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Wisdom from Imam Syafie

Here’s a quote from Imam Syafie that a friend of mine on Facebook shared.

“Bila kamu tak tahan lelahnya belajar, maka kamu akan menanggung peritnya kebodohan.” – Imam Syafi’i

Aim high

“If your family and friends aren’t laughing at your dreams, then you’re not aiming high enough.” -Anonymous-

First blog post from my iPhone

Never thought blogging from a mobile phone could be so easy. The technology nowadays eh?

Getting the iPhone 4 was a good decision. I just wish the battery life could be a lot better.

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Nadlique is back!

After a loooooonnngggg hiatus, I’m finally back. Back with a new theme and back with a new spirit.

Stay tuned for future updates 🙂

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