University Life (Australia) – 5 Reasons Why You Need a Car When You’re Studying Overseas

This post is meant to be for fun only. No elements of seriousness were intended. Don’t get all worked up alright?

Here are five reasons why I think you need to buy a car when you’re studying overseas

1. Submit Assignment

Instead of submitting your assignment well in advance, to factor in the amount of time you need to take public transportation and as such, you can now submit your assignment 10 minutes before the time it is due. This is very true in the case of a friend of mine. Her assignment is due at 4PM and I had to drive her to uni at 3.50PM for her to hand in the assignment πŸ˜›

2. A tool to make friends (and be used)

Would you agree that if you own a car, it’s easier to make friends? And sometimes, being used by your friends as well? Hehehe.

3. In case it’s that ‘time’ of the month

For ladies, and men perhaps (I don’t know how this would apply to men), if it’s that ‘time’ of the month again, and you forgot to bring your supplies, you can quickly drive home to ‘recompose’ yourself.

4. Pleasant shitting experience

For folks from the east who are used to using water as means of istinja’ a.k.a basuh berak, then western toilets may be an inconvenience at times. You know the ‘unwashed’ feelings that goes on throughout the day. Euurrgghh. With a car, you can quickly drive home, do your business, and drive back to uni again.

5. Lunch time!

Often in uni, food and drinks are very expensive. It is especially true in my university. So, by owning a car, you can drive home for a quick lunch break (thus saving you heaps of money), and return to uni for your next class.

Have your say as well down in the comments section. Why do you think a uni student needs a car?


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  1. i need a car in my uni so that i can avoid the congested traffic every morning (as if).haha!!

    nop, perlu kereta supaya tidak berhimpit2 di dalam bas di mana bau tiap2 orang adalah sangat unik tatkala matahari tinggi diatas kepala.

    • Hehehe good one πŸ˜€

      Tapi, naik bas kat Australia ni best. Banyak benda indah boleh tengok (i.e. orang) πŸ˜›

      Bas pun jarang sesak.

  2. eerkkk…depends in which country are you.
    IF in Japan, mmmI dont think so!

  3. its not because of the traffic, and cars is cheap duh hehehe..example you can get it Honda Jazz 2nd hand just for RM25k..if converted then..its matter of parking space….you need to rent your own parking space monthly its compulsory..I think bout RM750 (its depend of the location in Tokyo) may be some like condo, they need to pay at least RM3.5k…and also quit difficult if you want to visit your friends house because, you cant simply park your car by the roadside..its a culture here arghhh! and the public car park will cost you bout RM18.00 per half an hour (its a normal and far from the place) hahahaa..we talk bout in TOKYO…not in other place in Japan..some students they need if may be they from Hokkaido or or Okinawa or Kyoto..because their place is no bus or train nor public transport. cheers

  4. yah yah! I also selling this folding bike too hahaha
    thats why most Japanese healthy one, cycling for healthy living huhuhu which is true!

  5. Yeah agree..but then some of friend love to cycle. Now they wanted to cycle in the parks for recreation purpose then…

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