Avril Lavigne LIVE in Malaysia – Should We Allow the Concert?

One of, arguably, the hottest issue in Malaysian entertainment scene right now is about whether or not to allow Avril Lavigne to perform in Malaysia.

Seems like, she has been given permission to sing in Malaysia afterall. Before, she wasn’t allowed to because of her “sexy” image.

What do you guys reckon? Do you think the decision to overturn the ban was a good move?

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  1. She shouldn’t have been banned in the first place!

  2. artis2 malaysia pun sexy2 gak

  3. True, the authorities ban Avril because she was too sexy. How about other local artistes, strutting themselves with highly controversial clothings? Nobody’s banning them.

    I’d say, that’s highly hypocritical.

  4. shahrir says:

    yeah, i totally agree… if they want to ban artists that are too sexy they should apply it to both local and oversea artists… aite?

  5. Exactly

  6. yep. agree 🙂

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