Exams in a few days…

I’ll be having my final exams in a few days. One paper on Friday, another one on Saturday and final one Tuesday next week.

Right now, at this particular moment, I’m supposed to be studying…. Yet, I’m posting entries on my blog.. Haha…

It’s funny sometimes. Whatever that is required of us (compulsory) from schools, universities, and etc., they are really hard to be fulfilled. But whatever that is outside of those areas, or in other words, things that we are not obliged to do, seems really easy to be carried out. Think about this. I’m supposed to be studying for economics right now and I ought to be reading my economics textbook. But, after one page of reading, there goes my concentration. It has been 3 hours now and I have not even passed the first 10 pages. Now, don’t get me wrong. I really like economics. In fact, I have read a few thick economics books before with ease… When I’m not supposed to read, I am able to read but when I’m SUPPOSED to be reading, I am unable to concentrate. Why????? Why!?!?!?! Anjing betul…Haih….

Ok, now back to nerding. Come on man. Focus!

Ugly Pig

P.S. If you were wondering, the picture above is a picture of a pig. Hasn’t got anything to do with the topic. Just a present for those who actually bothered to click the CONTINUE READING link 😉

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