb tu, berkuatkuasa dari tarikh ianya dikeluarkan (date of issue). I think the bank has a big problem man! From 4xx,xxx,xxx becomes 1xx,xxx,xxx!! This is unbecoming of a bank. But don’t worry too much about the wrong figure as long as you are aware of it and quickly tell the bank about the mistake for them to make amend. They have to correct the book and issue another sijil if need be. You have all the proof that you did bank in money up to 4xxx,xxx,xxx, so the bank can’t win in this case if they try to be funny. Actually yr mum can even sue the bank for the mistake and get some compensation for all the trouble caused. The court normally will give an examplary damages (it means just a small sum to punish the bank for the mistake; so that they make sure it won’t happen again to you and to others too).

  244. Berzhad says:

    Busy kira duit Conrad?..Alangkah bagusnya jika itu duit kitakan.

  245. 2 berzhad….what happen now is worst 4 our family…exsp 4 my mum…..u know d answr actully…100% right….

  246. act d sijil is not exist….

  247. Berzhad says:


    What you mean by 100% right?..And then the sijil does not exist?..

    Better you clarify with the PNB…bring also any doc or proof that can support ur side. Cerita dari A sampai Z kat orang tu. Kalau frontline tak faham…terus aje cakap nak jumpa manager.

    Check the a/c whether got any transactions had been done b4.

    Kalau berlaku pada saya…harus saya bakar semua bank2 yg terlibat.

  248. 4 berzhad…let discuss it personally….need ur help…juz email me @

  249. G’day readers.

    May I direct you to this link here >>

    The person is asking about ASB’s syariah compliancy. Could be a start to an interesting discussion.

  250. conrad says:

    Hi Berzhad, bakar bank2 yg terlibat? Come on Berzhad…You’re the man. I am solidly behind you man! Teach those parasites the bloody lesson.

  251. salam…
    soalan :
    1)Saya ingin membuat loan utk asb sebanyak 100k. Tapi tak tahu bank mana yang paling baik dari segi interest.Ada sesiapa boleh tolong bagitahu?
    2)Saya keliru adakah asb merupakan pelaburan yang terbaik kepada saya sedangkan public mutual memberi pulangan yang lebih besar daripada asb. Public mutual juga telah memperolehi beberapa anugerah pelaburan yang terbaik.

  252. Referring to rumi, I wonder apa xxnatang ‘public mutual’ tu? Basically a financial institution is always judged by how much interest or dividend it is offering. One cannot be wrong on that one. Looks like you are full aware ‘public mutual’ is giving a bigger dividend than asb – this is news to me man! But if at all it is true, than you have answered the question yourself, that is, public mutual is better than asb. I am all for it but for now I don’t know what this thing ‘public mutual’ is? Good luck, dude. Wonder what Berzhad gonna make on this one? hehe

  253. @rumi

    1) I can’t really comment on number 1, simply because I don’t know. Anybody else who can assist, please do yeah?

    2) Public Mutual offers a diverse range of products, from low-risk to high-risk products. You can’t generally say Public Mutual is better because it offers higher returns. Remember, ASB is a low-risk product and your capital is pretty much preserved. With Public Mutual on the other hand (especially the high-risk ones), your capital is not guaranteed. Also, remember this, low-risk low-returns, high-risk high returns. I’m investing in Public Mutual myself and so far, my investment with them has fallen by 40%. Yes, in the long run, Public Mutual may offer me a higher return, but the risks are higher. Don’t be fooled by people telling you that Public Mutual is better than ASB. Always ask about the risks involved. So, is Public Mutual better than ASB? Well, it all comes down to your risk tolerance I guess. Also, for the past couple of years, generally, ASB investors are doing much better than Public Mutual investors.


    Public Mutual is a unit trust company Conrad. One of the largest in Malaysia. It is a subsidiary of Public Bank.

