…I also made some scones!

Apart from cheese cake, I also made scones. Surprise surprise, from an instant pack too! If you were looking for a recipe to make scones from scratch, then I’m afraid you came to the wrong place 😉

Ok, photos…

By the time I remembered to snap some photos, I was already too far into the process, so, I only managed to take a few.

Setelah diuli-uli..

Dan dipotong kecil-kecil..

Setelah keluar dari oven..

Maka diiringilah dengan segelas teh dan jem… Tapi malangnya, lupa nak ambil gambar jem 😛


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  1. hahaha.. hey looks good leh.. welcome home ya… ada banyak makanan best-best waiting for you!

  2. Haha. First meal I had was Nasi Lemak 😀

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