Committing Bad Deeds during Ramadhan

Lately, I’ve been watching a lot of malay dramas on the internet. Quite a number of them were related to the holy month of Ramadhan and Eid. This is understandable since we had just went through these two months.

Watching these dramas, I can’t help but wonder about a few things. I came across statements like:

“Ni apa mencuri ni! Tak baik! Ni dah lah bulan Ramadhan”
“Tak baik pegang pegang tangan masa bulan Ramadhan”

And a few other similar statements.. You get the picture..

Well, what I’m trying to point out is, why is it that it is as if they are potraying, bad deeds should not be carried out during Ramadhan but it’s ok during other months. I know, I know, they might not mean that way, but that’s the sort of message that I get.

Shouldn’t bad deeds NOT be committed at all times and not just during Ramadhan?

Also, I still remember reading in an entertainment magazine a few years back about a celebrity commenting on Ramadhan. According to her, she likes Ramadhan and enjoys the Tarawikh. She said she carries out full Tarawikh on a regular basis. According to her, it’s good exercise. Hmmm…..

Sometimes, I feel that we’re celebrating Ramadhan not as how it should be celebrated. Don’t get me wrong, I am like that all the time as well. After all, I am just a human being, I’m not a saint. I guess perhaps it’s time for us to reflect on these sort of things…

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