Market Day for 1st Semester 2008

A couple of days ago on Wednesday my university had this thing called The Market Day. On that day, clubs and associations showcased what they can offer to returning and new students this year. In other words, recruiting members.

It was also supposed to be a day for us students to hoard on freebies, gifts, craps, and etc. (then realised that we don’t need those stuff in the first place and threw them into the rubbish bin). Unfortunately, this year was rather disappointing. It was not as “happening” as the previous years!

Pirate on Wheels

Usually, the clubs and associations occupy the corridors surrounding the so-called The Great Court (a wide grassy area) and other booths that give out freebies were supposed to occupy the grassy area. This year, there were no booths in the grassy area at all! Have a look at the photos below. The event looked so shitty dull. I think it was two years ago, we even had a live gig! Now, that was something.

The closest we had to a live gig was the 8-men-marching band below.

In previous years, I used to go home with 6 bags full of useless freebies but this year, only 1 bag. And it wasn’t even full!

Also, always during the Market Day, I register for The Australian newspaper subscription. It only costs AUD20 (around RM60) and you get to pick up free newspapers every day of the week, except Saturday and Sunday, for one year. The weekend exception is because of the fact that they will deliver the newspaper to your house! So, that’s 6 days a week for say approximately 50 weeks. Total value is AUD1.20 (cost per edition) multiply by 6 days multiply by 50 weeks. So, around AUD360. Nothing beats that!

If only Malaysia can do something like that. An initiative to encourage the youths to read.

I flash the card below at the uni’s newsagent during the week and off I go with a copy of The Australian.

Anyway, look at the photo below. Recognise anything familiar?

Yeah folks, a Malaysian flag visible from a mile a way!! Here’s another one up close.

It was the Malaysian Student Association’s booth.

All in all, this year’s Market Day was a bloody disappointment. Dok rumah tidur lagi best.

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  1. At least we had free curry puffs for signing up for UQMSA! hehe >.<

  2. Yeah, that’s the first!

    Anyway, welcome to my blog Pumpy.

    How have you been doing?

  3. haha.. at least you’ve got some good deals lah.. eg the newspaper deal.. err.. what were the malaysian student association’s booth exhibiting?

  4. yeah, 20 dollars for the whole year! 😛

    the malaysian student’s booth was there to get new students and returning students register as members.

  5. Everyone,

    Latest news from Tune Money on unit trust.

    The best part from the article:

    Meanwhile, industry sources said Tune Money Capital could sell its unit trust products without upfront fees while the fund management fee might be lower than the current local market industry average of between 1% and 3% of the total net asset value of a fund.

    I’ll rather wait a few months rather than paying that bloody (a cliche already?) preposterous fees.

  6. Thanks for sharing Joe.

    It would be interesting to see how much they will be charging.

    Wait for a few months? I would wait for a few years first, considering it is such a new institution. Then only I can gauge on whether or not the fund managers and the company are competent.

    Anyway, a good addition to Malaysia’s unit trust industry.

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