Calculating ASB Dividends & Bonus

Oh my goodness, the dividend rate and bonus rate for your ASB investment is so-and-so percent! That’s great! So… What does it mean actually? How much are you actually getting? How do you calculate that?

Alright, two of the main components of returns from Amanah Saham Bumiputera (ASB) are the DIVIDENDS and the so called BONUS. Always, Permodalan Nasional Berhad (PNB), will release announcements of the dividend and bonus rates in the media towards the end of the year. Remember that the rates are annual rates. Now, let’s learn on how to ACTUALLY make sense of these rates.

Calculating Dividend

The formula is:
Annual Dividend Rate/12 Months X Average monthly balance for the year


Say, Dividend rate = 10%, Average monthly balance for the year= RM10,000
So, (10% / 12) X RM10,000 = RM83.33

Take note that the RM83.33 is the monthly dividends. The annual dividend would then be approximately RM999.96.

N.B. = The actual dividends received might differ to a certain degree.

Calculating Bonus

The formula is:
Annual Bonus Rate/12 Months X Average monthly balance for the past 10 years


Say, Bonus Rate = 1%, Average monthly balance for the past 10 years= RM5,000
So, (1%/12) X RM5,000 = RM4.17

Take note that the RM4.16 is the monthly bonus. The annual bonus for that year should be around RM50.04.

N.B. = The actual bonus received might differ to a certain degree.

Total ASB Returns

The formula is:

Dividends + Bonus

Say, for that year, dividends = RM999.96, bonus= RM50.04
So, total returns = RM999.96 + RM50.04 = RM1,050.00

Calculating Average Monthly Balance

If you were wondering how to calculate the monthly balance, say:

Jan= RM10,000
Feb= RM8,000
Mar= RM12,000
Apr= RM13,000
May= RM7,000
Jun= RM9,000
Jul= RM11,000
Aug= RM10,000
Sep= RM10,000
Oct= RM12,000
Nov= RM8,000
Dec= RM10,000

Add them all up and divide by 12, you’ll get the average monthly balance of RM10,000.

P.S. If you think that these calculation methods are wrong, do share in the comments’ section below. Cheers everyone.

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  1. halina elo says:

    can i check my acconut from online?
    How much diveden we hav ethis year?


  2. I don’t think it’s possible to check your ASB account online as of now.

    Dividend for the year ended 31st december 2007 was 8% dividend, 1% bonus.

  3. Do you know where to see the past performance for ASB since launched? From those online prospectus, the latest I found is until year 2003 only. Are there any sites keeping track of the ASB past perfomance?

  4. Hi there Jannie.

    ASB’s past performance is actually on my blog.

    Click here “ASB rates for previous years”.

    Thanks 🙂

  5. Thanks for info, it’s so useful in justifying my investment in ASB and private company’s unit trusts. Anyway, by any chance that you know where to find the latest PNB Master Prospectus from the web? I always find it troublesome look for it from the bank’s counter. I wish I have a digital copy so that I can read it whenever I need to.

  6. Hi Nadlique,

    How to calculate the monthly average balance for ASB.

    I heard some says it calculated between 8th to 28th of every month .

  7. wow nice..after i read this blog im sure i will make an investment through ASB….erm actually i need to know…10 yers before i already apoen account for ASB. Until now i never make a fund through it.So my question is,ether need for me to go to nearst branch to ask status for my asb account.And for whom i need to meet,to described my question about my account status.

  8. Hi there alyco,

    I highly doubt that your ASB account will get suspended even after 10 years.

    I think, you just have to go to the PNB building or any PNB offices or any banks that provide PNB related services, and just put in some money towards your ASB investment, and you’re all set! 🙂

  9. babart says:

    hi nadlique,

    juz wanna ask,is there any effect if i withdraw all my money in asb,and put it back in time before the dividend payout,meaning before the end of that year?will i receive the dividend according to my final balance or what?
    thank you..

  10. hi nadlique,
    i wonder if you can give me an information on what date in december do they not accept either withdrawals or investing in money. I am coming back to Malaysia on 13th of December 2008.I wish to withdraw some money from my account for my expenses at home.I wonder if any bank or post office is open for transaction on sat turday.
    I must say yr corner has been very helpful and I applaud you for yr great works.You one malaysian who go all the way to help others.Keep the good work.

  11. @babart

    I think it is still based on “baki purata tahunan”. So, if you withdraw your money and put it back right before the dividend payout, then you’ll get less lah.


    Hi floe! 🙂

    I just asked my mum (who is a big fan of ASB by the way. haha), she said you won’t be able to carry out any transactions around 2 weeks before the dividend payout. So, if the 31st December is the payout date, then starting from the 15th, no transactions shall be allowed.

    I don’t think banks and post offices are open on Saturdays.

  12. hi! nadlique,

    normally, suspended date for ASB is started around 15 or 16 or 17 or 18 December until end of the year.

  13. Hai nad,for your information,post-offices in Malaysia are open on Saturday except the first Saturday of the month.So, all ASB transaction can be done on that day.

  14. hi! Nadlique n Fadz..

    For info, actually, No TRANSACTION can be done on Saturday although post-offices are open on that day.

  15. just wonder about the bonus part.
    i’m not clear how to determine the units entitled for bonus. kindly explain the bonus part in detail.
    thanks in advance.

  16. beelunn says:

    Hi nadlique,

    can u tell me why the bonus are calculated based on the average monthly balance for the past 10 years?

    So before i reach to my tenth year,i don’t get to have any bonus is it?

    Thanx lots!

  17. Why is it calculated like that? You’ve got to ask PNB about that really.

    If I’m not mistaken, you will still get the bonus even if you have not been investing for the past 10 years. So, if you’ve been investing for the past 5 years for example, then it’ll be average balance for the past 5 years. I may be wrong about this though.

    Somebody else out there who might know better, please share your thoughts. Cheers.

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