Is it the right thing to be doing the right thing?

Socrates said to “follow the convictions of your conscience.”

The notion of doing the right thing is a subjective issue in my opinion. One’s own beliefs, assumptions, and values dictate whether what he or she is doing is right or wrong.

Putting that aside, consider this question. If you do something that you think is right and you’re being outspoken about it, but there is the possibility that you’ll be chastised because of it, would it still be the right thing to do?


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  1. natasya says:

    well, it’s a wrong thing to do when you know that people won’t allow it. for me, we need to flow along with the other. of course, someone want to go against the flow. if it not to risky, you can try it. religious unequivocally is too risky. er does ethic can be count as ‘risky’ things? i dont think so, it’s change through time.

    2 days didnt read your blog. it seemed wrong to me,hehehe well it nice to have critical thinking. u make me think…

    work up, wake up, and ‘crack up’ my brain to prepare my self for difficult tasks. hahaha. not a real crack up ya..

  2. Actually how do we know the right thing to do when there a lot of different opinion? Just follow our heart or other say?

  3. natasya says:

    we live in society. if the society say ok, u may do so’speak up ur mind’, but if society say no, hmm if it is still no too dangerous to speak up ur mind, u still can do it. if about something like lesbian or gay really need to follow the flow of society’s. maybe if u live in US, u can b free to say whatever u want.

  4. Great to hear the perspectives of others.

    Anyway, I believe that by not following what your heart says, you are effectively cheating yourself. It doesn’t matter what the society says. I’d say, departing from the norm of the society is fine as long as it is in line with one’s own beliefs, assumptions, and values.

    If you think that it’s wrong to go against the crowd (or go against the flow so to speak), then changes/revolutions that took place in the past wouldn’t have happened in the first place.

    I doubt that key business people would actually be where they are if they did not follow their hearts. There wouldn’t be any Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhari, S.M Nasimuddin, Donald Trump, and etc.

    In the case of religion, Islam wouldn’t be here if Prophet Muhammad didn’t go against the ‘flow’ now would it?

  5. being right and be wrong, being angelic or being evil is subjective really, depends from what POV you are looking or to what conclusion you made your decision on. but we’re neither good nor bad unless we are made up by a DnD rulebook. 😀

    you in a way remind me of someone i used to know, with the public mutual, the love for rain (hope it’s not especially the best listening to the rain in the car, i hope), the SLR, between oversea and homeland stories, the view on love (almost. you are NOT a libra are you?), but i sigh deeply with relief because you do not put-up a thesaurus all the time to make a simple sentence complicated. 😛

    Nice website. Found it on Malay Mail, btw.

  6. Hahaha, no I’m not a libra. I’m also not fortunate enough to be blessed with the ability to play around with words too much.

    Great to hear from you by the way 😀

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