Pictures from the Sunday Market (17.05.2009)

As requested by Nazarios and Farahreen, here are some of the pictures from the Sunday Market. For more photos, go to here.

We are currently in the process of winding up our Sunday activity, so, not many items up for sale anymore.

Below is the picture of Lazy Susan and some cake trays.

And one of the hot sellers, TV antenna.

Another hot seller, lighters. Only 50 cents each!

There are also batteries ranging from AUD1.50 to AUD3.00.

The ever so popular Batik.

Some other items as well.


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  1. oh..die macam flea market sini la eh..cume most of them jual baju and bags…

    tapi macam best je kat sana with the cold weather..cantik sangat!!! much is the cake tray tu??macam nak jer yang the pink tray tu..T_T

    • Sejuk tu sejuk sungguh. Kita org keluar rumah lepas Subuh, dalam pukul 5 gitu. Berasap-asap mulut. Masa tgh susun barang, terketar-ketar mcm tgh menari. Tapi best la.

      Cake tray tu jual AUD20 kat sini. Mcm mana nak hantar ke Malaysia eh? Hehe.

  2. Muhd Khidhir Izaidin says:

    yea..i bet it is bloody cold..hehehe…when i was in Scotland…hujung minggu gie carboot sale..and dalam tempat yang bangunan dia batu…instead of wood..sejuk sangat…could even reach 0 Celsius or lower man…god…but hey, i never thought of selling things like you…rasa rugi giler plak…so good luck to you thn ok…

    • Thank goodness in Brisbane ni, tak sejuk sampai zero degrees.

      Tapi, there was once, masa nak pergi exam hall, the temperature was around 6 degrees celcius. I was so preoccupied with thinking about the exam, I forgot that I was only wearing a t-shirt. Apa lagi, I was practically tap dancing throughout the whole few hours. Haha.

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