Maklumat tentang Askar Wataniah. Information about the Malaysia’s Territorial Army.

One thing I noticed is that it is so hard to get any information whatsoever about Malaysia’s Askar Wataniah from the web. There’s nothing much on the Ministry of Defence’s website as well.

Recently, I asked somebody who is already in the Askar Wataniah to provide me with some information about the organisation. If I’m not mistaken, she’s a Sergeant in the Askar Wataniah and according to her, she has recruited quite a few youths to join the organisation.

I’ve decided to publish the information that I received below so that it may be of use to others out there who are interested.

1. How do I join?

Any able Malaysian between the age of 18 and 40 are qualified to join. Go to the nearest AW camp to register. They’ll give you some forms to fill in, letter to a govt hospital where you’re required to do your medical check up and x-ray. Return the medical and radiology report to the camp. The camp will process your application. Upon approval, you’ll get your military ID number. Don’t forget to bring along 4 copies of passport sized pics and 2 copies of your academic papers, IC and birth cert.

2. From what rank do I begin with? Private? How about those with tertiary qualifications?

Even with tertiary education, you will have to start as a recruit. You will have to go through one month recruit training at the camp. Upon passing out, you’re a private. Those with tertiary education can pursue an officer course after passing a month of cadre course with the rank of lance corporal. Cadre course prepares you to be a non-commission officer. Without a cadre course, you can’t move up. It’s the most basic officer’s training. You will only be nominated to go for a cadre course after 6 months as a private. But your promotion to lance corporal may come later.

3. How much is the pay?

The current rate is RM3.70 per hour for other ranks (recruit-warrant officer). You have to serve a minimum of 10 hours on one weekend day (lets say you come for training on a Saturday. you have to serve 10 hours. So, you get RM37).

4. What other benefits do I get in the Askar Wataniah?

You get free medical treatment in govt hospitals and specialist treatment in military hospitals. For the non-Muslims, they are entitled to purchase 2 crates of beer per month at duty free price at Pernama. During training, you get free meals, lodging and free transportation. For example, I’ve been to LIMA on a military aircraft (C130).

5. Do I get to choose where I want to go to? i.e. Armor, Intelligence, Military Police, and etc. Are there such divisions in the Askar Wataniah?

So far the AW for weekend soldiers are only in the infantry, workshop, artillery, communications (semboyan) and ordnance. The attachment pretty much depends on your location. For example, the artillery corp is only in Taiping and Melaka.

6. How long is the basic training?

One month

7. What do you have to do throughout the year? Do you have to serve every week? What are the compulsory activities and non-compulsory activities?

There are 240 weekend training hours scheduled for one calendar year. It is conducted every alternate weekend. To keep yourself active, you must attend at least 60 hours of weekend trainings during one calendar year. Trainings on Saturdays starts at 2pm and ends at midnight. Trainings on Sundays starts at 8am and ends a 6pm. You’re encouraged to come for training on Saturday and spend the night at the camp. Everything will be provided for. During the calendar year, there will be at least two continuous training period (one week) where you’ll have the opportunity to apply what you learn during the weekend training. During this training, the AW force will be running the camp and ops just like any regular soldiers. At the end of the year, there will be a 2 weeks annual camp. Again, the ops of your regiment will be taken over by AW. One week will be dedicated to regimental work and the other week will be focused on either counter insurgency warfare or convention warfare practise. There is no non-compulsory activities in the module. You will have to follow the training module accordingly.

Apart from the info above, once you’re an AW, you can apply to be mobilised for a short term period between 6 months to 3 years with an option to extend. Depending on your academic qualifications, they will attach you to the relevant unit. For example, if you’re a civil engineer by training, you will be mobilised in the engineer corps. They rarely send you to an infantry unit for short term mobilisation. This is an excellent opportunity if you’re a graduate and still unemployed. But you will have to live your life like a typical soldier during the mobilisation period.


Disclaimer: I don’t guarantee that all the information above is correct. With regards to the accuracy and timeliness of the information above, please refer to the Malaysian Army yourself.


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  1. I was just searching for Wataniah’s entry requirement and bumped into your blog.Well quite well informed from your informations,thanks alot.But still wondering whether do I have any free time for it,but I really like it.The matter is how am I going to cope with studies as I’ll be leaving to the US for degree.Hmmmm

  2. Good to hear that this post is of some use to some individuals.

    When are you leaving for US? Perhaps, it might be better to join after you’ve completed your degree?

