As a muslim, how do you get married in Malaysia? Especially in Selangor?

What are the procedures of getting married in Malaysia?

I had a look at the website of Jabatan Agama Islam Selangor and there seems to be a heck lot of processes that a couple needs to go through. Why the red tape? Why make it so difficult?

For those who have gone through this or about to go through this, share your thoughts below. It’d be interesting to have a discussion about this matter.


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  1. Yup, there are a lot of processes to get married in M’sia and I have gone thru it last year.

    My suggestion would be, start with attending the Marriage Course and everything regarding the processes will be explained. I think most couples will get the idea on where and how to start applying.

    I admit, the processes might make any couple feel it’s hard to get married in this country. No wonder nowadays some Muslims couples live together without getting married.

  2. I’m about to get married in couple of hours from now. As a non-muslim, the basic requirement to get register in Putrajaya is to have MyKad addresses of the couple to change to Selangor. Not sure about Muslim.

  3. There’s are pro and cons on how easy/difficult to get married in Malaysia. Well i’m still single but I do say YES that it is quite difficult. There are lot of procedures we have to go thru before we cud get married, not only in Selangor but some other negeri too. Eg. in Penang, one of the must is couples have to meet Tok Kadhi 1st to be interviewed. That isn’t a matter but there’s a thing in my opinion that matter is, that particular Tok Kadi isn’t always in his office where couples have to wait for him for several hours (luckily if he’s around) or worst, several days just only to be interviewed for few minutes. It’s like the too-many-procedures are just a reason to lengahkan masa untuk laksanakan perkara wajib where people would get bored and give up

    • Congratulations Boo!! 😀

      So, how’s married life treating you so far? 🙂

      Yes, there are really a lot of procedures to get married in Malaysia as a muslim. Some of them I can’t justify why we need to do them. Oh well, that’s life eh?

  4. Salam Nadlique,

    Its not hard to (or to be) married in Malaysia. First thing first is Pre-Marriage Course. It’s Marriage preparation course. You’ll learn about marriage itself, and how you are going to survive it. Then HIV test if any (Pahang not needed AFAIK). Then book Tok Kadi (no interview needed). As the name, booking. (Nur Eira, that’s why you have issue on meeting with Tok Kadi, they’re busy with other wedding ;p) Then marriage preparation (buying presents, hantaran kenduri etc). Yes Malaysia have its own processes and procedures, it’s just as simple as that, you just follow it.

    I can’t see why peoples said difficult?


  5. W’salam duan.

    Based on what I read as well as based on the stories that I’ve heard, there seems to be a lot of phases before being able to get hitched. In Selangor, where I’m staying, there’s a lot of running around that one needs to do.

  6. yusufmusuf says:

    I will guide you step by step:

    1. Go to Krusus Perkahwinan. You or your partner can register your name to go krusus together or separately. At first, i feel so burden to join up the krusus, but after joined the krusus, i received so many information about marriage life. In the krusus, you and your partner will be expose on how the Islam marriage works, what do and don’t, a hukum ruju, and talaq, the secret how to be happy in your marriage life. In my opinion, this course is very good to avoid any misunderstanding during your marriage age. The krusus can be register at any pejabat agama Islam Selangor(JAIS)in Selangor. After finish the krusus for 2 days (normally the krusus will be attend on Saturday and Sunday), you will receive an attendance certificate, and this certificate is VERY IMPORTANT for your next step of marriage process. make sure your name and IC is printed correctly in the certificate, and go make 2 copy of it. the krusus will start as early 8am until 5pm. the krusus fee is about RM90 or RM100(I forgot the actual cost, but the fee inclusively include your lunch and tea break. also all the material given during the krusus). marriage form will be provide to you also for your next process of marriage registration.

    2. Make the HIV blood test. The HIV blood test is COMPULSORY in SELANGOR. I’m not sure about other state. You can buy the HIV test form during your krusus perkahwinan. The form sell for RM10(including the HIV test fee)per person. You also can buy the form at any pejabat agama islam selangor, but the cost is also the same. So, for me better buy it earlier during the krusus rather than later have to go again to pejabat agama, just to buy the HIV test form. The HIV test result is valid for only 6 month. The test also cannot be done at private clinic or hospital. It only can be done at government hospital. This is to avoid any counterfeit HIV result. What happen if you or your partner is HIV positive? Well, you and your partner can proceed your marriage at any time, with no resistance by the government or JAIS. so why make the test? It is done to make clear for the couple and to avoid any misunderstanding after marriage. For me, it is good, to make sure your next generation is clear from HIV positive.

