How do I trade CFDs and international stocks/securities from Malaysia?

In preparation of my return to Malaysia, I’ve been looking at ways on how I could trade CFDs and international stocks/securities from Malaysia.

Do you guys have any idea?

I had a look at IG Markets Singapore and City Index Asia but I have yet to contact them on the procedures and requirements involved.


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  1. Hi Nadlique,

    Hang kampung mana?
    Anyway, I came across your blog when I was searching for my client in Malaysia to trade in CFDs, futures. forex and options. I read your concern and thought I can help.
    First I was born in Pasir Mas Kelantan but I have since 2002 moved to Brisbane Australia and has taken up citizenship. I am a qualified accountant and I also own a healthcare business in Brisbane; my website enclosed. Like most people, I own shares specifically Aussie and American stocks.
    My advice to you since that you are young and untested (I am already 46; you can call me uncle!), please do not trade in CFDs and derivatives. I am also a tax accountant and I have seen many of my clients lost their wealth in 2009 via CFDs. You need to learn to own shares without leveraging at the moment; if you have to loose, loose within your means and not get into a debt.
    To answer your question, there are ways to trade in CFDs with 10x leverage, futures 20x and forex 50x leverage which I do for my Malaysian clients for a fee and I also monitor them so that there is stop loss in place to protect extensive losses. So far most of them make approximate average 75% gain per annum.
    But I think you should not learn them now until you go back to Malaysia and do a few trades yourself without leveraging.
    Actually you can make more money as broker to promote to high net worth persons this method of leveraging income to achieve financial freedom.
    I will be back to KL in December for holidays and I can part some knowledge to you then or if I make any business trip to Sydney or Melbourne in this 2 months I will let you know.
    If we do not meet, please be careful at your age without life experience achieve unrealistic dreams. They are ways but you need to be guided by competent persons.

    Kind regards and please focus on your studies becuase you owe it to your parents.


    • Hmmmm…

      I’m assuming that you wrote your comments after just reading this particular entry.

      I actually have been participating in the financial market for the past few years. I started trading without leverage in the beginning but I have been trading CFDs for the third year running now. Yes, I might not be as ‘experienced’ as you, but I do know a thing or two.

      The purpose of this entry is to gather information on which brokers to go for in Malaysia, not to gather information on how to trade CFDs.

      “please focus on your studies becuase you owe it to your parents.” >> May I ask what prompted you to say this? I was actually quite offended by that statement.

  2. Sensored says:

    Hi, I come tru your blog when I was searching for what is the SSPN. I have been trading CFDs for years. And I am with MF GLOBAL. They have Direct Market Access (DMA), alot of others provided mention that they have, but actually they don’t. Apparently MF is one of the biggest executor in CFD. Mayb you can contact their Singapore office. But their margin is slightly higher than others, example Saxo Capital Markets (also SG). Good Luck.

  3. Hi, I came across your site while I was actually trying to search to Thomas and Friends info. Since I read this post, I knew one of the FX and CFD brokers in Australia due to the recent FX Expo in M’sia. Oh, by the way, I’m staying in M’sia.
    U may want to go and have a look yourself. Are u in M’sia or Aust. now? Their website is
    I’m using their FX account to trade FX at the moment besides other fx brokers like

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