ASB Rates for Previous Years

As requested by Shirley, here are the ASB Dividend rates and the bonus rates for previous years.

Year Dividend(%) Bonus(%)
1990     8.0                 6.0
1991     8.5                 4.0
1992     7.5                 5.0
1993     9.0                 4.5
1994     9.5                 4.5
1995     10.0               3.0
1996     10.25             3.0
1997     10.25             1.25
1998     8.0                 2.5
1999     10.50             1.5
2000    9.75                 2.0
2001     7.0                 3.0
2002     7.0                 2.0
2003     7.25                 2.0
2004     7.25                 2.0
2005     7.25                 2.0
2006     7.20                 1.5
2007     7.30                 1.25

(Source: From all over the World Wide Web)

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  1. Please show the calculation after subtracting the zakat.
    What is the real balance for ASB?? according to the Syariah Law.

  2. Zakat? I don’t think ASB pays zakat on your behalf.

    The real balance = dividends and bonus from ASB minus your zakat rate.

    I’m sure it is easy to calculate zakat. There are also zakat brochures on how to calculate zakat, available at most pusat pungutan zakat.

  3. Lai Shien Nang says:

    Hi, thanks for your research in ASB. As a non-bumi in Malaysia, I am not allowed to invest this fund. However, we can invest in the stock ASB invest in. Do you have a list that ASB is the 30 largest share holder?
    From there, we can scale down to set up our port folio.


  4. Hello there. I think they do list the top 10 stocks that they invest in, in their prospectus. Other than that, I’m not too sure. Perhaps you can contact PNB directly?

  5. Lai Shien Nang says:

    where can I get the prospectus and what is PNB website?

    Thank you.

  6. About the zakat thingy mentioned by lis, i’ve had a chat with an ustaz sometime ago about the matter. I personally asked him about the ‘halal’ness of ASB and about the zakat matter.

    His response was most encouraging, he said ASB is halal, and actually zakat does not have to be paid since the money, when we gave it to PNB via ASB, are not with us.

    I gave it some thought and yeah in some ways I do agree with the fella. I mean let say if we give (read invest) our money to some guy to help him set up his business, and later agree upon some profit sharing mechanisms later on – why do we need to pay zakat for the invested money – we don’t even have the money with us. In my opinion, if we do have the money – only then are we obligated to pay.

    Nevertheless – I am still going to pay the zakat for my ASB as is done by my dad with his ASB. Better be safe than sorry 😛

  7. @Lai Shien Nang

    Prospectus can be obtained from their offices and the website is


    Hi there ikanez! 🙂

    Interesting perspective.

    However, I don’t really agree with that. There are many types of zakat as far as I know. Zakat Pendapatan, Zakat Simpanan, Zakat Pelaburan, and etc. ASB is bound to be categorised under one of these.

    I also don’t agree with the argument that “if we don’t have the money with us, then we are not required to pay zakat”. Think about it this way, if I have 1 million ringgit, and I put it all in the bank, theoretically, the money is not with me. Does that mean I don’t have to pay zakat on that 1 million? No. I still need to pay zakat.

    With regards to the profits derived from the business, you are in fact getting income from that (passive income perhaps) or even, you could consider that as a return from investment. To me, zakat is required in that circumstance.

    Anyway, zakat is only 2%. It’s not that much anyway. So, to me, whatever assets and profits that you’ve got, just pay zakat. Biar bayar lebih takpe, jangan kurang. Afterall, it is said in the Quran, the more you give, the more you get back.

    Just a note though. I’m not an expert in Islam, so please don’t quote me. Wallahuallam.

  8. there’s many types of Zakat eh? the ones I know of are only Zakat fitrah and Zakat harta..never heard of Zakat Pelaburan before..

    In any case you said, bayar lebih takpe..:)

  9. Yup, there are many types of zakat. Some of them are:

    1. Zakat Pendapatan
    2. Zakat Wang Simpanan
    3. Zakat Perniagaan
    4. Zakat Emas
    5. Zakat Perak
    6. Zakat Saham
    7. Zakat KWSP
    8. Zakat Padi

  10. by any chance, do you have any idea of how many percentage of interst earned for 2008 would be? any indicative rate? Considering financial crisis this yr, i guess ASB isnt affected much. Pls correct me if im wrong . Thks

  11. i setuju dengan nadliq regarding the zakat. Walaupun duit tu bukan ditangan kita tapi baki terendah wang ASB bagi tahun tersebut yang cukup haul(setahun disimpan)mestilah dizakatkan 2.5% dari amaun tersebut.Itu adalah hak fakir miskin.Jika semua orang islam tunaikan kewajipan rukun islam ini,insyaallah kita tak kan terjebak dalam financial crisis macam sekarang ni.Lagi pun tak rugi apa sebab kita boleh tolak dengan income tax.Anyway,dividen asb tahun ni 7% dan bonus 1.75%.Alhamdulillah,ok jugak.

  12. Salam,nak tambah yang zakat asb falls under zakat simpanan sebab wangnya boleh dikeluarkan bila-bila masa.

  13. Assalamualaikom. I was in short briefing yesterday about the sijil asb dalam OD. Menarik tapi I’m in hurry and unable to capture all information. Can anyone share whether it is benefited me? Thanking you inadvance.

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