  3. Probably by early 2013.But wouldn’t it be nice if I can join right now and I really can’t resist the temptation of wearing the uniform,pride.I wonder the training is hard or not.Which I think,it’s hard.But,it pays.

  4. Thanks for the info which is quite useful for me. By the way, I have 1 question which need your advice.

    if I go for one month training, how should I apply leave from my companay? Is there any regulations/act that allow me to take a month leave with paid? Appreciate if you can help me to find out.


  5. faiz 508 says:

    great view on askar wataniah , its was very advisable to all ipts that doesn’t have palapes !!!

  6. @CS LEE

    To be honest with you, I don’t really know the answer to your question. I’ll try to find out if I can. In the meantime, you could perhaps ask your company directly?

    @faiz 508

    Are you in the wataniah yourself Faiz? Rejimen 508?

  7. IJA.MJ says:

    woww. .its great to now that im not the only one who crazy bout military. .but my wondering,can people who wearing spectacles join the AW?I really love to join the AW.

    • Indeed, there are a lot of military junkies out there. Including myself. Hehe.

      I’m not too sure about the spectacles but I don’t see why not. Might want to check with them to make sure.

  8. IJA.MJ says:

    are you one of the AW?

  9. IJA.MJ says:

    wanna ask.. do u eva heard bout KEM SEKSYEN16 at PADANGJAWA?y don u join the AW dis year?r u workin/study?

  10. RedRoses says:

    Hi All! First of all, bravo to nadlique for your tremendous effort in providing the info. I will try to help you answer the question posted here… one by one kay.. :).

  11. RedRoses says:

    Leong, 2013 still a few years away. Go and register yourself to the nearest AW camp (depends on which Unit you intested and your location). From now till 2013, you still have chance to upgrade yourself to become an officer (if you wanna be ofcer lah). Before you further your study, write to the unit where you’re in to inform them you’re going away and can’t attend the training (from 2013 till what year). This is to avoid your name goes into the SPSS list (not active list). So don’t wait.. enroll now and you can experience the pride wearing the uniform and make new friends!

  12. RedRoses says:

    CS Lee… if you work in Govt sector, you are entitle for 30 days unpaid leave. U can use this to go for the recruit training. After you have become a Wataniah, the next year you may use your unpaid leave to attend courses/continuous trng (1 wk)/annual camp (2 wks).
    If you work in private sector, it depends on your company policy. If they allow unpaid leave, then you can apply. If not, you have to sacrifice your annual leave. There is actually a new clause (amended for Wataniah purposes) which ask the employer to release their employee who wants to go for the training (thru unpaid/paid leave). I can’t remember the Act and what the clause exact word, but can help to find out if you really want to know.

  13. RedRoses says:

    IJA.MJ…yes you may join even if you wear spectacles. The requirements to join Wataniah is not as strict as to join the army, your INTEREST is the key. You may join any reserve armed forces (Army, NAvy @ Air Force), just go and fill in the form. They will explain to you what you will have to do next.

  14. RedRoses says:

    Sorry IJA.MJ… forgot to mention. KEM Seksyen 16 in Shah Alam is the 2nd Batalion of Regiment 502 (AW). The 1st Batalion is in Sg Buloh camp. Go to the nearest one to you and register. They run few recruit course through out the year.

  15. RedRoses says:

    I am.. have been since university time till now. Well hope I can still active (your life change when you’re married).. : )

  16. RedRoses says:

    By the way, the weekly allowance has been change. The new one as below:

    Officer – RM5.80/hr
    Other rank – RM4.00/hr

    If you come for continuous @ annual camp, you will be paid according to your rank (higher rank got bigger salary).

    If you have collected enough hours per year, you are entitle to get bonus at the end of the year. : )

  17. IJA.MJ says:

    allow Red Roses.can u tel me hw to go to that kem 16 padang jawa?im at klang rt nw & do muslim female have to wear scarf?huhu

  18. RedRoses says:

    Hi IJA.MJ. Sorry for not replying earlier, I don’t check my mail last weekend. Anyway, I don’t know how to explain to you on how to go there. Try call this number 03-55193779 and ask them.
    Your question about wearing tudung.. I’m sure that you know and aware that Allah make it compulsory for Muslimah to wear tudung and to cover their aurat. So, “U fikirlah sendiri” : ).
    Further info, during recruit training, it is compulsory to wear tudung.