  254. Berzhad says:


    1) Bank mana yg menawarkan interest yg paling rendah, saya rasa lebih kurang sama sahaja. Sebagai contoh bagi Maybank, interest yg ditawarkan ialah BLR-1.5% bagi 2 tahun pertama, bagi tahun seterusnya ialah BLR-1.0%. Terkini Bank Negara telah mengisytiharkan BLR(Based Lending Rates)ialah 5.55% pada bulan Mac lepas. Adalah menjadi sedia maklum BLR akan sentiasa berubah bergantung kepada keadaan ekonomi negara yg diputuskan oleh Bank Negara.

    So,bank mana yg menawarkan interest paling rendah bolehlah pergi ke bank2 yg menjadi agent seperti Maybank,CIMB,RHB.Ada lagi tak?.Bagi peminat Public Bank, dukacita dimaklumkan sebab Public Bank tak join loan2 ASB nie. Kalau ada, dah tentu saya buat loan kat Public Bank. Mana lah tahu dapat Interest rates rendah untuk Staff. Hehe..

    Tapi kene fikir juga buat loan ASB yg melibatkan amount yg besar. Ermm…kalau kira2 banyak bank makan keuntungan. Lagi2 sesapa yg mengikat selama 20tahun. Lagi kenyang bank makan keuntungan peminjam.

    Sampai hati cakap Public Mutual tu merupakan satu **natang. Itu bukan binatang lah sayang oii…itu Unit Trust. Bak kata Nadlique, one of the largest unit trust in Malaysia.Bangga sekejap jadi staff public bank. Huhu.

  255. @berzhad.Alamak! Public bank punya ke? Itu aku punye bank waktu dulu. Sorry lah! Now I know ler.

  256. Berzhad says:

    Chit!!Podah!!..hehe.If previous one is Public Bank then how about now? Where are you ‘kira duit’?

  257. eh….itu masa jepun dulu lah bang……sekarang kira duit aku lah…..taukeh kaya ler beb….

  258. Ok…
    Terima kasih kepada Berzhad, conrad dan nadlique diatas nasihat , pandangan dan pendapat anda semua.

  259. salam
    sy nak tanya, sekarang ni semua sebuk tentang pelaburan ASM dan ASW2020, soalan sy.

    1. Adakah pelaburan ini sama dengan pelaburan ASB
    2. Adakah pelaburan ASM dan ASW2020 boleh di buat di bank yg telah disediakan atau kita perlu pergi ke Pejabat Pemodalan Nasional berhad (PNB), dan adakah pelaburan ini bolh dibuat pada bila masa bagi kalangan bumiputera. sekian….tolg balas segera, tq

  260. pijal80k says:

    hai, saya nak bertanya sedikit mengenai info ASW2020…
    maaf saya lari tajuk korang yer? i nak bantuan info dari kawan2 semua:-
    (a) RM2 bilion unit ASW2020 ditawarkan kepada
    Bumiputera (51%)
    Bukan Bumiputera (49%)
    (b) Maksimum pembelian unit per individu 20,000 unit

    Soalan saya,
    (a) Berapa pecahan mengikut kaum contohnya INDIA,
    MELAYU dan CINA?
    (b) Adakah kerajaan akan memberikan sebahagian dari
    51% Saham untuk bumiputera kepada bukan bumiputera?
    (c) Kalau YA, berapa jumlahnya?
    (d) Apakah isu-isu yang dijangka menjadi perbualan
    rakyat berhubung penerbitan saham ASB dan ASW2020
    pada tahun ini?
    (e) Bagaimana agaknya reaksi rakyat sekiranya saham
    bahagian Bumiputera dijual kepada bukan bumiputera?

    Kalau nadlique dapat menjawab dengan ringkas persoalan saya amat dihargai..

    insan yang pening..

  261. assalamualaikum,

    saya nak bertanya skit ttg asb…klau saya umur 17 taun skunk blh x masuk…dan saya sbnrnyer baru nak tahu ttg saham nie..blh tak abg citer skit …asb nie saham yang berunit ke??macam nana pengurusan dan cara nak lakukannya..asb sama tak dngn sspn????

  262. SALAM…

  263. Assalamualaikum

    5east, umur 17 tahun meminjam untuk melabur di asb belum boleh lagu, tapi awak boleh membuka akaun asb dengan permulaan RM 10.00 sekurang-kurangnya.
    Boleh pegi Pej pos, maybank, cimb atau rhb bank.

    maybank, cimb & rhb sedang buat promosi untuk pinjaman asb. Memang bagus meminjam sekarang ni sebab kadar faedah rendah, jadi bayaran balik pun rendah juga.

