Is it the right thing to be doing the right thing?

Socrates said to “follow the convictions of your conscience.”

The notion of doing the right thing is a subjective issue in my opinion. One’s own beliefs, assumptions, and values dictate whether what he or she is doing is right or wrong.

Putting that aside, consider this question. If you do something that you think is right and you’re being outspoken about it, but there is the possibility that you’ll be chastised because of it, would it still be the right thing to do?

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How to utilise one’s life?

If you were going to spend a mighty proportion of your life doing something, would you rather be doing something that you like and passionate about even if you need to be facing some extra hardships and pain?

Perhaps choosing what you like doesn’t apply at all? Perhaps choosing the most stable and safest option is the way to go?

One might argue that we need to make some sacrifices in our lives and we are sometimes faced with the challenge of not being able to do what we want to do. However, the need to go through the hardships and pain in the pursuance of your passion is a sacrifice in itself, no?

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