ANDA Coin, Note & Stamp Show 2008: Banknotes Acquisitions (Malaya, Straits Settlements)

Previous posts are on stamps and coins. This one is about banknotes.

All banknotes acquired were of the Malaya theme.

1 Cent – Board of Commissioners of Currency Malaya (1941)

5 Cents – Board of Commissioners of Currency Malaya (1941)

10 Cents – Board of Commissioners of Currency Malaya (1941)

20 Cents – Board of Commissioners of Currency Malaya (1941)

50 Cents – Board of Commissioners of Currency Malaya (1941)

1 Dollar – Board of Commissioners of Currency Malaya and British Borneo (1959)

I bought the ones below as a set of two. As you can see, the top one is in a better condition than the bottom one. The bottom one has been flipped over to show what’s on the other side.

That’s all for now 🙂

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  1. Interesting hobby. I have a small collection of old currencies and am slowly building up quite a collection of notes from pre independence Malaya.

  2. It is indeed interesting. Especially when knowing that you’re owning a piece of history.

  3. may i know how much u bought the 10 cents and 5 cents? thks ^^

  4. I have 1941 Malaya Banknotes 10 Dollars X10 pieces .
    email me if anyone interested

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