  264. Norah says:

    Saya telah menyimpan di ASB dalam bentuk buku dengan jumlah yg maksimum.Saya masih ada lagi wang tunai di tangan sebanyak RM setengah juta lagi. Dimana boleh saya menyimpannya yang lagi setengah juta RM itu?…(maksud saya dalam ASB) .Terima Kasih

  265. sidekick says:

    Hello Nora. If your husband is trustworthy, then you can put the money in his account. Children below 12-18 years max investment is 10k. 200k after they reach 18. If above statement doesnt apply you next would be Amanah Saham Wawasan 2020. High risk high return would be Unit trust.

  266. shahrulnizam says:

    i need to know tht ASB is governed under what law. how do i know the dividen and bonus for previous years declared by ASB

  267. rasidatul qudus says:

    saya cuma nak check akaun saya sb saya dpt surat tenyang pembayaran yg tetunggak jadi saya mintak tuan/puan lanjutkan pembayaran tetunggak saya selama 3 hari dari 26.6.09 to asb

  268. Hi, which one is better, 100k loan for 20 year period of time or 50k within 10 year?.To me, i love to settle thing fast and just let the money growth by itself after that 10years,with no worry for the repayment…

    Bank dah panggil pg sain for 100K loan, so ada concern sikt la..can i still reduce the amount applied?

  269. Berzhad says:

    Hi Pahoren.

    If i, i will choose 50K for 10 years.

    You still can cancel and apply/request for new amount as long as you havent sign for the Letter Offer.

    Think before sign and choose which the best for you.

    Happy Invest!!

  270. Mr Nadlique, im 21 years old, and just eager to be a financial free by 30…as i am a unit trust consultant, would you mind if i know which company you are investing for unit trust please?thanks πŸ˜‰

  271. owh… with CIMB WEALTH ADVISOR…thinking of diversifying your income? πŸ˜‰ let me know…hehehe

    • I’m done with topping up my unit trust for now. However, if I do decide to ‘diversify’ further, I’ll let you know πŸ˜€

      Where are you based at?

  272. yello….mind if im asking, even though it sound a wee bit silly, but is PNB owned by the Malaysian government?hahaha…is that why they could only gives 7-8% of dividend as the money flow from ASB to PNB than to the government?

  273. fuad lubuk merbau says:

    PNB nak jualkan kuota saham asm/asw kepada bukan bumiputra. rasanya ramai kaum bumiputra yang belum meamahami sepenuhnya kaedah, maksud dan syarat-syrat pelaburan asm/ asw. pnb sepatutnya adakan promosi berterusan. terangkanlah kepada bumiputra ini yak cuma umumkan jer…

  274. fuad lubuk merbau says:

    rugilah wahai bangsaku…. pas dan umno patut bekerjasama bantu cara nak bangunkan bangsa melayu.. di sebabkan perbalahan politik, ramai bangsa kita yang tak tahu melabur.. kuota saham asm bumiputra belum di penuhi..lambat laun kaum lain yang menguasainya….

  275. Berzhad says:

    Sejauh mana PNB betul2 ingin membantu bangsa melayu. Keuntungan yang diperolehi berbilion2 ringgit setiap tahun,pengagihan kepada pelabur hanya sedikit sahaja.

    Lihat dan kaji statistik pengagihan dividen (Contoh: ASB)kepada pelabur dari tahun 1990-2008 dan bandingkan. Begitu ketara perubahannya.

    Kemana hilangkan keyakinan bangsa melayu terhadap PNB jika tidak PNB sendiri. Bila hilang keyakinan,kuota saham tidak dapat dipenuhi oleh bangsa melayu akibat tiada duit,maka terpaksalah dijual kepada bangsa bukan bumiputra demi mengaut keuntungan sesetangah pihak sahaja.