    3. You have to make contact with you pegawai pendaftar nikah(PPN) in your mukim (area). Who is your pegawai pendaftar nikah? This question can be simply answer by go to you nearest mosque in your mukim. Ask the imam or bilal at the mosque, and they will guide or give you the PPN hp number. normally, the PPN house is near to the mosque. so you wont have any problem to find the PPN house. normally, the PPN is a good person, but during my time, the PPN is so F*** up. I really disappointed with his attitude, and he doesn’t show any good behavior as a muslim. During your visit to PPN, you MUST bring your own IC, the krusus perkahwinan certificate, HIV test result, marriage form(this form can be obtain during your krusus perkahwinan) and 2 witness(saksi). The witness can be anybody of your family of friends but make sure both your witness is a male. ask you witness to bring their IC also. after sign all the form, you a good to go for next step.(important note: you can fill up the marriage form at your house, but don’t sign the form yet, the form is valid when you sign in front of PPN and witness). if you sign the form in advance, the PPN will ask you to obtain a new form.)

    4. (This step is actually be done by your PPN. If you in hurry, you have to do this step, but if don’t, you can ask you PPN to this step for you. in my case, my PPN is so F*** UP, so, I have to make this step by my own self. If you don’t have any problem or your PPN is not lazy, and if you not in hurry, so just avoid this step).
    Go again to JAIS, and submit all the form. Make sure you make a copy of all the form, otherwise you will get into trouble at JAIS office. there will be not photocopy machine at JAIS office, and that is so shame of it. i think they have the machine, but the machine is not for the public to make a copy. during my time, i forgot to make a copy one of the form, so my registration is rejected, and they ask me to make photocopy and come back later. the service is so bad, but what to do? have to follow up their rule. the so unlucky me, there is no photocopy service near the JAIS office, so i have to start my car, and go and find by my self to get the photocopy of my form. at my time, i make a registration at JAIS Kajang. so, people out there want to make business with JAIS kajang, make sure you make all the photocopy, otherwise you will be in trouble by non friendly service they give.i heard others JAIS office give you a good service, and very comfortable with it, but i don’t know why JAIS KAJANG doesn’t follow the rest JAIS. i hope they change their attitude since they work with the public, and their salary is paid by our precious tax. (important note: call JAIS first or search the internet to locate where to submit your form .every mukim has different office to submit the form). after submit, you have to wait about 2 or 3 days, then you will get the kebenaran berkahwin certificate. again you have to go to JAIS, and get the ceritificate.

    5. Pass up all the certificate you obtain during your krusus and registration, and also your IC photocopy to your partner(girl side). From this part, your partner will have to take her part by submit all the form to her JAIS office. after received surat kebenaran berkahwin from her JAIS side, then go to TOK KADI house, to make an appointment about TARIKH HARI PERKAHWINAN. after all of this, the registration step is almost finish.

    6. make sure the pengantin lelaki learn how to read surah2 lazim because the pengantin lelaki will be ask to read the surah lazim as a muqaddimah of akad nikah. but the surah lazim is not that hard. if you always go to mosque, you will be familiar with surah lazim. even, children at primary school also know how to read the surah lazim. but don’t be over confident. during your first akad nikah, sometime you will become panic. In some cases, you will go blackout. But this is normal for the first timer akad nikah. But think positive, “everybody can make it, so do I”. And think the “sweetest” moment after akad nikah, will help you calm during akad nikah. (you know what I mean by sweetest).=)

    7. There you go, all the process finish, akad nikah also finish, and last step is, go to JAIS office register to your wife mukim to collect MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE. you can collect it 1 week later. life happy after.

    p/s: this guide line is just some of revision out there who plan to get marriage. some of this step may not applies in now days since i got marriage last year. maybe some of the procedure changes, but i can tell you the process is something like i explained above. hope this will help a couple who plan to “build a mosque”. make sure the PENGANTIN LELAKI have sufficient money, because the normal rate for hantaran kahwin (give to PENGANTIN PEREMPUAN) for year 2008 is about RM10000. this year, 2009, maybe use the same rate as 2008, but you can negotiate the rate with your future in law parent. This rate is not included MAS KAHWIN (RM90+- for Selangor)and SIDE GIVE(Ring, locket or so on). the wedding ceremony also, still not included. so before think about marriage, make sure also to think about money. =) (some people said, why so expensive to get marriage? but this is THE TRUTH FACT)

  7. Sai Tun says:

    May I know how to get married malaysian in malaysia,I am foreign worker from myanmar ,I’m under working contract of 3 years .so,how can I get marry her

  8. i think it’s no difficult,,, in i think he can answer your question…Free Muslim Matrimon

  9. Mohammed Saeed says:

    i already give up and cancelled my plans to get married in Malaysia , it’s horrible procedures for us as Muslems
    i’m Egyptian muslem man and want to marry my sweet fiancee , she is Malaysian muslem girl
    is there any way to finish it as civil marriage instead of shariah law ?
    in my country you can do both , and civil marriage is so damn easy
    please can you help by information ?
    special thanks for “yusufmusuf” , i had been months google it , and you already give me everything i want

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