Gold Coast Whale Watching & Photographs by Nikon D80

About a week ago, a bunch of us drove down to the Gold Coast to do some whale watching. It was a good trip actually. We were on the boat for, give or take, around 4 hours.

The only disappointment was the fact that there were quite a lot of the people.

They claimed on their website that the number of passengers will be capped to 60, but based on my observation, there were more than that. Oh well…

The Whale Watching trip was also an opportunity for me to test out my Nikon D80. A 70-300mm lens was snapped on, a lens hood was attached, the barrel fully extended, and off I went, snapping away. I took about 400 plus pictures that day. Ahhhh… The beauty of digital cameras. Oh, by the way, I also used the 18-55mm lens and the small 50mm f1.8D lens.

Here are some samples. They were not altered in any way by Photoshop, so they may not look their best. The only alteration I made was to compress them so that it is easy to post them up on my blog.

Boarding the Spirit of Gold Coast.

Overlooking Gold Coast. Note the Q1 Tower.

I absolutely love this photo below!

Whale spotters.

Our first whale(s) of the day.

Now begins the oooohhhss and aaaaahhhhsss and aaammmaaaaaazinggggg! Hehe.

More whales.

Come on folks! Let’s get closer!

Getting closer…

And closer…. The next few photos were snapped in the burst mode.

The pod of whales got close to the ships.

This pod of whales got really close.


One of the most expensive meals I’ve ever had in my life. Haha. Tak nak dah…. Serik.. Serik… The next couple of photos were taken by Panasonic Lumix FS3.

Alright, that’s all!

P.S. I own these images. As such, do not copy without my permission.


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  1. nice pic…
    all taken from Nikon D80?
    i like Nikon…
    btw..bigger pic will better..:)

  2. Thanks.

    Yup, all from Nikon D80, except the last two (pictures of the food). They were taken by the point-and-shoot Lumix FS3.

    I wanted to post bigger pictures, but then it’ll need longer time to load. A waste of bandwidth for blog visitors 😀

  3. nice pics! but i am wondering~

    1. which one is you in those photos?
    2. why are the whales so shy (they don’t smile in the photos)
    3. only 2 meals pics were taken, is there really “bunch of us” or “just two of us” 😛

  4. Good questions. Haha.

    1. I’m not in any of the photos 😉
    2. None of the whales actually jumped out of the water. It seems like, the odds of finding a whale actually doing that is pretty slim.
    3. It was “a bunch of us”, not just “two of us”. Hahaha. There were about 10 of us but I didn’t bother to take photos of other people’s meals.


  5. Hey, very nice photo you have in here!! Nicely captured the moment…

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