Under Attack by a virus called XP ANTIVIRUS 2008 (How I got rid of it)

While surfing a webpage, all of a sudden, my firewall automatically turned off, and my wallpaper suddenly changed to a picture displaying “your computer has been infected by ‘so and so’ virus.”

I tried to revert back to my old wallpaper, but that option wasn’t available to me.

I tried to google my problem but I couldn’t get anywhere. I was instead forwarded  to random websites (browser hijacks???).

My reaction was, “oh shit, what now…

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Download and use Bluebird WordPress Theme for free!!

Hey folks! 🙂

If you happen to like the Bluebird theme that I’m using at the moment and was wondering where to download it, visit this link >> http://randaclay.com/themes/bluebird/

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