So, you wanna be a pilot? (Air Asia’s Cadet Pilot Recruitment Campaign)

Air Asia has been running a campaign since 1st April 2009 in the effort to recruit new cadet pilots to be inducted into their organisation.

Basically, what you’re supposed to do is to blog about why you want to become a pilot. The best 10 bloggers will be given a chance to have a go at embarking on a journey in becoming a pilot with Air Asia. Have a look at Air Asia’s Blog.

The blog competition ends on the 15th May 2009.

Air Asia even made a video for the blog competition.

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Valentina Hassan singing Ken Lee on Bulgarian Idol (Mariah Carey Without You)

A friend of mine recently shared a hilarious video of Valentina Hassan from Bulgarian Idol.

During the audition, she tried to sing Mariah Carey’s “Without You”.

Anyway, have a look at the audition video below. Hilarious!

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