How to make Kebab (Macam mana nak buat kebab?)

After being annoyed by the kebab shop near my house (the owner suddenly refused giving me student discounts and telling me a bunch of dumb stories), I said that’s it… I’m going to make my own kebab.

So, last night for dinner, I did make my very own kebab.

Here’s how I did it.

Ingredients you need are:

1. Meat strips

2. Pita bread

3. Sauces

4. Salad (sliced)

5. Tomato (sliced)

6. Onion (sliced)

7. You can also add some cheese and mushroom.

Firstly, brown the meat strips.

Meat is done.

Pita bread, salad, tomato, and onions all ready.

Spread them over the pita bread.

Now with the meat.

And sauces. In this instance, I used hot chilli sauce, mayonnaise, and BBQ sauce.

I left it in the oven set at 220 degrees for about 5 to 10 minutes (it’s really up to you if you want to do this or not).

It’s all done mate!

Enjoy! 🙂


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  1. ok serious nampak sedap gile.

  2. Sedap sampai menusuk hidung. Sebab byk sgt letak hot chilli dgn bawang. Terbatuk batuk lepas tu. Haha.

  3. again two kebabs and that wonders me.. hmm. 😛 btw.. the kebabs look super delicious and i would absolutely try it at home, as soon as i found the pita bread~

    maybe i would chop the meat as small as i can, and fry it with some spice.. can’t wait to try! (drooling..)

  4. lol nadlique, you seriously asking for discounts everywhere you’re putting money on, hahhaa

    nevertheless, looks like a from-the-store kebab, cool

  5. I know man, that Abra Kebab guy PMS giler tanak kasi discount. I’m so upset 🙁

    It looks scrumptious though, but I can never makan it if the pita bread isn’t brown and toasted. Hahaha 😛 Good try though! 😀

  6. @edot

    Hahaha. Again with the theories huh? Hehe 😛

    Yup, the meat should’ve been in smaller slices, then they’ll taste better.


    That’s a given Raf. I’m always like that. Hehe 😛

    There was even once I got a loaf of bread for free when I insisted that they priced the bread wrongly.


    Tu la pasal. Dah lah tak nak bagi discount, dia pergi cerita pulak macam-macam. Orang dah lah lapar, dia pergi cerita pasal harga minyak dunia lah, beli meal deal lagi murah dari beli singles (In fact, buat calculation lagi tu). Bengang giler.

    What happened to the middle-eastern-looking lady yang dulu tu. She was really generous. Bagi discount banyak, and kebab pun besar giler.

  7. hahhaa sounds like you, Nadlique

  8. I’ll take that as a compliment 😀 Haha.

  9. wow! your kebab looks super-delicious… and kelakar tengok kebab tu kena himpit ngan mangkuk dalam oven!! 🙂

  10. mangkuk tu sebab takde sandwich press. so, terpaksa lah improvise. haha.

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