  19. semutbesi says:

    hi nadlique,

    Im interested to join, and stay in seri kembangan (pasar borong selangor) any nearest?

  20. RedRoses says:

    Hi semutbesi. U can register with Rej 502. This unit covers Selangor. You may choose which Camp is the nearest one to you Sg Buloh Camp @ Seksyen 16 Camp, Shah Alam. If you want to go to Sg Buloh, ask the guard for Rejimen 502 because there are many units in that camp & MArkas for 502 and 1st Batalion of 502 is located in the camp. Seksyen 16 Camp is only for 2nd Batalion of 502.

  21. roynie says:

    bagaimana hendak masuk ke askar wataniah

  22. semutbesi says:

    RedRoses, Thnx for reply. Any contact number or add? I think sg buloh or shah alam is to far? How if kajang area?

  23. RedRoses says:

    Hi Roynie, Awak perlu pergi ke unit terdekat dgn tmpt tinggal awak sekarang & daftar di sana. Awak kena isi borang di kem. KAlau penilaian fizikal (berat, tinggi, etc) okay, awak akan disuruh buat xray & blood test.
    Dokumen yg perlu dibawa semasa nak daftar (sila sediakan 4 salinan tiap satu dokumen):
    IC, surat beranak, sijil berhenti sekolah, sijil kelulusan akademik, 4 kpg gmbr paspot (ltr blkg biru), sijil nikah & surat beranak kesemua anak (jika dah berkahwin) dan 2 salinan buku akaun bank (bg unit2 yg masukkan duit terus ke akaun anggota).

  24. RedRoses says:

    Rejimen Wataniah

    REJ 501 – Johor 07-3541088
    REJ 502 – Selangor 03-61561801
    REJ 503 – Perak 05-2549342
    REJ 504 – Perlis 04-9382024
    REJ 505 – Pahang 09-554229
    REJ 506 – Kelantan 09-7738800
    REJ 507 – Sabah 088-212620
    REJ 508 – Negeri Sembilan 06-7623411
    REJ 509 – P. Pinang 04-2297102
    REJ 510 – Sarawak (Sibu) 084-333933
    REJ 511- Sarawak (Kuching) 082-612300
    REJ 512 – Terengganu 09-6191644
    REJ 513 – Kedah 04-4212134
    REJ 514 – Melaka 06-2332131
    REJ 515 – Kuala Lumpur 03-42567133
    REJ 516 – Sabah

    Each Regiment have 3 @ maybe 4 Batalions (Bn). Each Bn is located at different district of the state so there might be one camp near to you. If you can’t call the number given, please call operator kay, coz the number might be outdated.

  25. RedRoses says:

    Hi semutbesi, please refer to the website here for more information, some of the information are outdated). I suggest you call the Sg Buloh Camp (Markas/Bn1) and ask them where should you go/register. Tell them where you stay/work. This is bcoz each Batalion covers certain district in the state and they have few companies in 1 Batalion. 1 of the company might be the nearest one for you.

  26. RedRoses says:

    Sorry forgot to add, the list of Regiments given earlier is for the Infantry only.

  27. ain89 ipoh says:

    sy dh g kem askar wataniah 503,nk g dftar,tp dowang suh sy dtg bln8 nnti…….kcewa nye,,,sy….

  28. semutbesi says:


    Thank you for the info, make my self excited to join..

  29. RedRoses says:
  30. RedRoses says:

    ain89 ipoh..try call Bahagian Pasukan Simpanan (BPS).. mention your problem & ask what you should do
    Tel: 03-26921333 Sambungan 3332/2283/2281/3330/3346/4401/2306

  31. biasanya bulan berapa diorang rekrut? sebab my holiday is on december till march…oh ye?? my uni don’t have this palapes so do i have to register macam individually ke? it’s great to know that ramai malaysian youth yang nak join AW…i’m really proud of Malaysian Army!

