Types of Zakat (Jenis-jenis Zakat) – Islamic Tax

Alright, let’s talk about Zakat. For muslims, satisfying your zakat requirements is one of the most fundamental things to consider of. Zakat is an Islamic Tax, so to speak.

Zakat is one of the five pillars of Islam. Yes, it is that important.

In this entry, I will list out a number of types of Zakat, as listed out by the Lembaga Zakat Selangor. I will not address the issue of how to calculate them this time around. That’s an article on its own fit for another day.

Anyway here are the zakat types and its simplified definition:


This includes all types of income and returns in forms of:

1. Gaji

2. Upah

3. Bonus

4. Dividen

5. Hasil sewaan

6. Royalti

7. Hibah

8. Elaun

9. Honorarium

10. Pampasan

11. Pencen

12. Perniagaan bermusim

13. Dan lain-lain bentuk perolehan semasa hidup, bersara atau mati dan apa jua pendapatan berdasarkan kerjaya atau sebagai ahli profesional.


This includes money being kept in savings account, fixed deposit accounts, current accounts, ASB, and other types of savings made in banks or financial institutions.


There are two ways or methods to calculate Zakat Perniagaan. They are:

1. Kaedah Model Berkembang (Growth Model)

2. Kaedah Modal Kerja (Working Capital)


Emas or Gold that satisfies certain criterion, need to be paid Zakat upon them. Gold, in this instance, comes in two forms, which are “Emas Perhiasan Wanita” or “Emas yang Disimpan”.


Perak or Silver, the definition is pretty much similar to the one above.


There are two types of “Saham” or stocks that are subjected to Zakat. They are:

1. Saham yang masih dimiliki sehingga hujung haul.

2. Saham yang dijual-beli sepanjang haul (setahun)


KWSP (EPF) money that is being withdrawn, is subjected to Zakat.


Under this category, there are two elements. They are:

1. Zakat kepada hasil padi sahaja.

2. Zakat kepada wang subsidi (kupon padi)

Sudahkah anda menunaikan kewajipan zakat anda?

Here are a few links to assist you further:

1. Lembaga Zakat Selangor
2. Zakat MAIWP
3. Zakat – Wikipedia

Disclaimer: This article should not be treated as exhaustive. Please refer to your own sources to learn and to know more about types of zakat and how to calculate them. Also, apologies for the language inconsistencies of using both Bahasa Melayu and English.


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  1. Regarding on Zakat KSWP, recently I already cash out my 2nd account KSWP and it was at RM8k, I’m working 4 years now and choose pension scheme. Do I had to pay zakat? I’m just know that we pay zakat during Ramadhan only..

    • No, we don’t pay zakat during Ramadhan only. That particular zakat for Ramadhan is called Zakat Fitrah. There are also other forms of zakat as well apart from Zakat Fitrah.

      With regards to whether or not you need to pay zakat, you need to ask somebody who knows better about your circumstances than me. Perhaps ask the Pusat Zakat directly.

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