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Dr. Van K Tharp Series: What Is a Trading System?

Below is an article written by Dr. Van K Tharp, reprinted with permission.

He is a well known figure in the world of financial markets. I find his works to be very useful to my trading venture.

So, traders out there, do read this article and absorb as much as you can.


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TV3 Lestary: Sindarela OST (Aku Sindarela: Amylea Akademi Fantasia/AF 3)

This is another song that’s on my playlist at the moment. It’s the soundtrack from TV3’s Lestary series entitled Sindarela. The show, which is airing at the moment on TV3, is not really that great, but I do like the soundtracks.

Here’s the song Aku Sindarela by Amylea. This is the slow/sad version of Aku Sindarela.

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Ana Raffali: Tingkap Kaca (Lagu best, her blog, and her MySpace)

I just discovered another of Malaysia’s local music talent! I listened to one of her songs entitled Tingkap Kaca on Aisyah Rozi’s blog. First time I heard it, I thought, this girl with Baju Kurung is amaaaazzzingggg. Marie Digby in the making perhaps?

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I don’t believe in religions!

The title caught your attention didn’t it? And yes, I do believe in God, mind you.

Last year, I was involved in the executive committee of a religious organisation at my university and we organised an information talk about God.

After the talk, we had some refreshments and some casual mingling. I and a few others had a chat with this lovely lady who happens to not believe in God. “I’m an atheist”, she says. She claims that religion is the cause of all the instabilities in the world and one shouldn’t believe in these… “Gods”. Everybody is killing each other because of differing opinions in the meaning of God and the “right way” to live a life.

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I want to become a floor trader! How do I become one? (CBOT, NYSE, CME, NYMEX)

I’ve always been passionate about stocks, commodities, currencies, and trading the financial markets as a whole. One of my aspirations is to become a floor trader.

What’s a floor trader you ask? Well, have a look at this video first:

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Dollar Cost Averaging Lowers Your Break-even Point – Investors’ Perspective

This is the continuation of the first article on Dollar Cost Averaging. That article is located here.

Now, we shall look at dollar cost averaging in action. Consider the scenario below:

Let’s say you invest in a unit trust fund, starting with $1,000, and you add up $1,000 to your investment every month. Let’s consider the scenario below:
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Fundamental Analysis & Technical Analysis – Food for Thought

In the world of trading and investing, there’s been a constant battle between fundamental analysts and technical analysts. One party says fundamentals are the ones to look for while another party objects and say technicals are the only one needed.

Well, here’s what I think:

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Dollar Cost Averaging: Investors’ Perspective

In this article, we shall look at what exactly is Dollar Cost Averaging. This will be looked at in the perspective of an investor (i.e. persons whose investment horizon is more than 12 months). For traders out there, hang on yeah. I will write about dollar cost averaging for traders pretty soon.

Dollar Cost Averaging is a technique used by many investors out there to multiply the returns from their investment.

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Tan Sri S.M. Nasimuddin (Naza Motors) Passed Away (Meninggal Dunia)

I was just made aware that the great Malaysian businessman and automobile Tsar, Tan Sri S.M. Nasimuddin, the founder of Naza Motors, passed away on the 3rd of May 2008. My first reaction was, huh? What happened? As far as I know, he was not sick or anything. Plus, he was young!

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2nd Update on Public Asia Ittikal Fund (PAIF) Syariah Compliancy Issue

Another update of the Public Asia Ittikal Fund (PAIF) syariah compliancy issue.

The first entry about this issue is here. The second one is here.

I recently received a response from one of my readers. Here it is:

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