You’re a disgrace to Malaysia!


A number of weeks ago, my attention was drawn to a certain individual who goes by the pseudonym NameWee. As you all might have known by now, he is the chap who created the controversial video on YouTube, ridiculing Malaysia’s national anthem, Negaraku. I’ve included the video on top.

What was he thinking? Alright, point taken, he’s angry because he was not treated fairly, but is it fair to degrade something that others hold dearly? I’m sure he would be pissed if somebody else had posted another video reciprocating his acts and make fun of him and his beliefs.

His statements came out in the newspapers after that, stating he loves his country very much and it was all joke. Joke? You have got to be kidding me! Look, a person who humiliates his own nation to the world does not love his country. That’s that. Come on, would you ridicule your own mother who you love, on YouTube, and say it was all a joke and you love her a lot? Give me a break. This goes to every Malaysians, not just NameWee.

Racial hatred is rampant. Even on Youtube this is visible. Cina kutuk melayu, melayu kutuk cina, and etc. Non stop! Every person thinks that they are superior than the person next to them. Look, what sets you apart from others is not your skin colour or how your face looks like but rather how you bring about yourself and how you use the gray matter that sets in the tight space between your two ears.

I’ve always thought that racial harmony in Malaysia is fragile where things like a simple insult directed to another person of different ethnic could trigger its collapse.

Independence is ours for 50 years now and we shared this country with others who are different from us, for even longer than that. I hope that amounts to something. Rather than wasting our energy insulting others’ imperfections, I’d rather us work hard for the sake of our country’s future. My advice is “Sudahlah tu.. Stop all the racial animosity.. For once, let us all be known to the world as Malaysian and not malay, chinese, and indian.”

To end this post, let us treat ourself to the beautiful tune of Negaraku. The authentic Negaraku that is… Oh, by the way, I’m proud that I’m a Malaysian and I’m proud of our diversity and differences… I hope most of you would feel the same way as well…


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