People’s Perception

I’ve noticed some pretty interesting things around me. Around me as in, the people around me.

Personally, I love the notion of being financially free, and sometimes, I do like to talk about investments, business, and the likes, publicly. Well, when I do talk about these things to people, their reactions astound me.

First of all, let me explain this. ‘Money matters’ is one of the most fundamental things in life, believe it or not. Since the day you were conceived till the day you die, money plays a big part in your life. Thus, ‘Money Matters’ should be categorised under life skills rather than a career choice.

Anyway, back to our topic, when I talk about these things, the reactions that I get from some people, well, actually most of them, would sound like, “of course you know this stuff, you’re doing a business degree”. It annoys me that these people don’t realise the importance of knowing how to manage money. You see, as I’ve mentioned, money management is a life skill, not a career choice. Hell, believe it or not, whatever that I learned from the lectures and tutorials in uni plays a really small part in my day to day investment and business decisions.

Be it whether you’re an engineer, a doctor, a pilot, a janitor, you still need to have some money management skills. Want to hear an interesting fact? I’ve got a number of friends doing the same degree as I am but have shitty money management skills. Well, just to prove that it doesn’t mean you’re doing a business degree, then you are the only group of people that should possess money management skills.

Another thing to point out, you really don’t have to be a genius when it comes to investing and doing business. You just need to know how to utilise the resources around you. That’s exactly what I’m doing. When it comes to investing my money for example, it’s not like I have every single information at the tip of my finger. I ain’t that smart! But I do know how to utilise resources that are available to me. For example, to pick stocks in the stockmarket, I utilise the people that make a living by analysing companies and making stock recommendations. I use their recommendations, and I do a bit of research of the company myself, and when I’m happy with it, I buy the stocks. This is just a simple example. Also, think about this for a moment. When you have accounting issues, you hire an accountant. When you have legal issues, you seek legal advice from a lawyer. When you want to fly overseas, you buy a ticket and let the pilot fly the aircraft. You see, this is exactly what I’m talking about. UTILISE THE RESOURCES AROUND YOU. Same concept applies to investing. The same as you don’t have to be a pilot to fly overseas, you don’t have to have a business degree to be good in investing.

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