  32. RedRoses says:

    Hi Mila.. pengambilan rekrut ada beberapa kali setiap tahun. Better you pi nearest unit and tanya because tiap unit ada cara mereka sendiri. Kalau betul minat, u daftar jadi anggota dulu, later you can attend available courses yg membolehkan u naik jadi officers. Yg penting minat dan keazaman!!

  33. xenotzu says:

    Nice to see some RAW around online. I used to be with 502 1st batallion in Jalan Ampang. Then when that became 515, continued with it. Stop training some time ago. But it was still great, when they actually went out to do something in the jungle.

  34. gud luck 4 askar wataniah 511..spjg hdp,i dpt lihat… smgat dripada askar2 utk mcba s’suatu y baru.bravo 2 ctn Hamsien n gg..hpy alwy

  35. hrp ramai lagi belia2 yg masuk ke dlm askar wataniah..s’suatu yg m’nronokkan n s’gala cbran yg akan kta tmphi…adlh 1 pglman yg sukar utk kta polhi..dan ia byk mgjr kta 1 erti dlm hdp.1 MALAYSIA!!

  36. Kt Sarawak ni byk yg nak msk askr..klu dia org but p’gmblan t’bka utk stp daerah…confirm wooow!!try

  37. daaaa

  38. lt shahril says:

    xcelent info.. tp bole ditambah bg yang berminat utk ke level pegawai.. mereka boleh masuk melalui PALAPES
    ( Pasukan Latihan Pegawai Simpanan) kadet PALAPES akan ditauliahkan sebagai ltn m, dn akan ditempatkan di kem2 AW berdekatan tempat tinggal..

  39. hi!

  40. Saya tinggal di wangsa maju, mana agaknya kem terdekat utk sya mendaftar..

    ada beza ke trainig selama 30 hari tu dengan training lainnya?

  41. can someone help me with this plz…i’m studying overseas at the moment, and i am interested in joining the AW. the issues is, i awill not be able to attent the weekly training after the compulsory 1 month, how do i go about this

  42. Kapt Nazrul Hafizi says:

    salam semua n for u too nadlique.. hmm at last jumpe jgak org nak promote bkenaan dgn AW ni. ok for the information, saya sedang mencari sesiapa saja yang berminat untuk menyertai AW di pasukan sy yang terletak di kem syed sirajuddin gemas negeri sembilan. sesiapa yang berada di sekitar tampin, segamat, bahau, gemencheh or mane2 tpt yang berdekatan yang berminat blh la email or call sy di no 013 4543132. opss terlupa pula nak bg maklumat unit sy. ok sepatutnya penubuhan satu bateri aw untuk rejimen ke-21 artileri diraja (meriam medium 155mm) sudah lama dirancangkan tetapi sehingga ke hari ini hanya kurang dari 10 org sja yang menyertai aw kami. itupun yang 10 org tu ntah tak tau dah kat mane pergi. lg pula sy baru posting kat 21 RAD ni n this is my biggest task untuk mengaktifkan balik bateri aw kat sini. so sesiapa yang berminat just plz email sy, or call sy, or blh dtg terus ke 21 RAD Kem Syed Sirajuddin Gemas ni. benefit memang banyak, latihan cuma seminggu 2 kali shaja. makan minum penginapan pakaian kerja semua ditanggung.. duit yang kami dpt untuk peruntukan aw pun tak terusik lg so sesiapa yang nak buat duit lebih skit blh la join disamping blh tempuh mcm2 pengalaman yang insyaallah blh mnjadikannya sesuatu yang menyeronokkan.

  43. Fndy Abbas says:

    Kepada kengkawan yang berminat nak menyertai askar wataniah dan tinggal di Shah Alam atau kawasan yang dekat2 dengannya dan masih belum mendaftar sila hubungi saya ditalian 0125093119 kerana boleh turut sama menghantar borang pendaftaran di Kem 502 Sec16 Shah Alam

  44. Saya nak tanya kepada sesiapa yg mengetahui.

    Berapa lama agaknya masa yg akan diambil untuk naik dari Prebet ke Pegawai? Berapa banyak latihan/course yg perlu dibuat?

    Terima kasih.

  45. hi, I am an ex-ROTU and would like to know my record are still in the force ? I was commissioned in 1996 as YO. I hope I am not too old to rejoint the AW activities ?


