Tribute to Gilmore Girls and Band of Brothers

This entry is a tribute to two of my all-time favourite TV series. The first one is Gilmore Girls (Yup, love them to bits) and the second one one is Band of Brothers (Love them even more).

Sadly, Gilmore Girls ended with season 7 last May…

I bought and watched the whole collection from season 1 till season 6 recently. Can’t wait to get season 7! Don’t know when it will be released in Australia.

Below is a nice little video of Gilmore Girls.


And now Band of Brothers. I have to say, this 10-episode-mini-series have got to be the best ever. The first time it aired in Malaysia, it was a few years back during Ramadhan. Didn’t miss a single episode. Now I have the DVD set. I must have watched it like 40 times or something. LOL. Never got bored.

Below is a video of one of my favourite scenes in Band of Brothers. It’s a 9-minute-video but if you’re a military enthusiast like me, you’ll love it.

The video is of Easy Company’s assault on the town of Foy.


And this video down here are the opening credits of Band of Brothers.


Any Gilmore Girls and Band of Brothers fans out there? 😉

P.S. To all WW2 Allied Forces veterans out there, you were truly heroes. Your sacrifices have shaped the better world we are living in today. I thank every single one of you.

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