In which situation would you rather be in?

Which situation would you rather be in?

1. Doing something that you love but you have to live in pain and suffering for a while because of it.


2. Live comfortably and in ease but waking up every single day knowing that you’re doing something that you don’t love at all.


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  1. Having a hard time coming up with situations where #1 is true. Mainly because I don’t think I love anything involving pain and suffering. Examples?

    In the mean time I guess I’ll go with #2 :p

  2. situation 1 of course. some pain will eventually lead to some gain. just be patient

  3. hmmm…great mind tinks alike,…now im sure bout d saying,yes choice #1 it is

  4. i will go for no just for a while right.. ? 😉 no pain no gain..gomo jange dok gomo. ko guane…ehe

  5. dude, after doing business for a while… I started to realise why the ancient Chinese call business in Mandarin “Sen Yi”. Two characters “Sen” & “Yi” :

    Sen means life.
    Yi means meaning.

    Now, in Chinese, business can also mean…doing things. Not necessarily trading stuffs for money.

    So,in order to have “life”, you have to make something “meaningful” out of it. So, go for option 1 if love will bring out meanings to your life. The end of the journey is thousandfold reward……

  6. I’ll go for number #2… For #1, i’m not sure how long i’ll be suffering the pain.

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