Ana Raffali: Tingkap Kaca (Lagu best, her blog, and her MySpace)

I just discovered another of Malaysia’s local music talent! I listened to one of her songs entitled Tingkap Kaca on Aisyah Rozi’s blog. First time I heard it, I thought, this girl with Baju Kurung is amaaaazzzingggg. Marie Digby in the making perhaps?

Whatever it is, listen to Tingkap Kaca here:

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She sings great doesn’t she?

Here’s her blog and mySpace.



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  1. yeaah. Ana rocks. ;P

  2. marie digby nyer geng nie..suruh diorang duet la 14hb nie

  3. Should you forget, this is the gal I was talking about.;jsessionid=5AF880951CD5211519F3938805F0B1BA?id=19053
    Best duh…

  4. That young lady is super talented. I’m really into local artiste now.

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