Kenaikan Harga Minyak Malaysia ke RM2.70 (41%)! Apa ni Pak Lah?

I’m sure you all are WELL VERSED of the recent petrol price hike at the bowser by 41%. Boy, if my investments jumped up 41% in a single session, I myself would be JUMPING!

I’ve been wanting to comment on this issue for a while now. I just couldn’t find the time to do so. Been pretty busy with examinations and all, so, no full-blown articles till then. By then, it’ll be “berita basi” anyway.

So, instead, I’ll let this entry be an open-ended entry. i.e. Let’s open up a discussion in the comments section. Voice out your agreements and disagreements. Only productive comments, ideas, and arguments are welcomed. No personal attacks on each other, please.

To sum up in a single sentence on what I think of this issue: “I think it was rather idiotic to jack up the price by 41% in one go, but it was forthcoming.”

So, discuss.


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  1. Well, what to say. Am so damn tired of trying to catching up with rocketing-high living cost!
    adoii la.. baru nak menabung skit, dah kena korek balik, tuk cover semua harga yang melambung. I rasa kalau dlm masa terdekat ni takde new resolution dari kerajaan (yg masuk akal skit la kan!), I’m sure lagi ramai yang akan merempat (bukan rempit ok..)& kadar jenayah makin tinggi.
    I just dont get it, why dont P.Lah turun padang & experience sendiri ‘rakyat’s life first, before buat keputusan yg sgt tak masuk akal like pembayaran gaji 2x sebulan. What? semua hutang boleh dibayar 2x jugak ke? Kerajaan (P.Lah & Najib) have to tengok sendiri sengsara rakyat, rather than listening just to their ‘pretending-everything-alright-ministers’. gosh, this is a true & sincere luahan perasaan dari a goverment supporter before! 🙁

  2. mohamed risham says:

    First of all what the government should have done is increase the price of petrol in stages and also informed the public when the increase will take place. for instance 25 cents each month for the next 3 months or so.

    By doing so the Rakyat will be prepared for any jolt in their purchasing power and the chaos at the petrol station will not happen. This shows the government is trully unprepapred and does not now how to manage the economy.

    On another matter 10% reduction in all ministers allowance. What a joke! i heard a deputy ministers allowance is RM 6,000. How about the PM allowance???Take 10% off that is only RM 600. Still his allowance is much higher than my gross salary. Patut pun tiap2 kali cakap setiap kenaikan harga barang tidak membebankan rakyat…..

  3. Turbosounds says:

    Untuk pengetahuan anda semua, elaun keraian untuk menteri2 ialah RM 18,000 sebulan. itu belum lagi elaun PM dan TPM. Itu baru elaun keraian…tak campur elaun2 lain lagi tu..So kalau 10% berapa sangatlah… macam nasi lekat celah gigi je..Saye bersetuju dengan saranan en.mohamed risham tentang menaikkan harga minyak secara berperingkat dan kalau dapat harga beras juga dinaikkan secara yang sama…tetapi tidak ..mereka menaikkan harga petrol dan beras dengan melampau…tindakan untuk menzalimi rakyat dan bertindak tanpa perikemanusiaan, macam takde agama…tak memikirkan langsung kebajikan rakyat.. Syabas kepada Abdullah Ahmad Badawi (PM kita)..kerana berjaya membuatkan rakyat setiap hari menyumpah dan memjadikannya seorang Perdana Menteri yang paling dibenci dalam sejarah Malaysia…SYABASSSS!!!!!…

  4. Government claimed that they have been subsidising the rakyat for all these years. Why not we look at it this way – we are the exporter of oil and if the price we paid are below the so called market price, the most they can said is they have make “lesser” profit by selling to us then to the outside world.

  5. siapa yang jadi menteri kt malaysia comfirm kaya raya. Makan duit rakyat. Watta hal betul la dieorang ni. Patrick badawi ni memang hadhari betol la.

  6. katakhijau says:

    aku rasa paklah ni tersalah pilih penasihat,sebab terlalu ramai yang bermasalah diambilnya jadi penasihat.cuba ingat kembali siapa dia tengku adanan tengku mansor( kumpulan berjaya dari jual basikal sampai jual toto-bagaimana dengan import alat urut tapak kaki sehingga pelajar kita sangkut bawa dadah dinegara cina).mike tyson selangor bawa wang keluar negara kira kilogram,,lupa ke ?.Tan sri RTC beli kambing hitam seekor aje berjuta.dah bukanyan seekor tapi sekandang,beri hadiah girl friend (konon ) porsche carera,sekarang pegang pula risda awas getah risda yang belom ditoreh.dia punya pisau getah tajam dan berbisa.. lain-lain penasihat serupa aje.. sebenarnya ini bukan penasihat tetapi pemusnahsihat atau pun punaisihat.

  7. marcella says:

    Malaysians hae been enjoying subsidised services and subsidised commodities such as petrol for a long time. Our public healthcare is subsidised at 98% where in the world can you get a medical consultation plus drugs and investigstions at just RM1? Coming to petrol subsidy, we are a net exporter of oil, we have been getting good subsidy all these years and the government has been “encouraging ” people to own their own car and public transportation are poorly developed especially in states like east Malaysia where owning a car is no longer a luxury. To drastically increase the petrol price (decrease the subsidy) is, to me really inconsiderate of the government. A more gradual increase would have made people better prepared to adjust their lifestyle and for government to improve on public transportation. The drastic increase looks to me more like a knee-jerk response which is not an intelligent move as well as taking “the rakyat” for granted far too much.

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