A couple of days ago, I went to IKEA Australia for the first time. The only IKEA in Queensland mind you and 1 of 3 in Australia. Can you believe it? Such a huge country but only 3 IKEAs.

As usual, IKEA never ceases to amaze me. It was like a trip to a theme park for me. Hehe. Imagination runs wild. “Ooooh, I want my bedroom like that!” and “That’ll be my home office in the future” and “One day, I’m going to bring 20 thousand dollars to this place and shop till I drop.”

What I did first was browsing around the place for a while (a while means an hour plus I think), then had lunch at the IKEA restaurant. My first ever meal in IKEA and I have to say, I was pretty impressed.

This is what I ate. Fish & Chips that cost me AUD5.50 and soft drinks in a wine glass (free refills by the way) that cost AUD1.50.

IKEA Fish & Chips

Now compare the actual food and the advertised picture below. Finally, a truthful advertisement!

F&C Ad

After lounging around the restaurant for about 30 minutes or so, the shopping continues.

Want to know what I bought? A wooden chopping board and an IKEA’s cook’s knife. Finally, my dream has come true 😛

Wooden Chopping Board

IKEA Knife

Really though, I had wanted my own proper cook’s knife (not the cheap one that I’m using right now, courtesy of my mum) and a wooden chopping board for so long now. I finally got it! Yay! Also, my partner decided to pay for them. As a belated birthday present. Haha. So, that’s an added plus.

Knife and chopping board in action. Cutting up limes:


After paying for the stuff, we thought, let’s get some ice cream! So, we did. Ice cream… and also a bar of chocolate 😉

AUD0.50 Ice-Cream

Ice cream

AUD1.00 Chocolate Bar. I liked the packaging.

IKEA choc

The delish surprise inside:


And off we went home.

Before I end this post, here’s a photo of IKEA.

IKEA front

Just a lil’ info. This was taken a day after. Yeah, I went to the place again! Hehe. This time, bought a quilt and quilt cover (not to forget, the fish & chips lunch). The quilt was AUD7.95 and the quilt cover was AUD8. Not bad I have to say.

To justify my mini shopping trip for that two days, here’s a quote for you that I came across at Borders Bookstore.

“For those who said money can’t buy happiness obviously haven’t tried shopping before.”


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