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8 Random Facts about Myself

I’ve been tagged by both Irdzra and Cikgu Azleen. Thanks guys! Both tags are pretty similar, which is to list out 8 facts about myself, so I’m going to group them together here.

Here are 8 facts about me:

1. Finds Luna Lovegood in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix extraordinarily charming 😀

2. Am not enjoying university one bit. By university, I mean my academic life. Apart from uni, I’m actually enjoying my life.

3. Pretty obsessed with books. I’ve got a few thousand books here with me at the moment. And… no… Haven’t read all of them yet 😛

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Updates on the Public Asia Ittikal Fund (PAIF) Syariah Compliancy Issue

About a couple of weeks back, I wrote an entry about Public Asia Ittikal Fund’s (PAIF) syariah compliancy status. Read about it here.

I did get a response from a unit trust agent a few days after that.

Here’s the excerpt:

“Our investments are looked at by the Securities Commission. Any investment that is not compliant to syariah based, can [be] penalised by the Securities Commission. The Trustee for PAIF, if I am not mistaken, is CIMB.

Public Mutual cannot make an error like that as it would jeopardise the good name of the company and the trust that many Muslim investors have in Public Mutual.”

My response:

Unfortunately, that doesn’t really answer my question.

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