How to make over 700% return in one day???

I read in a newsletter today about this company that goes by the name Flinders Diamond (ASX Code: FDL). Yesterday, the price of a single share of that company closed at 1.1 cents.

Today, they announced around noon that they had discovered an iron ore exploration target. What happens to the share price?

Well, you guessed it, it went through the roof!!

At closing of trading day today, the share price was at 8.9 cents. That’s an increase of around 709% in one day!!! For those who actually got on board, kudos to you!

Just for fun:

$10,000 would have bought us approximately 909,090 shares (at price 1.1 cents). If we sold at 8.9 cents, we would have made $70,909.02 !!!

Haha… If only… If only….

How to spot these kinds of opportunities? I have no idea actually. I guess these things very very very rarely happen.

If any of you out there knows how to spot these deals, do let me know! 😉

(P.S. This is not a recommendation whatsoever to purchase Flinders Diamonds shares. Just want to share the news with all of you.)

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