Siti Nurhaliza Mengandung (Pregnant)

It has been more than a year (around 1 year 6 months) since Siti Nurhaliza wed her sweetheart Datuk Khalid Muhammad Jiwa (better known as Datuk K) on August 21, 2006.

Back then, we were busy gossipping away about “who is she going to marry???” and “when is she going to marry???” and “did she steal somebody’s husband???” and etc.

Right now, I’m more interested to hear about an announcement of Siti Nurhaliza’s first pregnancy! Hmmm…. I wonder when that will be… My blogging buddies like Kate and Ici is pregnant. Sting on the other hand is busy taking care of her very own Baby Zen! It’s now your turn Siti 😛

I tried google-ing about Siti Nurhaliza being pregnant and I was quite baffled with some of the results that I’ve got.
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