I don’t believe in religions!

The title caught your attention didn’t it? And yes, I do believe in God, mind you.

Last year, I was involved in the executive committee of a religious organisation at my university and we organised an information talk about God.

After the talk, we had some refreshments and some casual mingling. I and a few others had a chat with this lovely lady who happens to not believe in God. “I’m an atheist”, she says. She claims that religion is the cause of all the instabilities in the world and one shouldn’t believe in these… “Gods”. Everybody is killing each other because of differing opinions in the meaning of God and the “right way” to live a life.

Our response was, what rules do we follow to live our lives then? She replied, “Use common sense.”

We then said “Whose common sense do we follow? My common sense is not the same as your common sense. My personal understanding of what is right might be wrong in your eyes. To the malays, using your hands to eat is a norm, to others, it is an act to be frowned upon. To Hitler, what he did was just. To others, what Hitler did was barbaric and unspeakable. To Bush and his supporters, what he is doing is necessary. To those on the receiving end, he is evil. To some, a one night stand is just a “fun” thing to do, to another, it’s a definite no-no. So, the question is, whose common sense do we follow?”

Now, that’s the reason why we need to have a belief of the higher authority and have a uniform rules and standards. Unfortunately, rules and standards can still be interpreted wrongly.

P.S. Please take note that I am not an expert in theology.


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  1. hehhee I’m waiting for a positive discussion on this topic!

    kudos to the author! 🙂

  2. Hehe, I’m hoping for some contributions from people as well. From God-believers and also from the non-believers.

    Hopefully, discussions will remain civil.

  3. armandd says:

    What is the meaning of life? Why am I here? Why does mathematics work, anyway? If the universe had a beginning, who created it? Why are the physical constants in the universe so finely tuned to allow the possibility of complex life forms? Why do humans have a moral sense? What happens after we die?

    To answer these questions you need to believe in God.

  4. Ashcroft says:

    Here’s what I think.

    I see Faith itself as an Authority, like Science and Arts are to their own “believers”. How can you say plants in fact do not produce oxygen when science tells you it does? It comes down to the fact that most of the time, people accept Science as the Authority and it is up to the mass to submit to this theory or to go against.

    Science, as do other Authorities, rely on proof. Just as similar as experimental results provide proof that Science is a justifiable Authority, so does the complexity of Creation itself hold Faith as one.

    In the end, people are ultimately given the freedom of choice to follow what they think is right. And these choices that people make, I think, require respect from everyone else, because that choice is, in a way, “right”.

  5. I once heard that people choose to believe in gods just so they have someone to blame for what has happened.

    well, as a Muslim, of course, I dont agree with that.

    in my opinion, as a human, we need to believe in god. everything, the space, the earth, plants and human, must have the creator. even a pc is not magically appear out of nowhere, right? so, there must be a creator, that is, god.

    I agree with you that without religion, human are going to get lost. well, even those who have a religion but never follow the religion they believe in are lost too. so believing is not enough. we have to do it as well. ;D

  6. A catchy title that attract my attention. Never ending discussions and debates from time since the beginning.

    To figure out who’s right and who’s wrong can be tricky. But keep on searching for the answer, if you find it you will pause and stand still.

    Try google Iman Al-Ghazaly – he went mad in the process to derive a methodology to determine what’s right and wrong. It’s an interesting insight from a great independent thinker.

    Another great wiseman, Jalaluddin Al Rumi. Try to read their work, and see whether we could find pearl in the vast ocean.

    Visit my blog walkima.blogspot.com

  7. Abdul Hamid says:

    All religions and belief-systems are true and equally all religions and belief-systems are false.
    They are true when we have the burning desire to know who we are, why we are born and the answers to all the eternal questions that mankind has struggled with since the beginning of time. In this case all religions serve the purpose of showing the initial steps to take in finding the truth. All religions describe things that are beyond the scope of human language and so everyone quarrels with each other over the words used.
    All religions are false when they are only used in the service of the ego and as a means to forge one’s social identity, which is what most people do who practice religion superficially. The dangerous ones are of course those who use religion as a form of politics and seek to gain power using religion as the means, no matter how religious and outwardly moralistic they appear to be.
    Looking for the truth is not to be taken lightly as once you set out on the path sincerely, there might be no turning back. It can be a very painful affair as the Almighty breaks down all your delusions one by one. I have worked on this question for years and it has been both painful and liberating although I am yet to reach the goal.

  8. To me, God is a concept which you believe it, then it is real. If you don’t believe it, it is not real. Whether the God is real or not it is doesn’t really matter because it is just a CONCEPT that invented for doing something good.

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