Sex Education: Daddy, Mummy, what’s a condom?

Talking about sex education, I’ve got a scenario for you.

Do you notice the condoms displayed in 7-Eleven outlets, shopping malls, Kedai Runcit, and etc. They can clearly be seen by adults and children right? Sometimes, they are displayed at the checkout counters!

I was wondering, what if one day, your child happens to notice those condoms and ask you the million-dollar question:

“Daddy/Mummy? What are those?” (asking you in a pretty loud voice while pointing towards the condoms)

How are you going to answer?

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My First Sex Book – How to educate your child about sex

Personally, I love books. And I love spending my time at bookstores. Recently, I went to an Angus & Robertson’s outlet and found a rather interesting-and-non-orthodox title. The title was:

How Was I Made?

A first book about sex

I thought, now, that’s interesting! It’s a book about sex… for kids!

After browsing the book, I had to proceed to the checkout counter and purchase myself one. The pictures in the book and the language used…. were just effin hilarious!

Before you continue reading, please be warned that there are a few “naughty” pictures you’re about to see. “Naughty” pictures catered for children that is.

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