The Richest Man in Babylon by George S. Clason

Title: The Richest Man in Babylon
Author: George S. Clason
ISBN: 0-451-20536-7
Number of pages: approximately 144 pages

This is another book that I’d categorise as a must-read. Even though the book was written a long time ago, started in 1926 as a series of informational pamphlets, the principles are useful and applicable today nonetheless.

Bear in mind though that the way this book is written, it may present as quite hard to understand due to the use of classic English (to a certain extent).

The author talks about a number of timeless principles on how to get rich through stories and parables of the ancient Babylon. Many of the ideas presented are amazingly simple, yet most of us are not aware of them, thus sealing our fate to be cursed with a financial disaster.

Rules such as making sure you PAY YOURSELF FIRST are extensively elaborated, thus potraying the importance of that particular idea to assist us in our journey towards financial freedom.

To me, when it comes to wanting to become financially free, you need to develop the mindset of being “selfish” (sort of) and PAY YOURSELF FIRST before paying others (telephone companies, electricity bills, income tax, and etc.).

Anyway, go ahead and get the book. Well worth your money.

Read the book, absorb the wisdom, and make a lot of notes.

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  1. elmie says:

    a’kum nadlique
    i’ve read this book myself and i have to say that its one of my fav books, albeit the classic language. if i am not mistaken, i’ve read somewhere that a ‘modern’ english version has been published..
    nadlique, i am very curious of something. at a young age – u started at 21 rite?-, what made you so interested in financial planning and financial freedom? what/when was the ‘tipping point’? i am 32 years old, and i only got serious about financial planning about 3 years ago, after getting myself into serious credit card debt problem.. learnt through the hard way you may say. but i am glad that i learnt my lesson anyway coz today, like yourself, i am on my way to financial freedom insya allah (my target is by 40 years old). it is admirable and inspiring to know that someone your age is already thinking and doing what you do now.
    btw, another fav book of mine is ‘secrets of millionaire mind’ by T. Harv Eker.. perhaps u’ve read it as well but if you hvn’t then i recommend you to read it.. Cheers!!

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