Expensive Trading Courses

I’m going to share with you on what I think about paid trading courses. I haven’t been to one but I’ve read and heard quite a bit of these courses.

There’s a variety of courses out there offering all sorts of things. Some may be relevant to you and some may not be relevant.

First thing you need to know is whether they are teaching you on how to become a trader (i.e. teach you about the market and help you develop your own trading system) or are you paying to for their trading system. If the course is offering the latter, I think your money is worth spent someplace else. Why? Think about this. If the trading system is so good, why would the person sell it to somebody else? Why not keep the “holy grail” themselves and use it to make truckloads of dough? Remember, trading is hard. Persistance and hardwork is key. Taking shortcuts and being spoon-fed are recipes for disaster.

Second thing, as stated from my earlier post, you need to know what they are actually offering and whether their materials are relevant to your circumstance. Don’t be afraid to ask loads of questions and don’t be afraid to walk away if that’s not what you’re looking for.

Third thing, be aware of how much you’re actually paying. Some organisations say you only need to pay a certain amount of money upon joining. The next thing you know, throughout your course, you need to pay extra to get extra information.

Fourth thing, the people and organisations who run these courses do sometimes have as what we call as “Information Sessions.” This is the time when they brief on what their programmes are about. This is also the time when they get you all hyped up with their claims of high annual returns and etc. These people also often give you “irresistible offers” on those nights and say things like “Join us tonight and we’ll give 1 thousand dollar discount!” Don’t be pressured to join. Go back home, read the brochures and decide whether this is really what you want or not.

Alrighty, this is all that I can think of for now. Till next time..

P.S. Please remember that all that I’ve said are my own opinions and I might be wrong. Exercise your own judgement on what you think is best.

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