What’s deterring me from staying in Australia

Previously, I wrote about the reasons that could potentially lead me to stay in Australia.

Now, I’ll list out some reasons that might bring me home to Malaysia.

1. I predict that it’ll be hard for me to get a job

The economy is pretty bad here. Many companies are laying off their workers. On top of that, I am pretty academically challenged (i.e. my academic results are not that great). So, I predict that it’ll be hard for me to get a job here. Also, to get a permanent good-paying job in Australia, you need the Permanent Residency status. To apply for PR, you have to spend a few thousand dollars. If I won’t be able to secure myself a job, spending a few thousand dollars would be a waste of resources, no?

2. Being called back to work

With regards to point number 1, I’ve already got a job waiting for me in Malaysia (assuming the company doesn’t renege on the promise of course). The perks are also pretty good. In terms of pay, well, so-so.

3. Family and friends

Most of my family and friends are in Malaysia. Most of my friends here in Australia also hail from Malaysia and they’ll ultimately return home.

Personally, I think that it might be a tad harder for me to expand my social circle here.

On top of that, it is much more fun celebrating festivities in Malaysia, right?

4. The ease of carrying out a business

This is pretty much a deadlock between Australia and Malaysia. I can’t really determine where it would be easier for me to conduct a business. What do you think? Malaysia or Australia? Based on past experience, I’d say Australia. However, Malaysia is not that hard as well. Hmmm….

5. High rental

The next three should probably be on top. Anyway, it is pretty expensive to rent here in Australia. In Brisbane, I guess setting aside around AUD1,000 per month to cover rent is about right.

6. High insurance costs

Again, when it comes to insurance costs, it can get pretty hefty over here.

7. High tax rates

This point refers to Personal Income Tax rates. It can go as high as 45% (not including Medicare levy) for an individual.


Disclaimer: This article is not a specific nor general advice on managing or investing your money. This article does not constitute a recommendation nor does it take into account your investment objectives, financial situation nor particular needs.

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  1. one of my lecturer stays in Aussie, dekat OZ if im not mistaken.

    and yeah, life is pretty challenging and in terms of money, geez..

    well, there is no other place better than our homeland kan?

    • Takde lah challenging jugak sebenarnya. Kalau dapat kerja permanent kat sini, gaji besar jugak. Engineer baru grad boleh jugak nampak dlm AUD70,000 setahun kalau kerja kat pedalaman sikit.

      In fact, Konstabel polis kat Queensland ni, gaji permulaan lebih kurang AUD4,000 sebulan.

      Tapi kalau ikut kan tempat mana lagi best, Malaysia memang lagi best lah 😀

  2. If you like a slow + easy life with nice weather, Australia is the best. ^^

    Life there is not as hectic as Kuala Lumpur. Rental will of course cause you a bomb but with a proper work, i am pretty sure you can cover that.

    Besides that, car in Australia is cheap compared to Malaysia. CRV only 38k Aussie. Where can find in Malaysia?

    Don’t forget if you work in Australia, you are getting paid in Aussie! ^^

  3. Hi Nadlique,
    I have been your silent reader all this while. I am a Malaysian lawyer working in Dubai. If I may share my opinion in this entry I suggest you get a job in Malaysia for a brief period of 3-4 years. After that stint it will qualify you to submit CV in the international job market. Apart from Japan, UK, Australia and US, another hotspot for expatriates (especially Malaysians) is the Middle East. Dont be afraid of losing your freedom to enjoy life in Middle East because countries such as UAE, Qatar and Bahrain are quite open. KSA is still very conservative. But the top benefit from working in these GCC countries are 2 i.e high salary & no income tax. Although the rental cost is very high but you still will have enough money to save and splurge. Dubai is for example is geographically centrally located in the globe. With the money there is no issue for you to spend holiday in UK, US and other countries or go back to Malaysia every month ! I can confirm Malaysians in Dubai and other GCC countries enjoy a comfortable living standard and respect from their peers.
    That is my 2 cents. So think about it.


    tokeyunta min Dubai

    • Hi syamsulfaiz,

      Good to hear from you.

      Actually, I wanted to attend an interview with Etihad Airways this June to be considered for their Cadet Pilot Program. Unfortunately, it seems like they have suddenly stopped taking foreigners (Good timing huh?). I’m not sure whether it’s temporary or permanent.

      So yes, the middle east is definitely on the drawing board.

  4. marcella says:

    I was in Queensland some years ago and was in the same dilemma whether to return to Malaysia or stay on working there. The money was good and so was the social circle. I was mobile and often spent idyllic times at Surfers Paradise on the weekends whenever I was not on-call. Then I decided to go far interior to Toowoomba to work and where there were hardly any Malaysians as my line of work would not allow me to stay in the city forever. After awhile, somehow I felt a sense of longing for something familiar..my family, my people,my country…it became stronger by the day so one day I gave notice and packed my bag and returned home and my late Mum said her prayer was answered! I am glad I made that decision to return… nasib tak kawin orang Aussie!

    • You are right Marcella. At the end of the day, there’s no place like home. I wouldn’t want to stay here permanently anyway. Perhaps just a few years to gain some experience and money.

  5. Hi Nadlique..

    good stuff you have over here..

    btw, just wanted to add my to cents:
    Your goal of achieving financial freedom while you are young can be easier to achieve if you continue to work in Australia for a couple of years before you pack your bags…

  6. Thanks t-luck.

    That’s what I’m thinking as well. It would be easier for me to achieve that if I stay in Australia for a little while.

  7. Muhd Khidhir Izaidin says:

    i’ve been to many countries…from Scotland, England, France, Swiss, Belgium, Italy, Germany and many else…never been to Aussie..but mate, and kampunginvestor, if you really want something really peaceful and great atmosphere to live in, think about Swiss…woooo

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