Job Interview: Do you tell the truth?

As I about to enter the next phase of my life, new set of questions come to mind. One of it is about job interviews.

I’ve always wondered one thing about job interviews. Do people usually tell the truth about themselves or do they sugar-coat things to make it sound much better?

Really, I believe that everybody has their own weaknesses. So, when asked by potential employers, how does one go about explaining their weaknesses ‘diplomatically’?

Lying is a definite no-no I reckon. What do you guys usually do?


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  1. I figure job interview is kinda knowing us superficially and on first impression basis. I’ve had a few interviews before,but when it comes to weaknesses, I always tell about my chinks that can be redressed, for example “Under what environment do you think you can’t work optimally?” my usual reply would be ” I can’t do my job when i am supervised 24/7…” this means ” i am independent and i would complete the job by any means.

  2. Interesting question. I think the confident is the key and I agree that we shouldn’t lie.

  3. lonelyplanet92 says:

    usually to gain the job, probably we will tell what we think the interviewer like to hear. Can we call it white lie?

  4. they say “honesty is the best policy”.

  5. Interesting topic. First and foremost, we should not tell lie. One fine day the interviewer will know your weakness. Just be yourself and telling that you are taking action improving your weakness. Don’t you think this is better way?

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