Really, what’s the point?

What’s the point of us attending lectures and gaining knowledge? Is it for the purpose of passing exams? Or is it because it might be useful for us in the real world?

Starting from a couple of days ago, the lecturer for one of my subjects in university will be spending the weeks up till the exam season preparing for that dreaded day. As a result, she will rob us of the time that could have been used to discuss case studies and learn about the real world.

We’re in university now. We are expected to exercise a level of maturity and be expected to prepare for the exams on our own. The lecture sessions are supposed to be utilised in learning new things, not merely preparing for exams.

University is more than about getting distinctions. It’s supposed to equip us with knowledge that we carry throughout our lives.

If all that matters is to get amazing results and amazing results only, then what is the point of a university?


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  1. I think that lecturers has to blend the lecture with whats happening with the real world so that we can relate n make sense of our subject. Then we can passed the subject with enriched knowledge, not just memorizing to passed exams n forget about it.

    Or maybe they just assume that we know how to implement it while we work later.

    Thats an easy job i guess

    University is important to expose us with intelligent brainy people and prepare for real problem solving thingy, gain skills-but u can get it outside also

    Its amazing to see a man only SPM cert can venture million dollar business while uni grads struggling to meet ends month

  2. University is the place for you to take exams,and pass it with flying colours if you work hard enough.=)

    Talking about maturity, me myself, i still need my mum to babbling about schools and stuff, i still need my lecturer to be concern about me and my performance.
    am i considered as an immatured?

    i dont think so. because that is how human works.we need others to take care of us,we need others to guide us.i dont think i can be this far (if this can be considered as my great achievement la kan..haha) without the help of my strict lecturers and of course my mum.

    i just dont understand why students bising2 when the lecturers nagging about tutorials, late comers and all.
    they mad because they care?

    are we on the same track here?hahaha!!
    just my 2 cents.

    • The conventional nature of university revolves around exam and that’s the part that I don’t agree with because at the end of the day, exam is not all there is to tertiary education. It’s not what one brings out of university on paper but it’s what one carries with him or her in his or her head. I can’t comment for other faculties other than my own though (Business, Economic, and Law Faculty) but I have seen people who has been receiving distinctions all the way until graduation but when you have conversations with them, they know zip. They can’t even speak proper English. It’s amazing!

      Talking about maturity, there should be a point in life when a person needs to make judgments on his or her own. Especially in university, one is expected to act as an ‘adult’ and do one’s own self-study/preparation at home. In my case, the lecturers are busy preparing us for exams and not teaching us new things. That’s called spoon-feeding. Yes, we do need assistance from others in forms of guidance and care-taking from time to time, but we shouldn’t let them do the decisions for us. Follow the convictions of your conscience, one wise man said. If all there is to universities are exams, might as well teach us about exams and nothing else from the get-go. Make us memorise essays and answers or something.

  3. Having university is not a bad thing at all.

    Think about this, without the aim of getting into university and graduate, I bet most people will lose aim in their lives. Probably, they will end up as mat rempits or gold haired street DVD peddlers if they never have the aim of getting higher education.

    “I have seen people who has been receiving distinctions all the way until graduation but when you have conversations with them, they know zip. They can’t even speak proper English. It’s amazing!” …….. this is because they pass the exam via rote learning method.

    Once you step into working world, exam is everyday! You need to be able to cough up with answers whenever your superiors/customers/peers ask you something. Fortunately, the different between university and working is that we get to refer to books, ask around. google for answer or simply say “I don’t know” without getting a F grade.

    Now, the bad thing is that. In university,we learn to accept answers blindly and attempt to question the accepted dogma is not acceptable most of the time or severely punished.

    Universities are product of the Prussian education system and this is only good one purpose… to serve the need of the government or certain industry. (This should answer your question of “what’s the point”)

    Check this out:

    Most people, especially those straight A students go thru life without even realizing that they are been groomed to work and pay tax until death.

    University is still good for the society….it helps to keep the masses occupied and develop breakthrough in technology or art. However, one must also realize that number one in classroom doesn’t mean number one in society as well.

    You might want to watch this movie to get a clearer picture of what I’m trying to say here. Enjoy!

    A snippet at youtube

    • Of course, the industry of tertiary education is very important. I don’t doubt that.

      However, speaking from my point of view, I don’t really agree with the method of “preparing for exam and preparing for exam alone” kind of education, which is what I’m going through right now for one of my subjects. It’s not only about knowing how to tackle questions in exams but also knowing how to tackle real-life scenarios. Like what you said about being in the working world, exams are everyday, but it’s not in the forms of multiple choice questions nor essay questions isn’t it?

      Anyway, I think I’ve watched that movie before.

      Oh, by the way, have you heard of “Sudbury School” way of education? I am sort of intrigued by that idea.

  4. Dude, you got to watch this movie. It will clear all your questions about university. Enjoy!

    A trailer at youtube

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