The LT Seminar. Pure B.S.

Wondering what B.S. means? It means, Bull Shit.

I recently received a DVD of an organisation presenting a seminar about trading. Let’s refer to the seminar as the LT Seminar. Not going to name names here.

It was a two-hour presentation and I thought to myself, hmmm, might be able to learn something new here.

Indeed, there were bits and pieces of new things I discovered, but all in all, I thought it was pure crap. It was a classic sales pitch of nothing more than to get new clients on board.

They pitched the idea of trading financial securities (stocks, FOREX, commodities, and etc.) and presented the audience with their so-called “amazing” trading system. To join them, you need to only pay 10 grand. Yup, ten big ones! $10,000…

Looking at the system, I suspect that it’s nothing more than a hyped up moving averages. A knowledge that you can get by spending 30 bucks at your local bookstore.

They claim that trading is easy and simple, and it only takes minutes per day and you’ll make truckloads of money! Get real! If it was that easy, we would have had many people becoming millionaires by becoming traders. Many books that I’ve read refute this belief. A majority of people wanting to become traders have failed.

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