My First Sex Book – How to educate your child about sex

Personally, I love books. And I love spending my time at bookstores. Recently, I went to an Angus & Robertson’s outlet and found a rather interesting-and-non-orthodox title. The title was:

How Was I Made?

A first book about sex

I thought, now, that’s interesting! It’s a book about sex… for kids!

After browsing the book, I had to proceed to the checkout counter and purchase myself one. The pictures in the book and the language used…. were just effin hilarious!

Before you continue reading, please be warned that there are a few “naughty” pictures you’re about to see. “Naughty” pictures catered for children that is.

Here are some snapshots of the book.

Here’s the front cover. Lookie lookie! It’s cheap too! Only $6.99! Mummy, can I get one? Pleaseeeeeeee?

A close-up.

“Genitals are necessary for sex”…. HAHAHA

Now, have a look at the picture below. Looks normal right? Well, hold on to your seats folks for I’m about to show you something!

Under daddy’s picture, there’s another picture of daddy…. NUDE!

“Under their clothes, men and boys have a penis and testicles. These are their genitals.” 😀

Now, a picture of mummy.

And nude mummy 😛

“Vaginas are genitals also” LOL

With the picture below, pay attention to the first paragraph where it says “Daddy put his penis inside Mummy’s vagina.”

That’s just graphic 🙂

What a way to start your kids’ sex education huh?

The big question is, would you show this book to your 5-year-old kid? Hehe.


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  1. entri ko ni mmg sesuai utk Aisyah.. —

  2. baru aku nak ckp..mael dah cakap dah..haha
    suruh adik aisyah, aida baca 🙂

  3. ohhh.. this looks okay.. maybe I will show this if my kid ask me 🙂

  4. hahaha.I wont mebbe.Just let them find out like we do.Like I do.

  5. U know nad, kids nowadays are more advanced than us. Thanks a lot to the Internet and TV I guess. I didn’t know anything about sex until I went to Form One and learnt Science.

  6. Looks to me a very good educational book for a kid. I”m not sure if you guys have seen a book talking about a guy thought he is a gay when young. Some people claim that as the most disturbing children book. Search around it, you will find it.

  7. @NajNaj

    How exactly did you find out NajNaj? Haha.


    True, kids nowadays are technologically more advanced. In terms of accessibility, no problems for them.

    I wonder how it was for folks back in the 40’s?

    @Sting and ChampDog

    Yup, the book is indeed good. That’s why I bought one! To show to my kids in the future. Hehe.

    Sounds like an interesting book to me, ChampDog. Will try to google for that.

  8. Hurm…i found out after me and my sister accidentally rummaging thru my parents secret drawer and we found a buku persediaan berkahwin.A wedding presents obviously my dad receieved from one of his mate.Hahahahahahahahahha….ooOops.That was aeonsSssSS ago…=P

  9. My goodness, are you serious? Hahaha.

  10. My hostel mate used to have those kind of book too …

  11. no more words will i speak…najlaa,zip it!.miahahahaha..

  12. Should malaysian show this book to their children ??
    i dont think that was a good ideal

  13. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the book.

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