An Interesting Experience with a Malaysian Insurance Company

A few years ago, my parents and I went to the office of a Malaysian insurance company for a renewal.

Let’s start with why we went in the first place. It started when I asked my mum a few nights earlier about insurance. She then went to check the insurance policies and found out that they had expired. The thing is, this insurance company did not even bother to send renewal reminders. I mean, what sort of business are they running? Not bothering to send renewal reminders to customers translate into people forgetting to renew their insurance which translates into no money going into the company’s bank account.

In our insurance policies also, there were some mistakes. Under the beneficiary section, there was some random dude listed there. Somebody that we don’t even know. My mum had in fact called the insurance company a long time ago and they said “yeah yeah, we’ll change it right away.” At the office, we found out, the random fellow’s name is still there. So, what happens then if something happened to one of us (i.e my parents and I) ? Who’ll be getting the payout?

Okay, one insurance done, another to go. This is my dad’s insurance. His is due in 1 month but since we’re already there, might as well renew it straight away. Guess what happens next? Their computer can’t recall the client’s data. Which means, he can’t renew the insurance. What was their excuse? Well, blame the IT department of course. The fellow then asked us to come back in two weeks time to try again. I mean, come on, people are trying to give you money in advance, and you inconvenience them?

Okay, all that out of the way, another thing to go. My dad wanted to take an insurance for our house. We read the brochure and there was something that we didn’t understand. So, naturally, who do we ask? The fellow on the other side of the counter of course. His response?

“Saya pun tak faham yang tu”
“I also don’t understand that part”

What the?

If the person who’s selling the products don’t even understand what they’re selling, then who do we go to?

I then asked,

“Jadi, macam mana?”
“Now, what?”

He then took a freakin’ thick green book full of legal jargons and showed us the page explaining our queries. Perfect!

Luckily, in the end, we did understand.

So, why are we still with that company? Mainly because, they are one of the best.

Hmmm… If they are amongst the best, I wonder how it is with companies at the other end of the spectrum.

We muslims, argue that we need to “Berhijrah” from bad to good, from haram to halal, but we’re not providing a good alternative to the status quo. In the end, yang rugi, kita juga.

Anyway, to all unit trust consultants, insurance agents, investment advisers, financial planners, and etc., please equip yourself with a heck lot of knowledge, and please give good and valid advice to your clients, especially if you’re getting payments for it. Why? Mainly because the products that you’re selling and your advice has the potential to change people’s lives forever.


Disclaimer: This article is not a specific nor general advice on managing or investing your money. This article does not constitute a recommendation nor does it take into account your investment objectives, financial situation nor particular needs.

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  1. kamal says:

    considering this is a facebook post..
    i tick this as ‘LIKE’..

    ( Kamal Raj Likes This )

    Plis someone do something to Malaysia’s poor admin system…

  2. marcella says:

    The problem with such people is they just do their job without any sense of pride, let alone a good attitude!

  3. Hi I was surfing the net and I came across your blog. I am an insurance agent with AIA. I would like to reply to your blog. I do feel your frustration, especially the part on the nomination.

    That’s why when I do policy review, I look also into the nomination bit as well. Similarly, there was once when I was reviewing one of my potential clients policy and guess what, the nomination was still under her deceased mother’s name. We quickly changed that of course.

    The over the counter staff may not have in-depth knowledge on all the products, not at least in detail. But it was rather sad that they took no initiative to help you get a reply.

    The scenario would have been different, if you had dealt with an agent/insurance advisor/wealth planners etc… (we have many names these days but they are all the same) we would have been able to help you answer, if not we will check and get back to you on your query and remind you on the renewals and arrange for payments without you having to travel to the insurance company.

    Hey, if you have any other query(s), feel free to write to me at

    I only wish that your future experience with the industry a pleasant one 🙂

  4. Thanks a lot Geks. Really good to hear from an actual person who is in the insurance industry.

    I don’t really have any beef with the conventional insurance companies fortunately. So far they have been good.

    The problem that I faced (which I have outlined above) was with a takaful company. I won’t name the company though.

    What worries me is that we muslims are required to convert, so to speak, to syariah-compliant practices, but the problem we’re having right now is that the services provided can be construed as somewhat disappointing.

    Anyway, just sharing some of my thoughts.

  5. bro, can you write more on life insurance?

    which company is the best? in terms of:

    – policy coverage vs premium paid
    – claim process
    – all other factors that you can think of


    • @nazario

      insurance is not really my strong subject but I’ll try to write about that pretty soon.

      i can write about life insurance in general but i can’t really recommend which companies to go for. mainly because i don’t know.

      anyway, insyaAllah, I’ll try to write about it very very soon.

  6. Hi..

    I’m Naiza, a Prudential agent, and I’m licensed to do Prudential Assurance Malaysia Berhad and also Prudential BSN Takaful Berhad..

    I can understand your frustration as you described above. I will also be so stressed if I were you. But Alhamdullillah, PruBSN Takaful is well established in terms of its IT or admin system, thanks to Prudential who has helped them lead their way through. I have no problems in doing claims and of course changing nominees, and renewals is always easy.

    If you have any inquiries regarding our product, just let me know, 019-3220375.. or we could get connected thru facebook!/profile.php?id=522275005&ref=profile

    P/s: love your blog, a lot of useful info. keep it up!

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