Keputusan Pilihanraya Kecil N41 Manek Urai UPDATED (PAS Menang)

PAS won by a minuscule majority of 64 votes. Recount in order perhaps?

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  1. Yeah perhaps. For sure BN will not gonna let MU go like that. But still everything is up to Najib’s decision.

    p/s : BN getting stronger or PAS getting weaker?..’they’ will say ‘ah..BN main kotor/duit..if not majority will be 1000++’..funny..

  2. lokman says:

    what is true or not it is all perspective. That’s what really count in politics. A winning is still a winning no matter what was the majority. true! bn won moral support. Hanya pememnang di sini tiada pengalah heheheheh

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