    Kalau betul PNB memperjuangkan kewangan orang bumiputra,hal sedemikian tidak akan terjadi. Apa pun semuanya terletak kepada tangan orang yg menerajui PNB sekarang. Siapakah dia?. Tanya2 lah orang.

    Alasan kegawatan ekonomi menyebabkan dividen berkurang sememangnya tidak boleh dipakai. Setiap tahun PNB mencatat keuntungan. Kemana semua keuntungan itu? Dan tidak mustahil jika tahun ini dividen lebih rendah dari tahun lepas dengan alasan ‘ekonomi meleset’.

    Bukan tidak bersyukur dengan apa yg ada, cuma anda berhak mendapat lebih daripada itu.

    Fikir-fikirkan lah.Apa pun,menyimpan/melabur adalah satu perkara yg bagus dan digalakan.Agama kita juga mengajar kita untuk menyimpan.


  276. Hello, I`ve just found this website while look forward regarding PNB London..
    Feeling lucky to say here, I am financially free.
    But as what Fahee said, it must followed by sacrifice.
    For Berzhad, the comment that you have posted on 17th July,I might forward it to the top management of the PNB for their further explanation.
    Let`s pray he will give a good answer.
    No doubt, we have the rights to know the answer.

  277. boleh terangkan kepada saya cara2 nk buat asb dan faedahnya?

    • @iema

      Senang je ASB ni. Pergi dekat pejabat Permodalan Nasional Berhad (PNB), cakap nak buka akaun ASB. Faedahnya? ASB ni sejenis pelaburan. Letak duit dalam tu, setiap tahun akan dapat dividen. Kalau fikir pasal risiko, ASB ni boleh dikatakan agak selamat lah.

  278. saye nk buat buku ke dua simpanan asb sebab saya akaun pertama suami saye yang masukan jadi saye x nk dia tau simpann saye sendiri adakah saya ble mebuka akaun lagi utk peribadi.

    • @niza

      Akaun pertama tu atas nama siapa? Kalau atas nama niza, saya rasa memang dah tak boleh dah ada akaun kedua. Tapi, kalau akaun pertama tu atas nama suami, memang boleh lah buka akaun atas nama niza sendiri.

  279. Pelabur Kecewa says:

    Semalam 19 Oktober 2009 harga ASN 0.7687, Hari Ini 20 Oktober 2009 Harga ASN 0.7687, Semalam Indeks Komposit BSKL dalam keadaan yang memberangsangkan, tetapi harga ASN langsung tidak berubah walaupun 0.0001 sen ataupun menurun sebanyak -0.0001, apakah pekerja atau pengarah-pengarah PNB tidak tahu mengira, atau apa yang dilakukan ini bertujuan menipu orang kampong atau bangsa sendiri. Kepada yang ada di atas tu berikanlah jawatan anda kepada mereka yang lebih layak. Bersamalah kita nantikan dividen Amanah Saham Nasional tahun ini dengan alasan-alasan yang sama setiap tahun. – Pelabur Kecewa

  280. hai ..
    saya ada soalan
    1,klu kita nak stop byr loan asb tu macam mana?
    2,duit yg kita dah bayar tu boleh dapat balik tak?

  281. assalamualaikum,
    mr nadlique,

    i plan to invest with the max amount(200k) by loan,,but i guest i’ll just pay the monthly installment for the 1st year and the following year using the divident itself..bcause i’m still on study..and there are some over inflow of my scholarship;it’s better to be invested right?..about 4/5 yrs later i plan to use my salary to regrow the investment ;in case i got to be an MO..hehe

    thanks for your attention

  282. sorry,there’s no Q on the prev. can you evaluate the risk of my investment plan,,is it too risky??

  283. Hello to all…i had asked about the ASB’s MAX. investment limit on 18th Nov 2008. NO ANSWER TO DATE! Is it RM250,000 or RM400,000? How long does it take to get a simple answer on the matter. To anyone who answers, thanks.


  284. MAX still rm200k. Tapi boleh lebih jika ditambah dengan dividen. Kalu dividen tu dikuarkan, still boleh masuk lagi.

    cth: basic rm200k. dividen 7% = rm14k. So total rm214k. Kalau rm14k dividen dikeluarkan, kita boleh masukkan semula wang sebanyak 14k since max baru kita ialah rm214k.

