The Datuks and the Datins

Lately, I’ve been watching Malaysian dramas and TV series quite a lot on YouTube, TV3 Website, and 8TV website and I’m surprised by the number of stories that potrays the lives of the Datuks and the Datins, the Tan Sris and the Puan Sris, and etc. What is even shocking is how they are potrayed in those dramas and tv series. Funnily enough, Azean Irdawaty quite often acts as a Datin! 🙂

Anyway, what shocks me is the fact these people are shown on screen as a bunch of people who are arrogant, God-hater, stuck-up, dyed hair. tonnes of make-ups, and with massive amount of jewelleries on them. At the same time, the Datuks have affairs, the Datins have their toyboys. The ones who are in business are also shown to be prone of scamming people and doesn’t care about other people’s welfare other than their own bank balance. Even in some magazines in Malaysia they are potrayed this way. Hmm… Is this how they actually are?

If you ask me, I don’t think that all of them have that same traits. I have met quite a few of these people and I really doubt that they are like that. By my observation, most of them are good people who are driven by success and success alone. Most of them are God-fearing people who do care about other people’s welfare as well.

Saya tahu, saya tahu, dalam TV tu semuanya rekaan belaka. Tapi saya saja nak meluahkan apa yang saya tengah fikir sekarang ni. Manalah tahu, ada ramai orang yang fikir dia orang ni semua sama je.

So, all in all, stop stereotyping these people! 🙂

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