  46. semutbesi says:

    salam nadlique, kapt nazrul dan fndy,

    Saya mmg bercita2 untuk join wataniah.. tetapi terikat dgn kuliah hujung minggu di S.Alam (masih belajar kelas org2 bekerja).. oleh kerana sudah ada waktu senggang.. gerak hati ingin terus memohon masih ada..

    Dulu saya pernah cuba menghubungi kem Ampang, mereka advice pergi ke S.Alam. Ada nombor untuk saya hubungi…?

    Kampung di gemas, nak berulang alik KL ke Gemas jauh..

    Kalau ada personnel yg saya boleh saya hubungi terus untuk mendaftar.. sila maklum kepada saya..


  47. saya ingin menjadi seorang askar….0148978763

  48. I’m a newly commisioned officer just fresh from ROTU this year. When i was in ROTU, I chose 21 Skn Jutra, Kajang as my future unit to report in. But now, i want to report to other unit due to my working place. Do I have to report to 21 Jutra 1st to get my documents thre?? or straight away to the unit I wish to report in and they will sort out my docs? or do i have to contact Bahagian Pasukan Simpanan at Mindef so that they can sort out my docs??

  49. Caleb Kwong says:

    Man…I wanted to join too…studying in Taylors atm though…all the interested people should meet up and go to camp together!!! haha!!

  50. hi!evrybdy.AW made in SWK x da yg Chat cni??

  51. AW’ wonderpet..huu.bestlh

  52. Harus bin Pencil says:

    saya juga berminat utuk menyertai AW ini tetapi bagaimana caranya…harap dibantu…


    saya sunguh berminat tetapi kelayakan sijil saya tidak memuaskan


    saya harap tuan2 encik2 dapat membantu impian dan cita2 saya sekian assalamualaikum

  55. SHANMUGAM says:

    i love 2 join in army…… i dont know pls contact me sir……0148145244………can u all explain me k….\

  56. SHANMUGAM says:

    pls…let me know the next sesi when in 2010

  57. Hai RedRoses. Thanks for the info. May u mind sending me your phone number to my email address so I can call you and ask you? My email is Thanks !

  58. Khairul says:

    Untuk Sesi pada 2010,ada Latihan Untuk Reckrut di Kem 515 AW di jalan Buku Lima(Kem 515 AW Jalan Ampang dah Berpindah Ke Jalan Buku Lima dekat dengan Wisma Transit Angkatan Tentera di Keramat)pada 12 April 2010,Tapi Kena Daftar sebelom 29 March 2010 kerana pada tarikh itu akan ada sesi taklimat.Medical Check up Seminggu Baru dapat Result tp boleh runding dengan Anggota di Hospital sana,just Ckp nk kene Hantar Result Secepat Mungkin sbb ada Latihan reckrut pada Bla..bla..bla..pastu kena Plak Lari Kat Kem Wediburn dekat Setapak utk Second Medical Check Up(tapisan)Pastu BAru Antar balik Sume Keputusan ke Kem..PAstu Isi Borang Akuan Setia..PAstu Anggota yg di Bahagian Pengambilan akan beri KEterangan Selanjutnyer.Sekian Terima KAsih.

  59. pd yg interested..second medical check up dkt kem wardieburn tue kena buat betul2 coz sargent yg jage tue memang susah argh latihan yg die kasi..tapi aku dah lepas nsb baek 😀 .. jumpe u guys yg nk gie rekrut nanti kat kem515

  60. Saya lepasan Diploma dan sekarang melanjutkan pengajian diperingkat ijazah…
    Sekiranya saya tidak dapat hadir untuk rekrut selama sebulan, adakah latihan tempatan yang dilaksanakan pada sabtu dan ahad yang menggantikan rekrut selama sebulan diberi elaun?
    Bolehkah saya tahu berapa kadarnya..?

  61. ..

  62. Jika seseorang mempunyai Diploma, jawatan pertama dlm askar wataniah apa ye?
    Leftenan muda or Leftenan?

  63. apa kateria yg perlu ada tuk mnyertai wataniah

  64. unit terdekat dalam daerah kuala kangsar ni dekat mana yer???tolong laa saya betul2 minat dengat askar ni….huhuhuh


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