  285. Mohd Fadzlan says:

    Hurm. ASB n Unit Trusts. A nice combination. Well, my father and I talked about this few weeks back. I am sure someone if not everyone knows about this. What if we had RM200k in our bank account? One way that is not too risky is by putting it in ASB for RM200k. Then, using the certificate or passbook, requests Over Draft(OD) from any bank and invest it in unit trusts such as Public Ittikal. By doing this, you can get dividends from ASB plus your investment returns from the unit trusts. To pay the charges for OD, correct me if I’m wrong, the interest is lower than dividends from the ASB. That should give us passive income a little bit. Then, focus on the unit trusts by changing it to bond and equity depending on the market situation in getting higher returns. Anyone who would like to add something?

    Side notes: I’d love to invest in ASB a long time ago BUT sadly it ain’t Syariah Approved yet. Dang!

  286. salam.saya baru aje masuk rm6500 ke dalam asb bulan november.yg ni duit mcm mana kiraan dividen ye

  287. Do u think this year ASB divident (2009) much more higher than last year (2008). Thank u

  288. Mohd Fadzlan says:

    to helida,

    try this. it might be helpful.

    dividen utk ASB akan dikira pd baki terendah setiap bulan. monthly basis la in other words.

  289. salam..saya nak tanya..mana lebih untung..ASB ke ASN..?

  290. brpe kdr bunga ASB thn nie?

  291. Ok, if I got RM5,000 should I invest in unit trust or should I just keep in my ASB? Anyone can advise which is the better road to take?

  292. Salam and hi,
    I was wondering if you could help me clear up some matters regarding ASB for me. My problem is, I opened a Maybank account on 2008 along with ASB/N loan account for 15,000 units. I have to pay RM169 per month for the next 10 years. In return, I will receive RM20,000 after 10 years and i can only taken out the money after I finish paying RM15k. However, I now want to open a normal ASB account where we can deposit our money whenever and whatever amount you want and draw out whenever we need them.

    My question is, in my case, how do I open a new ASB account? Do I have to wait 10 years to do that?

    Hope to hear from you soon and thanks in advance.

  293. blh x kalaw sy nk cek balance asb dkt pej post gune no ic shj tanpa buku akaun??

  294. dear NALIQUE , i have a question , how investment saving in ASB account will help student doing their future continuing studying,can u explain to me cauz for now on im still study ( graduate student ) and how come saving money ASB account will help managing money for student as me cauz got ptptn a loan and manage the ptptn money so properly for the next future , plez sir can u explain to me , i hope can get your answer as soon as possible , THANK YOU

  295. Hai…i’m foreigner from indonesia..i was worked in malaysia pass 3 years..i love this country so much,my BF was have pelaburan ASB i observed the benefit it was question is could i apply for ASB pelaburan?HOW’S the requirement for foreigner if we want to joint?is it posibble?thanks

  296. bagaimana nak check nombor akaun asn/asb. Saya kehilangan buku tersebuk sejak 1985 lagi dan saya telah berpindah ke tempat kerja lain

  297. hello there….
    sy nak tanya,saya ada buat simpanan asb since 5 years ago..opening bal just rm50…n saya xpernah update pun buku tu..nak tanya adakah akaun sy akan di tutup…

  298. I want to transfer $200k from my ASB account to my son’s ASB account. We both opened our accounts in KL. We intend to make this transfer transaction at Maybank or Cimb in Sabah. And I am coming all the way from KL to Sabah to do this. Can this be done at one transfer? Or is there a limit that I can transfer or withdraw from my account? Pls help because if I fly over to Sabah and there is a limit to the amount I can transfer, then it would defeat the purpose coming all the way to Sabah.

  299. George says:

    My wife is a Bumiputera and this year she has deposited RM200,000 into Skim Amanah Saham Bumiputera account.. The question is can she then open another account for example (Amanah Saham Malaysia) and commence depositing money into that account..

  300. Thank you Nadlique for sharing this.
    I am very impressed with your vision and determination towards achieving financial freedom. Good luck to you. πŸ™‚


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