Should I pull out from the stock market now?

Many investors worldwide are experiencing losses right now. Myself included.

So, should we pull out from the market?

Jean Chai shared an interesting New York Times’ article with me. Thanks Jean.

Anyway. Have a read. Here’s the LINK.

Stand fast folks.  God speed.


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  1. glad you share the article here. It helps me as well.

  2. Kalau ikut teori aku, simpan cash dalam AUD agak selamat.

  3. yg bestnya, kat australia ni, jualan peti keselamatan (safe) naik mendadak. ramai simpan cash kat rumah.

  4. stay the course

    remember ur mission!

    u have 10 years

  5. need to zoom out ….you have ten years left…look at the 8.6 year cycle. you will see your`ll be in profit again..we all live by cycles ( day , year , 28 day, 11 year , 17.2 year and 8.6 year. just a few. )

  6. arimanjaya says:

    Sorry, I discover this blog a bit late, otherwise I would have advise you to exit the market ( for Malaysia) in March before the election. You can save yourselves at least 30% of the value.

    I am in CASH and money market now! I am looking into Gold as part of my Asset Allocation as well.

    Reading various reports, I believe market will go down further, I rather kept CASH and maybe 2009 I will be looking into Equities.

    BUT even during bear market there are minor uptrend rally which you can ride to get something.

  7. Hello Nadlique,

    Just read your blog – a very noble direction for your life. I wish you the best of luck in achieving your financial freedom dream in nine years.

    It is all quite achievable. Please visit me there may be good info you can use there on your journey.

    I’ve actually made a post about your journey here:
    on my blog.

  8. It’s great when you are backed up with knowledge, the ground wouldn’t shake as easily. Good for you!


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