Exclusive: Sufiah Yusof’s (Shilpa Lee) Shocking Interview

In addition to my previous article “Sufiah Yusof became a prostitute. Sufiah Yusof menjadi pelacur“, I found this interview with Sufiah Yusof (Shilpa Lee) on the “News of the World” website.

The full interview is located here:

News of the World

Seems like she is aware of what she’s doing and she seems to be enjoying her current career!

Some quotes from the interview:

“I have men who are thrilled about my passion for mathematics. In fact one made me recite equations while he pleasured me, then I gave him oral sex while he chatted about algebra. It drove him wild.” -Shilpa Lee-

“I’ve always had a high sex drive—and now I’m getting all the sex I want—and guys are much better in bed with an escort than a girlfriend.” -Shilpa Lee-

“I have studied so intensely for so many years I wanted to have fun,” -Shilpa Lee-

“My escort work provides me with a fabulous life.” -Shilpa Lee-


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  1. Dear Sufiah, your revelation really shock the world especially the world of Islam. i don’t really know what’s going on in your life but whatever it is you should at least consider the pride of Islam. Please go back to the teaching of Islam as it will lead you to a more peaceful life. Yes, may be you are satisfied with you have now, but have you ever ask yourself how long it will last? 4 years, 5 years…. 20 years? If you think your life before this was terrible enough, they are many people out there that suffered even more… If you think being a hooker as an escapism, you are SO WRONG!!!!! You are not escaping from your horrible pasts but you are too creating even worse future for yourself. Do think about this… Assalamualikum

    A Muslim who concerns…..

  2. sufiah, please don’t listen to this islamic brain washer. you follow your own path, choose your own life and make your own decisions.

    you don’t need islam.

    its ironic isn’t it that muslims think you are the problem, but not your paedophile father?

    mohammed was a paedophile so i suppose to muslims your fathers behaviour is acceptable.

    very sad and pathetic.

    notice how ‘nural’ doesn’t mention your fathers paedophilia as harmful to the ‘pride of islam.

    frankly this pro-paedophile islamic morality disgusts me.

    it is muslims who have the problem, not you.

    good luck in whatever you choose.

  3. Noomi says:

    To sufiah
    Allah still loves you. Pintu taubat masih terbuka.

    To all muslim
    Please pray for her

    To aron
    I’ll pray that you gonna understand one day that Sufiah or even you will need Islam.insyAllah.

  4. don’t be such a fool ,think of allah ,do u want to go to hell doing all this .assalamualikum……

    to stupid aron
    u can go to hell urself don’t take other people with u.

  5. Sex is nice
    So is drug

    But uncontrol it ruin you
    It is addiction that ruin you
    You no longer use other faculty
    Creativity,invention,production that
    prosper the world

    ……….it take some time for you to realise
    when you beuty wane,you sex hormone deminish
    You despise yourself than for being intelligent
    but not wise
    ………spread mathematics but not sex addiction

    Love is emotion of should cherish
    It happiness as well as pain
    Giving and sometime recieving
    …….what ever make you happy
    …….you lough out of happiness
    …….you cry out of happiness
    Sex is an instinct that must be govern
    It is sensation not wisdom

    People use this sensation to subdue you
    As you now use sex to subdue you customers

    ….Love is pure and sincere
    …Seek love when you get one
    Sex is mandane
    ….Love of Allah is Eternal Bliss

  6. i think its a wrong pathway for u and u leave this coz u r such a nice personality n why u waste it like that pls we request to u back to u r mathmatical world n pls our sympathies always with u.

    n aron u bloody cunt.
    nisha says right words for u n go to HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL.

  7. I haven’t heard of Sufiah for a while. Anybody knows what ever happened to her?

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