How to utilise one’s life?

If you were going to spend a mighty proportion of your life doing something, would you rather be doing something that you like and passionate about even if you need to be facing some extra hardships and pain?

Perhaps choosing what you like doesn’t apply at all? Perhaps choosing the most stable and safest option is the way to go?

One might argue that we need to make some sacrifices in our lives and we are sometimes faced with the challenge of not being able to do what we want to do. However, the need to go through the hardships and pain in the pursuance of your passion is a sacrifice in itself, no?


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This blog is about the journey of a 28-year-old Malaysian towards financial freedom. This blog was started back when the blogger was 21 years old. However, his journey towards financial freedom had begun way before that. Materials such as investing, business, entrepreneurship, equities, and real estate are presented. The author also posts his thoughts and observations on life in general.


  1. kamal says:

    well.. talking about passion.. It’s not only about living a perfect lifestyle with da family.. Times spent with the family are juz a smaller proportion in our life.. I mean after we enter the working life.. How r we going 2 spend the most of our lifetime doing something that we don’t like.. But, of course safety comes into concern, when we r talking about jobs like da uniforms type.. n also da stability like u mentioned.. wat is the use if we can’t spend most of the time with the person we love.. But, come on.. then if everyone thinks like that, who else is going to enter this kind of jobs.. n at the worst case, if people tend to think about salaries n lifestyles.. oh my God, where is da love towards our people.. the humans.. we r God’s ‘Khalifah’ on earth.. there r times we have to make sacrifes for our people.. do not forget the people r also our family..

  2. Well, it’s obvious that we can’t have every single human beings to think alike. If not, what’s the point of living in the first place.

    Talking about salaries (i.e. money) and lifestyle, one can have both as well as having the love towards the people, no?

  3. Anyway, to other readers out there, do contribute. It’s interesting to see how others interpret the entry I wrote up above.

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