Should I go for Mac or PC?

I’m in the market for a new computer. The machine I’m using right now can’t really cope with the work that I’m doing anymore.

On top of the usual word processing and etc, I’ll be using the new machine for some serious photo editing, video editing, website maintenance, and perhaps some intense graphic design kind of work in the near future. Also, I need a machine of a professional photographer’s standard.

Before, I was set on going for the Apple iMac. However, after doing some research, a Dell XPS Desktop seems to be more appealing. Cheaper and with better hardware. Plus, I don’t have to acclimatise myself with Apple’s environment.

What do you guys reckon? Mac or PC?


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  1. If the choice is between a Mac and a Windows PC I say definitely go for the Mac. Generally, you’ll have less to worry about in terms of viruses and you’ll have a pretty machine.

    I’m not quite up to date with Apple news, but maybe there will be a hardware update in a couple of months, so if you’re going the Mac way you might want to scour some Mac forums.

  2. PC all the way. but go for Mac if you go for notebooks. Viruses can always be countered, if you take good security measure.

    PC might not be as fashionable or as pretty as Mac, but never underestimate it. But then again, if there is no Mac/Apple, there won’t be PC 😀

  3. CodyG [WINDOWS-TEAM] says:


    What kind of budget do you have set aside for this new computer? That’s definitely something that you should factor in while making your search. Those XPS systems are really good (although I’ve only used the laptops), I doubt you’d regret making that purchase. If you’re looking at some PC laptops and not just desktops, however, there are quite a few out there that might give you a whole lot of value for your money. I have a couple of laptop hunting resources that I’d be more than willing to share with you, if you’re interested.

    Regardless, good luck with your laptop hunt!

    Windows Outreach Team

  4. In terms of budget, I’d say around AUD3,000. I’m looking for a desktop by the way, not a laptop.

    I really couldn’t care less about looks (though of course, it shouldn’t be butt ugly either). As long as the computer does what it’s supposed to do, then great.

    Also, like ebb said, if one takes proper measures to combat security problems, then one can reduce the risks of being attacked by viruses and etc.

    Right now, I’m leaning towards PC rather than a MAC. Seems like PC is giving me more bang for my buck, so to speak.

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