How to open up your own tuition centre or become a private tutor in Malaysia?

I’ve got a few questions that need answering. For those who know, please share yeah? Share your knowledge with the rest of us.

1. How do you become a private tutor in Malaysia? Say you want to teach from home. Do you need to have a special license or requirements to be able to do it?

2. Now how about in the future, you have been teaching for a while and decide to establish your very own tuition centre. What are the requirements and special licenses that you need to apply?

3. How to get a hold of the syllabus to teach?


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  1. i am able to teach.i am bachelor in biomedicine graduate from management and science university,shah alam

  2. Fiona Lim says:

    hi,I’m already own my tuition centre 3 years but not yet get back the profit.Futhermore we need to prepared the lesson plan by ourself.

  3. There are lots of requirement before one can open a tuition centre. First of all, business plan, and modal. Secondly, how to obtain the necessary license from the Ministry of Education, and the respective Bandaraya. There are lots of restrictions on the locations and the premises of the license. For further guidance and information, you may visit our site at

    • RitaOthman says:

      I went to before, but it doesn’t cover the sarawak area. do you have any other suggestion?

  4. Lily Valarie Kong says:

    May i know how much the minimum modal i shld have to start a simple center?

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